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Advertising Information
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Isthmus newsletters are the perfect way to reach an active, engaged and targeted audience. Advertising in one of our newsletters is an inexpensive way to reach hundreds of our subscribers!

Isthmus hosts a variety of highly acclaimed events that bring business and the community together. Whether it is Isthmus Food & Wine Festival, Isthmus Green Day, or one of our many other events, Isthmus provides great opportunities for you to introduce yourself and your product to the community.

With a readership of 167,000 people, 38% of Dane County residents pick up Isthmus weekly! Isthmus is a staple in the Madison area, the definitive guide to arts, entertainment and local happenings. With a print ad in our paper, you have the advantages of tangibility, accessibility and a large, established readership.

Advertising on gives calculable and impressive results. Consistently ranking in the top three most visited digital news sources in the Madison area, your advertisement is guaranteed to get the attention you desire.

Utilize all of the benefits of the weekly Isthmus publication while drawing autonomic attention to your product with an insert. Target a specific audience, take advantage of the portability of an insert and reach the Isthmus community.

Now mobile users can view Madison’s major happenings, and your advertisement, too! Advertise on the go with Isthmus’ mobile site, and take part in the rapid growth and high exposure that mobile advertising offers.


People turn to Isthmus for information.
  • An amazing 84% of Isthmus readers have been reading the paper for over 3 years.
  • They stay with Isthmus because it's compact, well-written and nice to look at.
  • 77% of Isthmus readers always pick up their paper before the weekend.
  • 67% look at their copy of Isthmus more than once; many refer back to it several times.
  • Isthmus readers respond to the ads: In a six-month period, 87% of readers have visited a restaurant, club or other entertainment event based on an ad in Isthmus. 67% of readers have called or visited an Isthmus advertiser one or more times; more than 57% made a purchase.
Statistical Data: 2008 Readership Survey

For a complete media kit, please CLICK HERE to email the Advertising Coordinator. Please provide your name, phone number and business name.


Contact Information
To place an ad, call 608-251-5627 or e-mail To place a classified ad, call 608-251-8536, e-mail or place your ad online at

Advertising Deadlines
Isthmus is distributed on Thursdays. The publication is dated Friday.
Display advertising space reservations: 5 pm Friday prior to publication date.
Advertisements requiring production service: 5 pm Friday prior to publication date.
Output-ready advertisements: 5 pm Friday prior to publication date.
No cancellations will be accepted after noon Monday for the // include top.php -- this file handles the flickr banner, the masthead (logos, date, weather, search) and the top nav issue currently in production.
Early deadlines apply for special sections and holidays.

An e-mailed or faxed proof will be sent to those advertisers who meet the Friday 5pm deadline. The deadline for making changes to the ad is Tuesday at 5pm. Failure to meet deadline may result in forfeiture of proof service. Proof your ad carefully. Once a proof has been accepted, advertisement will run as-is. Failure to approve proofs will be construed as acceptance of artwork.

The News, Arts and Sports & Recreation sections are only available to an ad 1/8th of a page or larger. Smaller ads -- 1/12ths, 1/16ths and 1/24ths -- are grouped appropriately in these sections: The Guides: Arts & Entertainment and Community Calendar; TV & Movies; Food & Drink; and Classifieds. 1/32nds and 1/48ths are restricted to the the Classifieds section. Ads are placed at the discretion of the Isthmus production department. Position can be guaranteed for a 20% surcharge. Only full-page ads will be guaranteed on back page.

Sizes are modular, ranging from a 1/48th page to a Full Page.

Isthmus prints in four-color process, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black).

For rate information, please CLICK HERE to email the Advertising Coordinator. Please provide your name, phone number and business name.

Isthmus Production Services & Guidelines
Isthmus offers design, copy writing and layout services to all Isthmus advertisers at no additional cost. Advertisers on 13x contracts and higher also receive artwork processing services at no additional charge. (See details below.) Isthmus accepts ads and ad materials on disk or via email: Preferred file format is an Acrobat PDF, B&W or CMYK, with all fonts embedded. Ads may be created in QuarkXpress or Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop or Illustrator. Type 1 fonts only. Dot resolution, 600 dpi min. Line screen, 85 lpi max. A paper print-out or faxed copy of the submitted ad, including client name and insertion date, should be sent to Isthmus with the disc.
Click Here for complete Isthmus Electronic Production Guidelines including Acrobat Distiller settings and image reproduction advice.

Artwork processing services for advertisements is charged at these rates:
Disk/email processing & output: $20 (waived if PDF)
Line art processing: $10
Photo halftone processing: $15
Laser print, disk or email copy of advertisement for another publication: $20
Advertisers on 13x contracts and higher are eligible for free art services each week as follows: 13x = 1 service; 26x & 39x = 2 services; 52x & 65x = 4 services.
Isthmus may require additional production for any advertisement deemed not consistent with the mechanical quality of the publication. Clients may be charged for such remedial production.


Why do I have to pre-pay if I am a new client?
New clients are required to pre-pay their first four ads to allow time for Isthmus to process their credit application.

What are the Isthmus payment terms?
Isthmus bills its clients weekly after the paper is published and the advertisement has run. Our terms are net 10 days.

What happens if my payments are late?
Any invoice still unpaid by the 25th of the month following service will be subject to a 1.5-% (18% per year) service charge. If an invoice is not paid and it ages to 60 days past due, the client is not allowed to advertise until at least a portion of that bill is paid.

What happens if I don't complete my frequency contract in full?
Isthmus advertisers earn a rate discount based on the frequency of their advertisements during a 12-month period. If an advertiser fails to reach the full frequency of advertisements on their contract, Isthmus will simply re-bill the client at the appropriate frequency rate for the advertisements that ran.

When is the deadline for advertising space?
Isthmus is distributed on Thursdays with a Friday publication date. The display advertising space deadline is 5 pm, Friday prior to publication date.

When is the deadline for advertising copy?
Advertisements requiring production services and output-ready advertisements are due 5 pm, Friday prior to publication date. No copy changes may be made after 5 pm Tuesday.

Is there any charge for production?
Advertising design, copy writing and typesetting is available for Isthmus advertisers at no charge. There is a small charge for processing artwork for black & white advertisements such as line art, photo work, laser print, an email or disk copy of an advertisement for another publication and electronic processing of ads sent via email or disk. There is no electronic processing charge for advertisements sent to Isthmus in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. Advertisers on 13X contracts or higher are eligible for free black & white and electronic production services. Four-process color are extra. See rate card for details.


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