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"We just had our Development & Marketing department meeting and I reported on this ad, telling everyone how pleased I was with advertising on because our ads are always so visible. Everyone agreed!"
>> Sharon Cybart, Olbrich Botanical Gardens

"From the beginning, there was no question that we would place our advertising in Isthmus and on Isthmus is Madison and its readers are our target demographic. We get an obvious, positive response everytime we run an ad."
>> Adam Ernst, Dobra Tea

"Advertising with Isthmus has provided us direct contact with our key demographic. For arts and entertainment news in Madison, Isthmus is still the first place people turn. Additionally, the sales and design staff have always been incredibly responsive and helpful, making the process as smooth as possible."
>> Brian Hinrichs, Madison Opera

"Our customers consistently comment on our ads. Our Isthmus sales rep is quite brilliant at generating creative ideas for our ads. He finds the right fit for our products and is not afraid to be try something different. I look forward to working with him for many years to come."
>> Christine Gilles, The Company Store

"Isthmus gives us the best response from our newspaper advertising - almost half of our total quality hires - even though we use as many as ten different newspapers. Isthmus provides us with a cost-effective way to promote our open positions and in turn, make phone communication enjoyable for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community."
>> Jennifer Herbert, Captel, Inc.

"My advertising and marketing strategy includes multi-faceted outlets and Isthmus has been the cornerstone of my message. Isthmus reaches my target market of educated consumers who demand professional and responsive service particularly in reaching those consumers who are interested in sustainable building practices and energy efficiency."
>> James Westring, Westring Construction, LLC

"Our membership has doubled since we moved into our new location a few years ago. I know that this increase is in part due to advertising in Isthmus more frequently and with larger ads."
>> Brendon Smith, Marketing Manager, Willy Street Co-op

"When we first purchased Rutabaga, one of our first decisions was to add Isthmus to our advertising mix. It's our customer, and we saw traffic increase significantly in addition to our regional business. Isthmus is a no-brainer if you want to do business in Madison."
>> Darren Bush, Co-Owner, Rutabaga Paddlesport Shop

"Isthmus has been my first choice of advertising media for more than 20 years. Isthmus' thoughtful readers are exactly the kind of people I like to have as clients."
>> Hanna Cook-Wallace, Owner, Studio Jewelers

"The Dining Magazine was a huge success for Pasqual's on Monroe. We have had, and still do have multiple customers come in and mention that they saw our great ad in the Dining Magazine."
>> Benjamin Roberts, Co-Proprietor, Pasqual's on Monroe

"Isthmus was the first place I turned to for professional advertising. Starting out, as a small, young business, I needed to be cautious with my advertising dollars. I am grateful that my Isthmus sales rep is understanding and helpful. He put together an advertising package that stuck to my budget and brought in customers. Thank you Isthmus!" "
>> Gail Ambrosius, Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier

"I have used Isthmus Classifieds for ten years to advertise our condominium properties. What keeps me coming back is the wide variety of quality prospects who read Isthmus! The helpful classifieds and graphics staffs at Isthmus have contributed to the success of our four condominium conversions, The Manors, Lexington, Hunt Club, and Stonebridge." "
>> Sally Bruner, Bruner Realty and Management, Inc.

"Club Tavern has relied on Isthmus to advertise our shows, special events and restaurant for more than 10 years. Placing one ad is like sending 64,000 invitations throughout the community. Every band wants to play to a full house and when we advertise in Isthmus, they do!" "
>> James "Moose" Warner, Club Tavern

"Isthmus wasn't born yet when I opened in Waunakee in 1974. When I moved to Regent Street in 1977, Isthmus was new and we helped each other grow. When I moved to Monroe Street in 1983, Isthmus kept my very special clients informed and in step with me. Thanks Isthmus! And all your loyal readers. I couldn't have done it without you." "
>> Katy Schalles, Katy's American Indian Art

"As a small business owner with limited dollars to spend on advertising, imagine my delight when we started advertising in Isthmus and the phone started ringing right away. It's great knowing that our ads are working! It's so easy to get a good service from Isthmus. Our rep is wonderfully accommodating, the art department is terrific and we know the ads reach our target audience." "
>> Peg Scholtes, Capitol Kids

"The past 15 years, Isthmus has been my main source for advertising. I love it that people check out Isthmus Classifieds to see if I am still alive and kicking! And my clients and friends tell me how "entertaining" my Isthmus ads are - some even say "outrageous"!" "
>> Pat Whyte, Restaino and Associates Realtors

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