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André Darlington on food, wine and dining in Madison, Wisconsin.
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Ten great restaurant patio spaces in Madison you may not have considered

Madison is still short on outside dining. While the options have improved dramatically with the recent sidewalk expansion around King Street, the city lags behind in the waterfront and rooftop scenes developed by other cities in the past decade. There are high hopes for the renovated Edgewater Hotel, which promises beachy enjoyment beyond the beer and college vibe of the Union Terrace. >More
How to pick wines made by the stars

Celebrities think they can do anything. Models get delusions they can sing, actors are convinced they can be politicians, and directors believe they're artists. But the worst offense might be when famous folks think they can make wine. >More
Short Stack Eatery comes up short

Mismatched chairs, mason jar glasses, a chandelier made out of whisks, vintage envelopes, local purveyors listed on one chalkboard, ironic quotes written across others, Sriracha on the menu as an ingredient and a backstory involving the restaurant's concept originating on bar napkins in Guatemala. >More
Haveli Indian Restaurant does dinner right, but buffet is lacking

The address at 5957 McKee Rd. in Fitchburg has a tortured history. It's been home to Fitch's Chophouse, Good Times, Kickshaw and Jimmy's American Tavern -- all in just eight years. After Jimmy's closed, the enormous space was wisely parceled out into smaller units. Chef Dan Fox of Heritage Tavern snapped up the large basement kitchen and now uses it for catering and a heritage pork wholesale business. Another section became a nail salon, another a software company. The remaining piece is now Fitchburg's only Indian restaurant, Haveli. >More
Jeff Ford of Cress Spring Bakery to launch pizza on the farm

Jeff Ford of Cress Spring Bakery is launching a pizza farm. Ford, who sells his nationally recognized brick oven-fired bread at the Saturday Dane County Farmers' Market as well as at the Hilldale market, plans to offer from-scratch pizzas at his facility near Blue Mounds every Wednesday evening starting mid-July. >More
How to pair wine with spring's fresh asparagus

Common wisdom says that asparagus is difficult to pair with wine. The same vegetal, chlorophyll-rich flavor that makes the green stalks crave-worthy in spring causes companion wines to taste metallic. A traditional way to force the pairing is to overcook the asparagus to blandness, wrap the stalks in sweet ham, slather in a hollandaise sauce, and pop the cork on a citrusy Pouilly-Fumé from the Loire or a fruity New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. >More
Relax, it's okay to pack a rosé

April is synonymous with rosé wine season. It's when pink juice begins arriving on store shelves in the same way smelt appears at fish fries and crocuses pop in sun-drenched lawns. While it may still seem a bit cold to enjoy wine that is best suited for warm summer afternoons, rosé-heads can't help themselves; they're already pulling corks to see what the 2013 harvest is/was all about. >More
Restaurant Muramoto pushes the boundaries with a new izakaya menu

When Shinji Muramoto opened his original restaurant at 106 King St. in 2004, it was already a full decade after the Nobu-led Japanese-fusion phenomenon had begun. It was also the year David Chang launched Momofuku Noodle Bar and George W. Bush beat John Kerry. In a space that had previously been a hot dog stand, a rather louche-feeling restaurant appeared offering dishes few Madisonians had experienced before. >More
Meltdown is unavoidable with Madison's spiciest dishes

Time was that Madison wasn't so hot. Diners craving spicy foods relied on just a handful of Southeast Asian, Mexican, Caribbean and Cajun spots to deliver lip-burning, endorphin-releasing pleasure. The few fiery menu items available became rites of passage into a small cult of heat seekers. One of the more famous of these was, and still is, the "four star" pad Thai at Vientiane Palace. It has set many a frightened diner's mouth ablaze. >More
The new Sicilians: This unique region offers more than bulk wines

Over the past few years, Sicily has been throwing off its Mafioso and bulk-wine-stained past (although it's still Italy's third largest bulk-wine-producing area after Puglia and Veneto). High-quality varietals and an artisanal approach have brought increasing attention to this island that was once best known for industrial Marsala. >More
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