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Blaska's Blog hopes the recall Walker crowd enjoys the ride

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Our liberal-progressive You Know Whats are riding the bomb down to the ground like Slim Pickens in the movie Dr. Strangelove.

The MacIver Institute finds that the core group of the professional protestors who have been intimidating private business, stalking elected officials and disrupting the legislature are cozy with leading Democrats, including Assembly minority leader Peter Barca. What's more, they're largely financed by organized labor.

You want the dog, you get the fleas.

They can own the Occupy Wall Street protests, too. OWS fizzled in Madison, BTW. In Madison! Here's a fun photo comparison of Occupy Wall Street versus the Tea Party (which may not be real or if it is real is racist). (Thanks to Miss Vicki for the tip!)

Now they're going to recall Gov. Scott Walker? They're not going to get the required 540,208 signatures in three months. Nor will Democrats get a candidate from outside of Dane County, it says here.

I've said before, the recall movement is spent, after spending $20 million in the recall elections this summer the unions are near-broke, and Wisconsin voters are tired of the never-ending election.

What's more, President Obama never did buy those comfortable marching shoes. He's got his own race to think about.

(Couldn't get his stimulus lite bill past fellow Democrats. Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Jon Tester of Montana voted to filibuster the bill. Also, Jim Webb, of Virginia, Joe Manchin of W. Virginia, and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut -- although voting for cloture say they oppose the $447 billion boondoggle.)

But they did not shoot the deputy

Three men (one nicknamed "Lucky") with prior police records were arrested after burglarizing a home on Hammersley Road. Despite finding the loot in their pockets, automobile, and inside their pad, they protested their innocence, which you are free to believe or not. Madison Police spokesguy Joel DeSpain tells us:

One of the suspects told police they were simply doing what they do every day: smoke marijuana, drink, look for girls and drive around.

At least they're not disrupting state government.

Stock up on fire extinguishers

Madison's unionized firefighters are boycotting the Wisconsin State Journal, Madame Brenda reports. So odious are boycotts that union boss Joe Conway shies away from using the term.

Speaking of which, yes, the State Journal has been disappearing before our eyes like Lewis Carroll's cheshire cat. Just ask all those laid-off news reporters. (No bitching about greater pension contributions from them!)

Mining is a shovel-ready job machine

But who else in town does the kind of job the State Journal and reporter Ron Seely did on the proposed Mellen iron mine? "Mining in Wisconsin" is informative, balanced, and just a good read. Seely deftly balances the science, economics, and environmentalism without ever losing sight of the human story. Ron's been doing this for a good many years.

Of course the Sierra Club is opposed to the mine; they're opposed to all economic development. Change the state's mining laws? Yes, to accommodate mines like Gogebic Taconite that do not use dangerous chemicals in the process.

Seven hundred jobs at $60,000 a year plus benefits? Not everyone can become tenured English lit professors. And someone has to pay taxes to support them.

What's that on Wisconsin's official state seal? A sailor and a miner?

Will the mine destroy Wisconsin's Northwoods? Of course not -- it's a huge place. I say it will be an attraction in its own right. After it's gone, the land will be restored to natural state.

Is iron mining boom and bust? Probably. But it beats bust and bust.

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