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Tis the season for Valentines!

Thanks for all the entries!
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Happy Valentines Day to the sweetest and most beautiful girl on the east side. We are so proud of you Gabby! The future is yours for the taking! All of our love, Auntie-O and Naughty Bob

Poppy- thank you for all the hard work you do for our family. You'll always be #1 in our book of love. xoxo Love, Zana (Brain), the Mighty Frisky, Caspar, and Mumma

Dave, Your voice is my favorite sound, Your name is my favorite word, Your hugs are my favorite feeling, Your smile is my favorite sight.I love You!--Nicole

To my beautiful, sweet, caring, creative, loving little Hanalei & Marcella. I love you more than words. Happy Valentine’s Day.

“Enjoy each other”, she said, and most would agree with her.

Rosina Bumpier, Mi amor por ti es tan abrumador, me temo que voy a desaparecer. Alejandro de Apelpybuyt

Dear Papa: I love you more than chocolate! Love, Emma

Poe said, “we loved with a love that was more than love...” Here’s to our more than love, my *mkt*!

Grandmama et Grandpapa, je t’aime tant beaucoup! De baisers, votre Emma

Dear Auntie Wennie and Uncle Oontz--Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you! Emma

Dear Auntie Joooolie, Uncle Ben, Bejamin and Andy--Sending you lots of love on Valentine’s Day! *smooch* Emma

Dear Grandma & Grandpa--Love you both as much as I love Oreos. With Love, Emma

Tom, You have been on this earth for 60 years now. I am grateful and delighted that for 30 of those years, you have been my Valentine. Happy Birthday! I love you, Tami

8 years and still smiling. You make me want to be a better man. BTB

Love the teachers, parents, and staff at Hamilton Middle School. It’s all about the love!

AW...Seven years and counting on this roller coaster ride of love! More thrills to come! I am yours.

I don’t know what happened to us, I wish we could have what we had before, I’m doing my best to bring our hearts back together just like a puzzle piece we fit together I love u aj

Dr. Jerry Carousel: Thank you for another perfect year filled with good food, fun trips and lots of love. I look forward to our new life in our new home. I love you, hon! BB.

HBofO: Food Star, Personal Chef, Master of the Kitchen--thank you for all your cooking deliciousness this past year! Mwah!

Merci pour mon cadeau. Je suis heureux vous aimez mon chapeau en Francais et en Italien. Je t’aime Derek. Heureuse Saint Valentin.

Nancy, you are the joy of my heart, and the heart of my joy in the years we’ve been together. May there be many, many more of them. Our souls share roots. Your weafen, Michal

Wayne, Your love fills my soul, and makes me feel grateful for our many years of friendship.

Dearest Nanners, you are the best Bannaners because you are protective like the peel and squishy delicious like the inside. I am excited to celebrate our 5th year anniversary this year. Thank you for being a lovely and holding my hand (or paw) so I don’t slip on the ice. Love you very much! From, Your Nanners

JPM--Here’s to another year of love and laughter. ACK

Miss Tami- Thank you for taking such good care of me and for welcoming me to your classroom. Your friend, Marcella

Jeanne, Thanks for all of the love and care you put into our friendship. I can’t imagine traveling life’s road without you. Happy Valentine’s Day to a true friend. Love, Tami

Tom, I love you and your love for me and the home we have created. Kisses, Tami

My darling Tom, You are a wonderful partner. I’m privileged and so happy to share my life with you! All my love, Ruthie

Damma, Thank you for all that you do for our family. We love you! Molly and the boys

Daddy, Thanks for working so hard for our family! We love you, Stinky and Gooey

How lucky I am to have this life with this family. I love you, Mr. Pants and Noodle.

We may not see each other, hold each other as often as we like but I have found my soul mate that completes me like a missing puzzle piece. My Sexy Mama I love you to the moon and back.

Pumpkin, thank you for 11 years full of fun adventures and for your commitment and patience throughout good and bad times. I love you and look forward to the next 11 years and 11 years after...From your Sweets and Boo Boo Doodle.

Baby Doll, you have been w/ me now for 6 years in good times & bad & I cannot tell you how happy I am w/ you in my life! Tigerman Wes

Sweetie, you wrote the book of love and i’m reading it! Hotlips

Lovey Lou and Ollie Boo, I love you both so much and am so happy you are my family! Happy Valentine’s Day! I cannot wait for our next year of adventures together.

Ollie and Roo, I love you! I also love MJ, but not as much as you. You are the best family. You are sometimes both goofuses on the roofuses, sometimes even at the same time. I love you so much.

DZC & Dob, We are so thankful for the love and support that you consistently give us. We love that we get to share our special moments with you guys. We can’t wait for more pancakes!! -PBR

Dennis: To my Like Ya, Luv Ya, Mean It Canadian Husband! Wishing always wondrous affection, light, and laughter! Every day has been and will be a gift. Come What May! Waltine...

To my blue-eyed baby, let’s cuddle under the fleece with a glass of red and our 2 girls to cheer on the USA on family on the couch night. Love you the moon and back! Sunshine

Jennifer -- Stuart from EC misses you very much and regrets not getting your phone number. Still interested? Hard to believe it’s been so long. I still work there. Are you still at Savers?

Rev.Rob : I’m very glad I married you! You have a full measure of light. Happy Valentine’s day! Al

Happy Valentine’s Day, Keelyn Ann Chrystina!I love you to the moon and back! Xoxo, Mommy

Happy Valentine’s Day, John! My love for you is and always will be never ending! I love you, Catie xoxo

To My Boo..You make me so very happy! I could not LOVE YOU more! Happy Valentines Day Baby!!..from your Miss Lucious..ness

Miss Tricia, I’ve discovered the immensity of my love through you. Let’s make magic together, once again, and forever! <3 Geoffrey

Pop Pop Boo Bear. It’s Valentine’s Day, treat yo self. Love ya bunches sweetie pie, your wonderful husband.

Dear Wife 1.4.2. Your fortitude in the face of arthroplasty, a Masters at 49, and your continued ability to teach 14 year-olds without going postal all prove you’re incredible. I’m honored you remain my bestie. Love, Husband 1.X.

Whitney, tu sai che ti voglio trentacinque traghetti caricati di dozzine d’elefanti, ciascuno con quindici sacchetti di bene, vero? Allora, aggiungo anche microelefanti con sacchettini di bene, nascosti tra le gambe degli elefanti normale. Punto, Babbo.

Chrissy Boy, Though you have a girl infestation and ADS, in my heart you’ll always be the best. The fires of my love you’ve forever fanned, We should start a wax museum and run off to New Zealand. - Medium Mama

Much love to the both of you! You two will always be my little valentines! Love and hugs from your Mom xoxo

Liebste Nichtbiologischetochter, du Teil meines vita sei, lo sai? Sono gratissimo che du bist un parte della nostra Familie. This verwandtschaftlich or whatever is pretty spectaculare. Sending you Amelias, Dein FreundmittLibellenvater

Happy Valentine’s Day!! for my BFF.xoxo.

Cookie- From stardust, we were born as one. The universe was not enough distance to keep us apart. The eons spent in darkness were not enough to make us forget one another. You are another me. I love you. Biscuit

Maverick, Nana, Papa, and Chad- thank you for being my family and giving me something to believe in. You inspire me as a mother, a daughter, and a sister, to be a better person for you. I love you. Angela

Sue Hunter, Roses are red violets are blue Happy Retirement!!!

Steve- You are the most important person in my life. I love you more than words can express!--Megs

Steve- Meow, meow, meow, MEow, meo-meow. Meow, meow, meow. --Wellington

Happy 1st valentines day Mephhis Russell Grammy LOVES you to BITS

Happy V-day Grams, I’m pretty hee hee hee. Love, Daisy Mae

Lauren of Underdog Pet Rescue-Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for all you do for us. Sincerely, the animals

BriBri:Love and kisses from your soon to be sexegenarian. Heh ... heh-heh ... Me


Sexy stud muffin, did you see your picture? Thanks so much for being the love of my life! Sher

Sweet Man, I love you. Your Cupcake.

Kiki and Ellie, I love being your mother. I love the incredible, beautiful, joyous, intelligent women you are. The mom

Mom, I love you and I am so thankful that I am your daughter! Happy Valentine’s Day, Lisa F. H.

Words can not express how I felt when you were are a true blessing and mommy loves you with all her heart happy valentines day my stanka bug..a thousand kisses will not ever be enough love your mommy and daddy, Marcy and t.k

I’ve got it all, cuz I’ve got you, chachi! You are my dweam within a dweam, my true love, my constant, my best friend... my everything. Today, and every day, I celebrate you! <3 AJ

BRIOCHE: Here, again, it is that day;I love you, yes you, in every way;More and more, true that, hey;Will you be mine? I pray.Boo

Walt: Love is not what you SAY, it's what you DO! Thanks for all you DO! Happy Vday to you! Natasha

JLW: You’re my Sherlock, Watson, and Samwise all rolled into one. One day without you and I would come undone. You’re my best friend, my love, you’re hilarious, you’re kind. The only thing better than you and me is you and me combined.

Roxelana, my springtime, my merry faced love, my daytime, my sweetheart, laughing leaf, my woman of the beautiful hair, my love of the slanted brow, my love of eyes full of mischief.I, lover of the tormented heart, Muhibbi of the eyes full of tears, I am happy.

To my Thursday night girl- Del mar a les muntanyes de Mallorca, t’estimo -From your Handyman

Samuel, I am so excited to spend Valentine’s Day with you in Las Vegas! I love our present and I am looking forward to loving our future. Love, Kayla

La Mop & Michael Schmitz- Thank you for being a supportive, encouraging, flexible local gallery for so many years! With gratitude and love, Your Artists

Dear Mom/Grandma/Judy & Bella! We love having you in Madison. Thanks for playtime, dinners together, & enduring toddler-time walks! We, as always, regret your leaving for Michigan, but excitedly await your return! Love, Your Little Family Across the Cemetery J, G, &S

If you don’t know, now you know...Dozer.

We love you, Librarian Liz!

SBK, the Dean Supreme: Oh, my! Oh, my! Happy BD and Happy VD to the Queen of the Kropf Voluptuary! La Lingerie Man

Snuggle woogums. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Shmoopie

To all the dreamy boys, I’m pretty. Love, Daisy Mae Hunter

bad dog frida-Happy Valentine’s Day. Peaceful Pet Massage

Shnookmeister toot, happy v-day. also I love you. Your Snooky pooky pants

Emry, your laughter, your smiles, warms my heart and soul, you are growing up so fast, I wish every moment with you will forever last, my little boy will someday be a man and RIGHT beside you I will FOREVER stand. Love Always Mom

Myra, when I think of you, my hearts so filled with love, I know that you were sent to me as a gift from up above, with sugar and spice and everything nice I am proud to be your Mom, Happy Valentines Day my sweet little nizard XOXO

Yes, Snoopy love is a warm blanket and when you give your friend the tip of your drumstick. With you it is so much more. Love is energy, life sustaining, invigorating, unbelievable and magic.when I’m with you, everything feels right and we conquer all evil like the duo super team that we are! Sorry this is silly, but we will always be kids playing house and it’s pretty great:)

Happy Valentine’s day. Where are we? joe.

Honey Bee: Though your tongue can be stinging, I’ve heard you in the shower singingChilly as may be your feet, Your heart remains both warm and sweet.Happy Valentines Day!

JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ- You are strong, powerful, mighty, and gentle. There is beauty all around you. Embrace it all! Love, 5V

To all the 8th grade girls at VHMS: You are all smart, powerful, funny, talented, resourceful, strong, artistic, kind, and wonderful beings! Keep your eyes on the prize.

GRANDPA BRUCE, you are the Snarky comment to my Bad Attitude, the Vocal Hypocrite to my falling asleep before eight pm and the WORST popcorn maker in the world!! WE WERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER!! Now pack your bags cuz i won the lottery!! love you more, Grandma Christy!!

BooBee: In small town WI I was born and know the story. My eyes are full of love for you. (And Daphne!) Love, BooBoo

BRUCE, THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL, susypmo, to the moon, WILSON, JINX you owe me SO MANY COKES, Are you making popcorn? Can you get me a drink of water while your in there, WILL YOU GO GET US A MALTED, were all out of milk, WILL YOU POUR US SOME MILK, was i snoring? are you going to bed?very important questions in you, your favorite pain in the butt, Christy

Bernie, thank you for being my Valentine! I love you, and I can’t wait for our trip to Key West!!

Tomosito, it’s that time of year once again. Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you! ( )( )( ) BrettMan

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mark! I’m so grateful for our friendship and I love it when we get to hang out together. Love you! Brett

Kevie, I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day, and I wish you a very happy, peaceful, love-filled year. You’re the bestest of the best! Love you! Brettie

This winter has been very cold, Sweet Pea, but your heart is warm, and I’m so thankful that we have each other! Love you! Boo

Lorraine, Hen and I love you all the way to the moon, and back! Wait, Shirley says she loves you too...and now Giro wants to give you a big hug. Happy Valentine’s Day from your family!

Dave. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Your beard first caught my eye. Now I love you too. Tiffanie

What a fabulous 5 years its been. In September we will tie the knot and tie one on! I can’t imagine my life without you, the dogs, the gay cat, the lizard and the fish. 2014 is going to be awesome with the potential of a new house and our big day. Love you tons. You will always be Hottie Dog Park guy to me. XOXOXO

Sweet Peaches, thank you for being my prince for another year. You are a gentle, loving man and I am blessed and honored to be your partner. Looking forward to our 11th anniversary. Love you very much, Tamacita.

Tess, I miss you every day. You were my heart dog. I am making room in my heart for a new canine friend this spring. Where are you dear new friend? Tami

I love you, Professor Jerkface! Love, The Queen of Malapropism

Barbara Jan, Who loves you better than I do? Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Tom

Cap Fitness: Peter, Peter, muscle meter. Thanks for making this health club Madison’s best.

Matt, keep those eyes straight ahead and focus on your workout. Happy Valentine’s Day - thanks for your hard work and fun times at Cap Fitness!

Hot Toddy, Hot Toddy, with the best body. Don’t know you well but hopefully more time will tell. Happy Valentine’s Day, and always keep an eye out on those back steps!

Red Robin, parking ticket, excess gas, yum, and more fun at the health club. Happy Valentine’s Day, Paul.

Jeremy, Jeremy, he’s our man. Teaching class the best that he can. Always fun, friendly and sassy at the health club. Happy Valentine’s Day from a fellow colleague.

Channel 15 - Madison’s Best - Happy Valentine’s Day to each and everyone at the station; morning, noon and night. Thanks for the most reliable coverage of news, sports and weather.

Glenda Splenda, she’s our girl. Skirts and blouses all in a swirl. Morning calls, chuckles beneath the buckles, goodnight kitty cats, goats and chickens, town and country, Super Bowl Sunday suppers and half time shows on the Beltline, and of course, Thankful Thursdays followed by frisky Fridays. Love you, country sistah!

Val, Val, our potato gal. Long gone but not forgotten. We now have potatoes with every meal, thanks to your household hints. Long live our memories of Val, the potato gal.

Sal, where’s that birthday cake? Who’s splashing water outside the pool, Sal? Sal, Sal, she’s our gal, and we wish her many happy hours.

Hickory dickory dock, who’s been playing with my sock? The army came, the navy went, the cost of a Valentine went down to fifty cent. Happy Valentine’s Day, here at the Ring Ding Doooo.

Rattie and Don - Happy Valentine’s Day to some genuine, kind and crazy friends. Hope we have many more happy hours together.

Todd, hot Todd, Toddster, what a guy. Very friendly, and not too shy. Please come over some night for breakfast, yes? Just down the block, hard as a rock.

Dinner in the Dells, Hooohot, Linda’s Bakery, Boland and Beverly, candy and cookies, laughter and lovely times, blessings and grace, smiles upon our face. Happy Valentine’s Day, Smaski and Al, the best of friends, just like family.

John, my manly eye bee, kind and compassionate, perfect for thee. Happy Valentine’s Day, John; wishing for you all the happiness in the world.

Alexis- I am so grateful that you came into my life. Let’s drink a Fat Squirrel together! Alfred

Amelia- My lovely red owl! What did I do before I met you? Let me provide you with mice for the rest of your life! --Frankie

Dear Son, How proud I am of the person you are, and how excited I am to see you grow into the man you will become. I’m so glad you still hug me when I get home from work even if you have to bend down to do it. Love, Dad

Doctor Who, From the Fields of Trenzalore to the lake shores of Madison, you are the greatest kid in the world!Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cyrus Reed, You have given more joy to your mom and dad than we ever could imagined! You are loved greatly!

Pedro’s manager Brett, You are sooo hot! You don’t know who I am but I will make you notice me soon! Hopefully you’ll be my valentine...or more! K.C.

Oh Cece .... will you be my valentine my darling daughter? I love you soooo much .... Dad

Grace Alexandra Jill ... yow ... a 15 year old daughter is soooo different then a 13 year old. How did you get so grown up? I love you very much GAJQ ... love Dad

Tammy Sue ... without you I would be so blue, wouldn’t know what to do, probably catch a case of the flu, never go to the zoo and get covered in goo. I love youuuu ... Love cpq

Herseys-I’m pretty heeheeheehee. Daisy Mae Hunter

Coconut boy-I’m not even going to tells you I’m pretty. I haven’t evens thought about you once since you left towns. Love, Daisy Mae Hunter

Happy V-day Asswiss. You’re my boyfriend despite the fact that you are a kitty cat and I’m not. Laura

You are the best Mom we could ever have ... love Abbey Sage and Sawyer

Loves .... TSQ, Adam, Gracie girl, Cecelia, PJQ and the Tosaites, CDQ and Patrick, Suz, JVL and crew, Barry clan, Silverbergs all over, Qualls here and there, Chiles, Larsens, Baylee and the Crooks, Tulsa Quandts, Millikens and so many more ... cpq

Pumpkin- I can’t believe that it has been another year that we have been together. You make me the luckiest bear in the world! --Stevie Bear

Brettito, you are my one and only banana slug. May our path together continue to ooze with surprise and delight. Love, your Sweetie

On 8/17 we cried before everyone. I couldn’t believe I was marrying someone so beautiful, funny, and sexy. You’re more perfect than any dream girl a man could think up. Tami, you’re the love of my life. I love you!

CN-Happy Valentine’s Day to a beautiful wife and wonderful mother! We think you’re the greatest! Love, Chu & Lil Chu!

To the best Darth Vader, dad, and sweetie in town: I’d follow you to the dark side, baby. xo Shirley LaRose

Oh Little Cheese ... you make me quiver and quake and shudder all over. Please never ever stop. I want you so bad. With oodles of lovin’ ... your westside lover ....

Sharon M., Our Year In Review. 2014 New whip plus a 30 year mortgage paid off in eleven years...sweet. Life couldn’t be any better as we search for our second home with a view of the ocean. Love, Sammie

Bobby, Happy 7th Valentine’s Day together! Honey, you are like coffee you both are hot, you both get my heart racing and you both are the first thing I want in the morning! I love you, I just do! Deb

Stymie-When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me.-XXOO Darla

Dear Kari, Nine years of marriage and I still am excited to come home from work to see you each night. High Five. Sam

Shut the front door Mom turns 74! Happy Birthday Mom 2/13/14! You are remarkable and the world’s greatest Mom, Grandma, and GG! Thanks for teaching me two important life lessons - love and support. I admire you so much! Love, Debbie

To DeanZ who puts the Zig in Ziggy Piggy Farm! No bullshizer he’s my Dad! “Cupig” shot an arrow towards your girlfriend 54 years ago and the result was a “Wonderful Life”. Thanks Dad for being you! Love, Debbie

Happy Valentines Day Partner! YOU ROCK my world and I love you!

To Barb, from your three boys. First, the twins: “We love you, Mommy, and can’t wait to see your face!” And me: “I’m so lucky to be your husband, and you’re going to be a great mom!”

RAC, First date 5/9/07, First kiss 5/19/, She said yes 1/5/08 and I do on 2/7/09 Happy 5th Anniversary! We’ll celebrate this milestone on 5/23/14 in Paris/London I’ll never forget the day “Eiffel in love with you” Amour, DZC

To the 3 graces Payton Alyse, Braelyn Tes, Reagan Jo I love you to the moon! Wow, do I have fun being with my girls! Thanks for making every day I spend with you the Best Day Ever! Love, Grandma Deb

To an awesome and amazing mother & grandmother! D is for diligent! If ever I need something, I know I can call on you and you will quickly be there to diligently help us out in anyway. E is for Everything! You mean everything to us mom - your love and support is unconditional and unending. B is for Brave! Your bravery as a mom is something I admire and hope to always have. You always put me and Kristin first - and I hope to do that with my girls. R is for Reading! The time you spend reading to the girls is their favorite and special time with grandma. A is for Amazing! Because there is no better word to describe the amazing, awesome, angelic, and astonishing mother and grandma you are to all of us. We love you so much - Happy Valentines Day! Love, SAS

Dear Daddy, I made an angel for you. It’s a flying Daddy angel that hugs people. I really love you and I don’t care if our whole house is big. I really really love it. Our hearts have love in it. I like it when you eat with me and your whole body has bones in it. Daddy has a money bank and it’s really loud and I cover my ears. He eats and eats and eats. He has one computer and Mommy has two computers and I have three computers. Love, Julia

To my Disney Princess Kristin, I’m glad you found your Prince Charming Austin and will be marrying the man of your dreams on 7/26/14 to live happily ever after! I’m so proud of you! Disneyworld here we come! Love, Mom

Sarah and Joe, Thank you for bringing 3 little angels into the world for us to love and enjoy! PBR are so lucky to have you both for parents and I’m so fortunate to have you for my family! Love, Mom

Every morning when I wake, my first thought is that my house is filled with loud, sweet, joyful, and soulful boys (including the bunny!) and how thankful I am. And that is even before I think about coffee! Happy Valentines day, Hichael, Henrik and Abbott (and Newton). I love you all more each day.

M- To the ends of the Earth -B

Tall Lean Fighting Machine: you're a quinoa-maker, bread-baker, idol-faker don't you mess around with me. Happy Valentine's day! Koko Van Vleck

If only you believe like I believe baby, You see I begged stole and I borrowed, Well he just drove off sometimes life’s ok, Yeah I saw sparks, I ain’t forgot about the flower deep underneath the crowded streets, Yeah maybe it’s not so badSo let your hair down now. Happy V-Day my love! sjkhobjsot as always! GH

I have no picture I want to share, but I don’t need that to show I care.This rhyme may get lost amongst the othersbut you’ll find it if you have your druthers.I’m blessed you 3 are in my life and that last year I became a wife!Shirley, Maxfield, and Mason make 3-I know I love you, and that you all love me!XOXO Kate (Mom)

Years later but at the beginning, Local weekly and all. Loving you opened my heart, So wide it almost tore me apart.Will you piece it together?Start fresh on the road to forever?You’re still my one true love.

Jana, I love you and miss you. Winter weather makes it hard to be together. Let’s hope for upcoming happy days. Love, Mother

TJD Darling, Thirty years are not enough to show my commitment to you. Lets make it another thirty.TDD

To My Wonderful Husband Luis/(GrandPAW)as Mekhi would say!! We Love You and Thank you for always being there for us!!and always being so willing to try out my toys and put in new batteries. Happy Heart Day! We luv ya!! Nana and Mekhi

Happy Heart Day Mekhi!! Nana and Grandpaw Love you very much! You are growing up so fast and becoming such and independent little guy! Much Love Always!!!

Well Shiver Me Timbers Ya Wee Saucy Tart, I knew it be true love right from the start... And even now, after all these years out at Sea, yer beauty still makes me weak in the knee(s). To the fair wench Roylene who’s love has harpooned this old Scallywags Heart, from the moment I set eye(s) on her, till death do we part... Happy Valentine’s Day! ~Cap’N Greg

Josh, Thank you for being my best friend and partner-in-crime for the past 6 years. I can’t imagine life without you and your sweet face. Thank you for making me laugh, taking care of me when I am down and being the best daddy to our animals. Here’s to new adventures in 2014 with you by my side! Love, Thane

Dear Toboggan Man, Only you. I thrill to see you, call you, be together. Only you play our songs, lovingly share our home, Being, & adventures. You are my forever man. I absolutely love & desire you! Love, Your Jewel

Yay Daddy!!!! I love our Thursdays, swimming together, fun vacations, carrying me everywhere, flying!, ceiling walking, jumping on your belly, dancing with you, L&M, Burley rides, zoo trips, school tuition, Saturday mornings, Music Together, & guitar duets! Love! Gracie Being

Doctor Grace! You are our precious joy, a sweet, loving, generous, kind, intelligent, brave bundle of toddlerhood! We savor every moment and cherish every laugh. Thanks for being our fabulous daughter and funny little friend! Love Forever, Daddy & Mommy

Loverly...another year rife with children’s tears, sexy moments isolated to the shower, and random moments of incoherent irritability. And I’ve loved it all. You’re still the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you love you love you. Mwuuah

(Not sure if they’ll print the photo....but if they do)... remember when seeing clothes strewn across the staircase used to mean possibly-videotaped sex was coming? Now I come home to this and know that there are two small children roaming the house naked trying to delay bath time. I love it. And I adore you

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Handsome Hubby and our Amazing Daddy! We love you! XOXO Torrie the Flower Fairy, Josie the Heart Fairy and Millie the Chocolate Fairy

NOW? what about now? Suze & I send our undending love and entrails. here’s to another year of giner and girls and so much more. thanks for completing me.

it’s OK for you to see the unedited me it’s you i’m writing to you are a blessing thank you for being you from bonfires to UFO jungles the jagWIRE to your mayan goddess love is a ROARRR!!!

LMM: seems the best way to live up to our epic wedding is to love and explore -- life, each other, & the world. We got this, baby.

Dulera mia, !Que loco, turbulento ano! Estoy tan feliz de que nuestro amor conitnua.....y seguiremos con nuestra vida juntas con el gato, las abejas, y nuestro jardin. Espero que sepas que eres mi dulcera favorita hoy y para siempre. Te quiero mucho!~Tu dulcera

To Zander and Atticus, the adorable boys of Blount St, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Jameson, You are special because you made me a mom. I love you to infinity and back infinity times. I have had such fun with you since you have come into my life!! With love from Mom/Shannon

Dear Benjamin, You are special because you made our family complete. I love you to infinity and back infinity times! Have a fun Valentine’s Day followed by your birthday. With love from Mom/Shannon

Chulin, I’m looking forward to our next adventure. After 27 years we still got it going on! Te Amo

Cat, you are amazing. Thank you for reminding me to count backwards from five when I am Totally Freeeking Ouut!

Can I have this dance? Forever am I entranced; Nancy I love you!

Beijing: Even though you are the Thief of Sleep, your sparkling blue eyes, laughter and smile, plus other good things, keep me coming back. Our roller coaster ride continues. Love, Honeybee.

Cute Pie-Thanks for being supportive and helping me through the rough patches. Love you.-Boo

Ms T - Thanks for another year of live music, make it up as we go days, epicurean adventures, family fun, and unfailing support. I love you madly. J

Em - I’m so proud of you and the beautiful, smart, and talented young woman you are. Happy Valentines Day! I love you. Dad

To My Red Headed Stranger- Through teardrops and laughter, we’ll walk through this world hand in hand. All my love, Your dirty blond queen.

To PFGZ: You are the love of my life. Here is to another amazing year together. Love, the Pookster.

Richie, my Babis, the sunshine of my life! Thanks for loving me unconditionally. You make me feel like I matter in this world. This time next year we will be shaking our tits in the sun and sand!! You mean the world to me. Thanks for the adventures, i love you!

First Congo of Madison - Happy Valentine’s Day, Jill. Thanks for all you do each day in our church office! We are blessed to have you.

Richland Center - Happy Valentine’s Day to the one and only Mama Lorraine and her son, David. Sunday night phone calls, delicious home cooked dinners, road trips to the country, neighborhood walks, the county fair and rodeo days, farm breakfasts, and surprises left on the front porch. xxx

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy. You are a riot. Thanks for making the health club such a fun place to be. I’ll bet your students love you to pieces.

Katie Mae and Mom Drickenski - Happy Valentine’s Day to my long time family friends. Thank you for all of your care, compassion and time; as well as trips north to Shawano and a breakfast plate filled with naughties.

Poodle! Sure wish you lived much closer, but who can blame you for loving life in San Francisco. Happy Valentine’s Day, and here’s a big hug and doggie bone for you. xxx

The honorable, admirable, respected Dr. Professor Frau Cow Jones - Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your German students fully appreciate all you do for them.

Glendale Elementary School - blessings, honors and kudos to the one and only Ms. B. B’s the best; north, east, south and west. You are appreciated by so many, me being one of them!

Every time I admire a cute Jewish man, I am reminded of you. Every time I am held, I am reminded of you. Every time I look at your old San Francisco address, I am reminded of you. Every time I enjoy pictures of the two of us, I am filled with your everlasting love. You are never far from my heart, my man. Happy Valentine’s Day, Larry.

Glendale School is so lucky to have you, Ms.B. You are one of the most dedicated teachers I know, and one of the most genuine friends I have. Happy Valentine’s Day, Ms. B. After all, B’s the best; north, east, south and west.

Boys in the Pew - Happy Valentine’s Day, Kent. I appreciate your friendship and wild sense of humor.

Chancel Choir Bob - thanks for always helping me sing the right notes, keep the correct pace and not get into trouble for talking too much during practice. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

Sant Sant - Happy Valentine’s Day to John and Carol. Life is sweeter whenever I’m in your company.

Boy from Boo - Happy Valentine’s Day, John. You are missed in the pew; but lovingly thought of most often.

A moment of Mo - what’s a binder, F5 twirling skirt, stepping in butterscotch pudding, Saturday morning coffee gatherings, endless chuckles beneath the buckles, appreciating original poetry, posing with the cat, having many appa ourrs with friends, and a free piece of cheesecake. Happy Valentine’s Day; many hugs, and kisses after the dishes.

First Congo Fannie - Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you for your insistence that I join the Chancel Choir. I love visiting your auditorium at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater campus as well. Hugs and blessing to you always!

Neighbor Dave - thanks for being such a kind, helpful friend and neighbor. We both survived you know who and the sidewalks; nonetheless for wear and tear. I think of Schnick most often, remembering what fun we had with the cheese wheel.

Going on a run, sitting on the deck, going to the Q, heading over to Whitewater, snooping around DeForest, exploring small town eateries, yacking on the phone, cheap and early dinners, and many years of wonderful friendship. Thanks for everything, Eric and Rhonda. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Margo, Margo, Margo - whispering Happy Valentine’s Day to you, from you know who. shhhhhhhhhh

Aldrich Middle School - Happy Valentine’s Day to Karen and Siyah. Friend forever on the state line.

Riverbluff Middle School Yellow Team - Happy Valentine’s Day from an old retiree, now returning for volunteer work a few mornings per week. Thanks for inviting me into your classrooms and being such a loving part of my life.

Nancy and Daniel: bird houses, pizza in Lake Mills, road trips to the country, Amish bakeries, flower gardens, yacking on the phone, hugs and kisses, laughter and love, you guys are the greatest. Happy Valentine’s Day!

David, David, David! The Hudson sisters, midnight pizza, trips to the Northwoods, DJ;s restaurant, pigs in a blanket, taking many photographs, New Years Eve Twilight Zone marathons, and a long history of a loving friendship starting at Carol’s Speakeasy, Chicago. Happy Valentine’s Day, hon.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Sargeant Tibbs and Ruby. You are missed so much! Thanks for being such an integral part of our lives. Uncle Steve

Mommy I really love you and I can’t stand it. You snuggled with me right now and when I was gonna take a bath and when I was gonna eat dinner and I didn’t have lunch and I didn’t have breakfast. Mommy I just really really love you and I can’t believe that you love me, I just don’t know where Blueberry is Mommy. Baba

Bruce, if you only knew how much I still think of you. You had such a wonderful sense of humor along with a big heart. How I miss those Saturday back rubs after I’d return home from Woodmans. Thanks for paying me a visit just before you crossed over to the Other Side of Life. I’ll never forget that warm touch. Happy Valentine’s Day.

John and Rita - Happy Valentine’s Day!

Louie and Brian - such a long, loving friendship of many years! Running, Yolanda sagas, wet spot on the organ bench, Fricka on my foot, lovely dinner parties, piano and voice lessons, and wonderful times together at the health club. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Capital Fitness Health Club - thanks to you, for helping me orchestrate my membership renewal this year. You know whom you are, so here’s a big hug for you. Thanks for always making Cap Fitness a fun place to be. Your smile and kind ways are appreciated by everyone.

Channel 15 - Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone at the station. You guys rock, and we appreciate your time and efforts in helping to make our lives easier.

Pauly J - Happy Birthday, soon, in February. You are loved and appreciated by so many here in Madtown. Keep up the strong spirit and wonderful sense of humor. Love you, love you, love you.

The lunch bunch - King George, Ms. Myrene, Ms. Barbarino, Disco John and Glenda Splenda; Happy Valentine’s Day from the bread man. xxxxx

Happy Valentine’s Day little Snooki! Thank you for behaving so well lately, and for being the fruit snack of my eye. Don’t go to the hosaboh until you have a baby of your own a looooong time from now, and eat lots of veggabohs please. The love we have for you is off the charts Julia, it’s unreal, beyond infinite. Kiss, Daddy

Brian in West Bend - stay strong, get well, and believe that you’ll be going home soon. Happy Valentine’s Day from your Madison friends.

Where’s the Rat? Who’s the Rat? On which side of the fence does the Rat play? Rat has a cute butt, wicked sense of humor and seductive smile. Thanks for letting me touch you in the locker room. Not one word to your wife, OK?

First Congo Dana - on which side of the church shall thou sit today? You always keep us watching and waiting!

Katie Mae, Katie Mae, Katie Mae. We have so many shared experiences: Friday nights at Pedros, trips north to Shawano, Amish bakeries, can’t get his pants down, Brett’s corn cob, orangey hair, polly peptides, having a blow out, Yolanda’s appa ours, llllllliquor where she likes it, the dragon wagon, naughties with your mom, and visits with my mom. Happy Valentine’s Day now and forever.

Pedro’s in Madison - We’ll always have eyes and hands for you, Brett. Miss seeing you, and sincerely hope that you are doing well, my friend. Love and kisses from the Steinhaggens.

So NICE to be flying off in April--snow ‘N ICE will be long forgotten. A piece of Niece--a slice of nice in life a la Paris avec tu, ma cheri dans la Rue de Braque--will we ever come bock?! With Great Love, PBS

chb: It’s ironic that instead of being with you, I’m upstairs writing this at the 11th hour. But here goes- six months from now (August 2014) we will be preparing to move into our first real house. And that’s it! Our wishes and plans have gotten simpler over the years to the point that we no longer make a list. Because we already have everything we need (and we quit smoking while ago). We have a solid marriage, we have the best little girl we could ever dream up... now if we just had more closet space! But seriously, we’ve learned what’s important, haven’t we? And what’s fragile. I just want you and Jules, every Valentine’s Day, forever. Happy 9th! kho, blah blah blah, GW

Hey Julia, it’s Mommy. I just want to let you know that being home with you for the last 2.5 years has been the best. You’ve been my sidekick through it all and I hope you will remember even half of it when you’re grown. (But if you don’t, I wrote it all down.) Your silliness and excitement and stories remind me that the world is a beautiful place full of princesses and unicorns. Being naked isn’t embarrassing, you can’t brush your teeth without a pillow, and every horse should be named Delbert. Keep being you, BaBa. We’re all better off because of it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lance. Love Amy, Domino and Jack.

Fannie, I would like to wish you a Very Happy Valentine Day. Warm Regards, Chet

Happy Valentine Day Ariel, wishing yo a sweet day. Chet

Nicole, Hanalei, Marcella and Tuucha: I love each of you very much. Happy Valentine’s Day, family! Colin

moon check, 1, 2 1, 2

Allyson K- I have always known what an amazing person you are. After this past year, your strength, courage, grace, and beauty were inspiring. I am so proud to be your husband and love you so much! -GK

Dearest Suzanne--Together still, forty-three years and continuing. Waters have washed our rocks round and harmony reigns now. I give thanks today and always for your face, your hair, your eyes--for you being here with me now and tomorrow. Thank you for who you are--who you’ve been and become, and for sharing life with me. With Much Love, PBS

Saffron, can you tell how much I love you by the big smile I get every time I see your face? Thank you for loving me, snuggling me, reading and singing to me and for being the best sister ever! I love you! xox Wolfie

Two incredibly beautiful kids have stolen my heart. Saffron & Wolfie, I love you sooooooooo! xoxo Love, Momma

Crestview Company, Doug and Lyn, Happy Valentine’s Day to wonderful friends and neighbors. Thanks for always keeping my spirit in tune and laughter in great supply. I am blessed knowing you!

Smooches to you, mrs. n.y.m. Happy Valentines Day! --m.k.t.--

Happy Valentine’s day Wolfgang. I hope you have a great time I will see you in the afternoon.

xoxoxoxo xoxox oxo o xox oxo xoxo xox xoo xoo xoxo xoo xoxooxox ox ooxox oxoxo x oxoxo oo xoxoxoxooxo xox o xoxoxox oxox ooxxox oxoxoxo xox oxoxoxo xox oxoxoxox oxoxo xox oxo xoxox ox ox o xox oxoxoxo xoxoxoxo xo x oxox oxoxo xoxoxo xoo xoox LOVE SAFFRON

Amy, Please Hurry! I will wait. I love u! Your Hunsey Bunsey

Best BF, thanks for rockin my world. SS

bronies are rainbow, you are my fandango. kisses, laughter & sportea 4ev.

dear moon, gratitude for always brightening my nights...and mornings.

MBPT: You are a great gift. Having you in my life is a joy; loving you is, over and again, a revelation. yes I said yes I will Yes. - S -

M, it’s been a tremendous year, and I couldn’t be prouder. You’re smart, courageous, & strong, and taking it all in stride - an amazing son. Love you! Mom

A, you are the best valentine ever. My heart and luck grow every day with you. whoosh! J

Boog -You can be snippy, I can be cold. We both can be bitchy, we’re both getting old. But know that I love you and I always will, even when your incontinent and over the hill. All my love, Shirl

Grams-wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day and a year filled with bloodbaths and waterparks. Daisy Mae Hunter

As long as there are Meaghans, there will always be Steves to love them.

Shmoopie Doopie Pookie Pants. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Snickity Snackity Cuddle Bunny Boo

Richland Center Hillside Queen of Lites - Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Hope your day is filled with chocolate, laughter and love.

Paul, Paul, Paul... your sense of humor is wonderful and your observations so candid and true. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Lovely Linda - going to the Q for candy, going to Fort Atkinson for a roll of tape, going on a run to Whitewater, going to Rhonda’s to sit on the deck, going to Woodmans for those Giradelli chocolates, and just enjoying life. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, you wild woman! xxx

In days of old when knights were bold, hickory dickory dock, pup tent alive and well, down here in the ring ding do, the army came and navy went, old king cole was a mighty old soul with a buckskin belly and rubbermaid sole. This Valentine is for you, and you know exactly who you are. Rub a dub dub three dudes in a tub!

Capital Fitness Alan - Happy Valentine’s Day. This kiss is just for you, young man. Right where it counts! xxx

First Congo of Madison - whether it be choral preludes, piano sonatas, organ concertos, brass quartets, or Bach cantatas, you are a most talented leader. The Chancel Choir and Bell Choir appreciate all that you do, Don. Happy Valentine’s Day!

First Congo of Madison - guess what’s in the suitcase, youth retreats, mom’s apple pies, and bible gifts; you help shape the lives of all the children. Thanks so much, Jeff and happy Valentine’s Day.

Steve and Susan - Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful neighbors and friends of more than 15 years. You guys rock!

Coach Bobby - you’re the greatest. Happy Valentine’s Day to a loyal friend and fellow retiree.

Hot Todd, Hot Toddy with the great body, you have a wonderful sense of humor. Yes, your nickname begins with a capital P.

Mothers never snoop; they just pay attention. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the moms in the world. Where would we be without our loving moms?

If I can say one kind thing, or do one kind deed, let me do it now without delay; for I shall never pass this way again. Happy Valentine’s Day to the wonderful staff at Isthmus, Madison’s one and only people centered publication. You guys rock and deserve a truck load of love and recognition.

O’Keefe Middle School - special Valentine’s Day greetings to a certain 6th grade Social Studies teacher, an 8th grade Algebra teacher, a 7th grade Social Studies teacher and a younger 7th grade teacher with angelic curly h air. You guys rock, and your students are darn lucky to have you.

Farm breakfasts, Rodeo Days, Richland County Fair, Festival of Lights, Christmas Open House, Pizza Hut, Union Street, peanut squares, Mabeline, and drag races around the fair grounds. We love Richland Center for its wonderful people and sights.God bless David and Mama Lorraine, and another Lorraine and Carletta, too.

Rest in Peace Chuckles, you’re fired. Your bestie Daisy Mae

Herseys: here is why your business isn’t doing better-no dreamy boys, meat raffles or customer karaoke. Good luck, you needs it. Happy valentine’s Day Daisy Mae

Hooners and Goobers::I am the luckiest....because of you two.I Love you.Always, Papa

Meow. BONK! Meow. BONK! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hope you like toasty feet and a vibrating pillow. Love, Burton and Bela.

Yo, bug. Got no pretty words this year, just gratitude for you in my life. bcn.

Happy 9th Birthday (on 2/16), Carita! Our little Valentines Day baby is in her last year of single-digit ages. Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Anthony

Dona, at work your Wonder Woman. At home your my Prrrfect Cat Woman. LOVE, M.I.B. “Y”

Happy Valentine’s day, Mama! You are the best. Even better than fresh-picked broccoli. Love, Emma.

It’s still the same, when you burst into a room, your boots and breath clearing the paths in front of you. Who could possibly excel you, my sweet lady? Your cosmos is in order, and the bunnies of the world never had it so good. Forever in awe...

Don’t ever stop driving us crazy, my silly monkeys! Donuts never tasted so sweet, and I love our fun when Mom’s out of town! I love you guys so much, and I grow more proud of you every day! I love who you become.

i heart the yart

Berenice- Let’s elope! --Arthur

In all my journeys, I’ve never found someone so wonderful as you, my lovely Olivia. I’ll be with you always, Peter.

Josephine- You have made me the happiest bear in the world! I love you! --Bernie

Barbara- We have only known each other for a short while, but I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better. --Max

Haka- Squirrels be excited to know thee! Thar be some rum in our future! --Sebastian

Red- I hope I have given you many reasons to be less angry. You can share my nest anytime! --Franklin

Dear cabbage, You are an amazing circus man.You look beautiful in the lyra.You are so good at the Cyr wheel.You are a cute aphid on the German wheel.I LOVE YOU.<3 cabbage.

Baby, baby, baby. In the Sheraton, in Green County, at Cape Cod, and at home with the freaks. I love you, love you love. You are the very best. x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x

I dedicate this year to grace, to following the juice, to meeting all needs, to effortlessness. And for the tenth year, I dedicate myself to you, my number one.

I love your knowing, your words, your willingness to face it all. I love your momma sound. I love our mystical growth together; our relationship as the third player in the holy trinity. I love our love.

No no no. I LOVE you.

Oh my sweet boy, here’s what I heard: ‘more, bear, meow, ruff, phhhhhht, dog, cool, nose, eye, up...and down, ball, car, stars, blue, all done, buh-bye, ta da, mama, papa, I LOVE you.’ I couldn’t agree more.

I’m sorry we haven’t walked you enough lately. Trips to the dog park are in your future--and likely some summer escapes. Thank you for tolerating the boy sitting on you, taking your food and dumping your water. Good girl.

I’m as lucky as Rachel and Kirsty to have such sweet fairies in my life. Josie the sugar fairy. Millie the honey fairy, and Momma the sweet sweet dessert fairy. Happy Valentines day!

Berto~ Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet husband! Thank you for showing me a new reason to love you every day! Teresa

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