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Sunday, March 1, 2015 |  Madison, WI: 20.0° F  Fair

Tis the season for Valentines!

Thanks for all the entries!
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Daddy-O, You raise me up so I can stand on mountains. You raise me up to walk on stormy seas. I am strong when I am on your shoulders. Your raise me up to more than I can be. Happy Valentine's Day! I love you, Apple

Pete, I love you more than biscuits & gravy, more than chocolate & coffee, more than the Sunday New York Times, more than comfy shoes on a long walk, and yeah, even more than bacon. Your Lovey-Love

You make me proud every day, and I love you from here to the moon and back. Happy Valentines --Mom

I love you gram nancy happy valentines kris and za

Happy Valentines Day Mike, love you Kris

Your mom loves you from here to the moon and back, happy Love day !!!!

Rosina Bumpier. Las estrellas no brillan si saben que tu estas aqui. No podian coincidir con el brillo de sus ojos. Con Amor, Candide de Saint-Exupery

Yahtzee, Crazy Eights, Trivia, too. The game of life is better when I'm playing it with you. You're selfless, hilarious, awesome, you're a pistol in the sack, you kind of suck at Roku remotes, but that's cool - I got your back. I love everything about you, except maybe your feet. But I'll take them if they come with you because you're fucking sweet.

"Though she be but little, she is fierce!" Happy Valentine's Day to my little peanut, the ever fierce and feisty Emma! Love, Mama

"In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." Happy Valentines, *mkt* xoxo, me

Dear Grandmama and Grandpapa: I love you more than cookies! Love, Emma

Dear Auntie Wendy and Uncle Eric: I love you! And Norni, Winso and Atcha, too! Love, Emma

Dear Auntie Julie and Uncle Ben: I love you! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Emma

Dear Benjamin and Andy: Happy Valentine's Day to the best cousins in the whole wide world! Love, Emma

Dear Grandma and Grandpa: I love you more than My Little Ponies! Love, Emma PS: My shoes don't fit you, Grandpa.

Bear Bears forever!!!

To my anchor who keeps me grounded when the seas are rough and calm, you are and always will be my valentine, I promise to never stop trying, and to keep the cheesiness flowing. Besos.

Chris, my love, I can't wait to become your wife this July. You are the love of my life and I can't wait to grow old with you. ~Chantel

Jeremy, you are my everything. I love you so much. I am so thankful for you and what you have just done for us and our future. Feel better soon. I'll be with you though your recovery. Love you love

Honey, We officially made our own fireworks, this past summer, when we made Killbaker Inc official. Thanks for being my friend and partner everyday. I love you! sBee

Happy Valentine's Day Dada! We love you so much. Love, Hanalei, Marcella and Tuucha

Happy Valentine's Day Colin! Thank you for being a loving husband and father, and my best friend. I love you very much. Love, Nicole.

Happy Valentine's Day Grandma & Grandpa Morris. We love playing with you. Thank you for all the fun adventures you take us on. Love, Hanalei, Marcella and Tuucha.

Happy Valentine's Day Grandma & Grandpa Schmies. We love you very much. Thank you for taking us camping and swimming. Love, Hanalei, Marcella and Tuucha.

Happy Valentine's Day to our cousins Isla, Oswald, Penny, Mr and Miss Miss. Love, Hanalei, Marcella and Tuucha

Happy Valentine's Day Uncle Matthew, Aunt Francesca, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Sophia! We love you. Love, Hanalei, Marcella and Tuucha

Happy Valentine's Day Miss Pamm, Miss Lauren, Miss Kim, Miss Jalissa, Miss Yasmine, Miss Nancy, Miss Diane and Miss Theresa! Your friends, Hanalei and Marcella

Happy Valentine's Day 2015 to my sweet, caring, silly, sassy, smart, lovely babies H&M. Love, Mumma xo

Daddy, your love supports me, thrills me, inspires me, warms me to the core. Thank you for staying here where it's cold and conservative, because you love me more than you hate Wisconsin.

Julia, Stephen and Grace, We LOVE our Little Family Across the Graveyard!! Your Mama and the Belle

Dearest Joanna, can't believe you are 16 now. I love your good values, dedicated work ethic and huge heart. So proud of the lovely young woman you are becoming. Happy Valentine's Day with all my love.

Linda & Hannah - You make every day sweeter and happier. I love you both to the moon and back. Deb/Mom

Pariah Care - You are awesome.

D- I treasure the kindness, strength and courage of your heart. Thank you for sharing your life and love with me. I love you, always have and always will! -C

Mama Sara & Papa Jeff, Happy Valentine's Day. Buster

To the Littles-Happy Valentine's Day. Tiny

KML1-- u r kmb1 now! Still love you, Italian bride

Cicernator, Yin yang cats And badgers in spats And all the love from above From the very start You've been in my heart And finally in the Book of Love

Happy Valentine's Day Princesses Hanalei and Marcella! Love, your friends, Ariel, Anna, Elsa, Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine and Tiana

Handyman--The warmth will be here soon my love, and we'll ride together with bare arms and legs. We'll feel the sun kiss our limbs as softly as you kiss my lips, and the memory of winter will melt away. I love you!--Thursday Night Girl

F*CK The Cold Crew--You all make winter so much more bearable for me! For that, I can't thank you enough. Here's to one more month of yuck. Looking forward to seeing you all in shorts soon!--Kierstin

Daylene, My heart has been broken since you passed. Every day is a struggle. I miss your voice, your touch. How can I do this without you?

Aah, sharing a kiss atop Table Mountain in South Africa. Our life is a grand adventure full of love, kindness, patience, understanding, and smiles. Thank you! To my pea in a pod from your squashy turtle dove, love you forever.

Krampus--You are one of the kindest, gentlest, yet strongest people I have ever met. I am so lucky to have you in my life! Here's to more bike shenanigans and endless conversations about music!--Kierstin

C & S. happy v-day. Joe. I'd like my security deposit back.

Herseys, I get prettier everys day. Daisy Mae Hunter.

Herseys, I meant to say Happy Valentine's Day and I get prettier every day. Just wait until tomorrows. Daisy Mae Hunter

Edward,we love you infinity. Infinity is not a number but that is a lot of love. Mom and Dad

Dada, The moon isn't far enough. We love you to Pluto and back, with a detour around the Island of Sodor a few hundred thousand times. Forever and always, Mama & H

Fish God: Well Piscatorial this! 25 years ago, you proposed to me in the Isthmus Personals (and won a t-shirt). Fortunately our marriage has lasted longer than the t-shirt! Wanted you to know I'm still in it for the long trawl! Love, Pining Salmon

Dear K10 years of marriage, 12.5 years of love. I couldn't ask for more. Here's to the next 10 years. Love S

Shnookie Wookie Snuggle Bunny, Happy Valentine's Day. Love, your Shmoopie Doo

Roses love sunshineViolets love dewAngels in heavenKnow I love youseventeen years and going strongLove you BluBD

Roses love sunshine Violets love dew Angels in heaven Know I love you Seventeen years and going strong Love you Blu BD

Happy Valentine's Day Birthday Julia Tay. You changed this holiday for us forever. Love you, Mom & Dad.

To my blue eyed wife and 2 little sweeties. You are my heart. I love you all to the moon and back, Mama Sunshine.

Dearest Goose, Once upon a time there was a little boy named Little One Hundred, and he loved his Mommy and his Mama very much. I love you so much, and I am so grateful for our family. Love, Roo

My darling Tom, I love you with all my heart! Who'd think going to a party 32 years ago would have such a big impact? Hugs, cuddles, and kisses, Ruthie

Maeve, my Valentine: For giving me wings to fly toward a secret sky. For causing 100 veils to fall each moment. For showing me how to let go of life, and finally how to take a step without feet. Mama

.....let love begin again someday and let the pain start to ease this year and forgiveness heal in time. Time will soothe and soften the hurt ....

My love of my life .... be my love forever ... I love you ... cpq

Yow .. back in the Madison saddle again. Welcome back son. Its fun having you home. We got alot of love for you .... Dad and the gang

Cecelia Sophia Miles ... Happy Valentines DayWill you be my valentine? I love you very very much. Love Dad

BRIOCHE: 60 Down, A Million to Go. A Day With You Sure Beats Snow.Dylan Said It, Love Minus Zero.I Say This: Te Amo Mucho.From That Guy Named -- Bo

Grace Alexander Jill .... wow you are a woman now and that can be pretty hard for a Dad to follow. The beauty and kindness are easy to understand. The growing and changing are not as easy. You are the first daughter I have ever had change into a woman. I love you. Dad

Oh Momma .... you are so wonderful and i couldnt ever ask for a better mom. Will you be our valentine? Love ... Sawyer and Abbey Sage

My sweet little lover .... I am so glad we met at Orton Park under the moonlite. Your skin is so smooth and soft. I miss you whenever our skin is apart. Little Stevie ... Love you so ... your big hunky lover

Oh my loves ... turning upside down sometimes and inside out .... as the wickhead might say ... 3 parts - friends family and work ... if all 3 are fucked up that's too hard. I miss my friends ...

Adam, Peter, Jake my long time brother, Tammy Sue, Cece, Grace, Poppa Bill, Cheese and all, Suz so far away, JVL upside down, Nickie Joe and Nancy, Eames and Edie, Poppa Jim and Carol, Mo and the girls, all those Greens, AMF, Silver and famdamily , those dang Crooks ...

Todd, Todd, Todd the Rod. Happy Valentine's Day.

Thanks, neighbor Dave, for being so kind to our mom, for helping me with chores around the house when I was attacked by a falling branch, and for giving me the opportunity to be a good uncle to Schnick. You're a wonderful neighbor and friend.

Happy Valentine's Day, Sally. Arf, Arf, Arf. You deserve so much love, so many treats, walks in the neighborhood, and scratches beneath your chinny chin chin.

Margaret, Nikki, mac and cheese, morning coffee, back rubs, phone conversations, chocolate crackle cookies, Hickory, the girls, man patch, salmon pit, Green Acres theme song, Bethesda Thrift Shop, Amish boys, and much more. Welcome back to the old neighborhood, and Happy Valentine's Day to you, my friend/compatriot for life. Love you. More. Most.

Doug and Lyn, Lyn and Doug, here's some laughter, here's a hug. The crest and the view, driving past to check on you, sending you eternal friendship and love, this day ever more. Happy Valentine's Day.

May God bless the Muellers, once living next door, with love and friendship, from this day ever more. You are SO missed here in the neighborhood, and we are sending you eternal light and love. Thanks for being wonderful neighbors for so many happy years.

HaikuForKB1 / Bread and margarine / Toaster bestows regal crown / Bailey dines a queen

HaikuForKB2 / HGTV Girl / Can Chip and Jo come live with / us? You could teach them.

HaikuForKB3 / The Lovely Bailey / Warmth and joy come from your smile / Be my Valentine

Capital Fitness Sondre: Happy Valentine's Day to you! Thanks for taking extra good care of your long time members. We love you to pieces and then some.

Capital Fitness Peter: Thanks for making your clients feel important and cared for. You have a heart bigger than Texas, along with a great sense of humor. Always a pleasure to see you at the club.

Capital Fitness Matt: Kudos to this country boy, trainer par excellent and role model for teaching me to remain focused, eyes straight ahead, and on task while at the gym. Happy Valentine's Day, Matt.

Capital Fitness James: with the greatest attitude and outlook, friendliest disposition, broad smile and strong handshake. Happy Valentine's Day to a fun compatriot.

Once upon a time, Princess Meaghan wished she would meet the man of her dreams. Then she met Squire Steve. Slowly she realized her deep love for Squire Steve and that he was everything of which she had dreamt.

Schwanztooka Man, good 'ol Hickory, Man Patch ready for a landing, Salmon Pit pink and pleasure-ready, strong farm hands and a perfect neck for nibbling. Packing lunches, having coffee, late night talks, back rubs, growls and bowels, and much more. Happy Valentine's Day to my loving great at 5308.

Capital Fitness: Welcome back Sherri! Congrats on your position as manager and your long standing members are so happy you're back with us. Happy Valentine's Day!

Capital Fitness Trainer Dan: Your sense of humor, smile and expertise are perfect for this gym. Thanks for always taking care of us as people first, then clients second. This is the best business practice there is. Happy Valentine's Day, coach.

My Dearest Raymond,By the time you read this; Jamaica will be a wonderful memory. I want you to know how much your little girl and I love you & We appreciate everything you do for us. love, your red headed wife.

Feliz dia de San Valentin mi amor! Es maravilloso tenerte en mi vida. Un besito. Keith

Lisa, Who knew 2 months ago IT would lead to this amazing relationship. Olivaaaaa. XOXOXOX

Jessica and Jordyn. You 2 are the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I am so proud of both of you. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK. Love Dad and Grandpa.

EmIlY BeReNdEs!!!! I love you like crazy, baby 'Cuz I'd go crazy without you!! We might be apart temporarily but together again soon and to camp we go!

Mom loves you little bird!

To the sweetest guy I've ever known, who brought me pumpkin pancake batter on our first date... I'm so happy we have finally found each other. I've been falling for you since the day you taught me how to skin a deer. Be my Valentine, you sexy man. Love, Babycakes.

KTO-You are kind, clever, funny, generous and devastatingly handsome. You bring so much wonder to my world. I'm yours, botany. xoxo BH

To John, the best cat daddy ever, you're still my most favorite. It's always better when we're together. Happy V-Day, love Mew.

Holly, You sure have taken me on many unexpected adventures, and I have a feeling there are many more to come. I love you with the same intense drive you show for everything you do. Tami

Sherry, thank you for being my best friend, lover, travel companion, and lover of life. You're a wonderful wife, mother, and life partner.DwightPS Did you feed the dogs?

MFLF: You're a lot of fun. You make me smile. You make me nap. Love, The Dude.

***ZaYdEn SmItH*** Happy Valentines Day Buddy!!!! I miss you and love you sooooo much!!! I'm so proud of you!! :) See Ya Soon! Love, Dad

Grams is moving in! Best Valentine's gift ever!! I'm Pretty! Daisy Mae Hunter

I forgot one thing: Cat for Sale!! I'm pretty. Daisy Mae Hunter

Roses are red. Or pink, or yellow. I think you are quite the fellow. So glad you gave me that little shock,though oft we think we're off our rock(ers.)Love ya t'bits Ba,Yr Shmoops

NOJ: For your dancing socks, your flying hat, and your bouncing braincase keeping time to Stargate SG-1's theme song--for all this and more, forever your Paddlefooted FishWife

We thought it would be just for kicks,But our stars were already fixed,The truth was foretold:We'd have and we'd hold,Just read John 21:26.I love you Shmoopy and I'm so happy to be your wife!

Hello my sweetie baby lover girl, these have been the best years of my life, and I'm looking forward to lots more nuzzles, snugglins, and sharing our home and love with Baby B! Love, your sweet honey buzzle.

Oh, J! You lease only the surface. If only you could live always inside the home of your beautiful true heart, and let its doors open to share love! The world could be (y)ours right here, right now. J

My life would not be wonderful without these lovable and precious babies of mine.. Dominic I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you..u have been nothing but amazing and thank you for all u u baby with all my Jeanetta and ur precious baby girls Amyla and Aniah

Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a beautiful reminder of just how strong True Love can be....Happy Valentines Day JVI Love YouCK

Meaghan: another year with my best friend? Yes please! I didn't think it was possible, but I love you more each day. --Your Steve.

Roylene, Your smile brightens my world, your laughter is music to my ears, your compassion towards others melts my heart. I love you more with each passing day ! Happy Valentine's day Sweetheart <3

Oh my love, what to say to show my love for you? You're the answer to my question. You're all I need to breathe! You're the cup that's full, spilled all over me. I still savor each day you're mine!

Capital Fitness: Sherry, Sheree, Sheri, Sherri, however you spell it, we are so glad you're back at the health club. Happy Valentine's Day to the best manager of Cap Fitness, ever!

My sweet husband, Thank you for giving me the best gift in the entire world, our beautiful boys. You are an amazing daddy and partner. We all love you so much! B, D & W

Daddy i love u so much and cant wait until you can give me kisses when you come home,daddy i know im 6 but words cant describe how much i love you..thank you daddy for being there for my daddy Telly kingcade and happy bday from all of us from i love u too with all of my heart and thanks for loving me and happy bday mommy..hugs n kisses mommy n daddy from ah juanni kingcade

Thank you to these 2 beautiful ladies..i dont know where we would be without u guys..thank you for making life worth living for..thanks for all your hard work and loving us through the trials and tribulations..we love u galss and happy valentines day from ur true loves your kids and grandkids..muah

Life wouldnt be any more perfect without u guys..thank u for being an amazing family and we love u from the tops of our heads to the bottom of our toes..we are truly blessed to have you all..we love you all though ur so far away happy valentines day from all ur grandkids, neices,nephews and all that good stuff love u grandma daphne,auntie josie, uncle duke, n daddy

Hello Momsie Womsie how are you today?I am going to wish you a happy Valentine's Day!!!Your country sistah LOVES you and wishes you LOTSof kisses from the men in your hood. I am ever sograteful for your friendship xoxooxoxoxoxo

Beautiful, Beautiful baby Samika :)

M, Another amazing year full of hard but necessary changes. You are a trailblazer, and it is gratifying to watch as you forge your path. I am so proud of you. Love you! Mom

I, a formal thank you (I know how much you appreciate a good thank you)for being the great, supportive, laid-back kid you are. Big hug...taze! J

Sweet baby Alissa, I love you now more than ever! You are the bravest, most caring mother and wife anyone could hope for. I love you forever. PS Vivi needs a change. get on that

Patty ...... I will LOVE YOU forever!!!!<3 <3 <3

Dear Bananners, I am excited for a 2015 life with you! It'll be a whirlwind with Babyroo and moving! I love you, and I'll always be your sweetie pie. [insert cat emoji blowing you a kiss!] Love, your Nanners

DC. You are my love. Soon you will also be my husband. Thank you for making the last 3 years so special and full of love. I'm lucky to have you in my life. BB

Happy Valentines Day, Sweet Pea! I'm so glad you're my Valentine! I love you! Boo

Happy 14th Anniversary, Sweet Pea! Hugs and kisses to you. And plus also I love you! Boo

Tomosito! Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you didn't forget about me this year. LOL! Love you! ( )( )( )BrettMan

Judy! I'm so glad you're moving back to Madison this summer!! I can't wait to see you again and have dinners at your Cute Little House!! Love you lots!! Bertty

Clark and Mitchell - You are very special nephews! Maxx and I love you very much! A.J.

Hello Glenda Splenda, how are you today? I give you the sweetest Valentine, hip hip hip horray. City girls, country girls, goats and chickens, seven days per week phone calls, graduation, Super Bowl half time performances, cowboy Bob and my IB, lunches and treats, and much more. Twisted Sisters Unite!

Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen. Happy Valentine's Day to an excellent baker who has a wonderful sense of humor and the best aim inside my salmon pit.

Oh Margaret, my Maggie Mae, Ms. Margarita - Happy Valentine's Day from a great guy, who loves you from afar. How we need to get together to talk, to laugh, to share a walk or cup of java. No dogs to walk, no woman in my life, just you.

Cap Fitness: Marcos, Marcos, Marcos. Yo espero que tu tienes un buen dia. Muchas gracias por su ayuda en espanol y exercise.

Lindbergh Elementary: How fortunate those 3rd graders are to have Ms. B as their teacher. Ms. B is one of the most effective, caring and compassionate teachers in the district. She's simply the best; north, east, south or west. Happy Valentine's Day to our Ms. B!

Oh Kristen, Happy Valentine's Day to you. Your sweet disposition, loving attitude and sweet personality are the best gifts ever. Not to mention your tender loving butterfly kisses and intense cuddling.

Ms. Squidley of Bop,Words cannot describe how proud I am of you, nor can they do justice to my love for you.Your Papa

My sunshine and inspiration, my marsha, my love for a long long time.

Jana, You continue to be amazing. You are sensitive, caring, and smart. I hope all your dreams come true. Love, Mother

Happy Valentine's day Jennifer you are the love of my life I love you.

Happy Valentine's day Jennifer you are the love of my life I love you.Pepe villegas

I am so happy your here, and have two parents who love you! Happy B-day, valentines babe :)

A - Some people are worth melting for. I am so lucky to be your wife ! - L

Happy shared anniversary to all couples who, like us, awakened on Oct. 6, 2014, to find their out-of-state marriage had suddenly become their home-state marriage too! Happy Valentine's Day to the Supreme Court!

Nancy, my joy, my weafan, my spouse, I love our life together. Your treasure, forever.

It's Valentine's day Josie and Kerry! Can you believe it? Have a great one and know that you are loved so very very much. Hugs, Mama and Papa.

Happy Valentine's Day to Lily, who is still my most favorite person. Love, Aunt Laura

By starlit gaze, a union bonds.A pod of two journeys forth.Beyond their sum, hearts eclipse the void.The expanse a haven, snug and light.

Dear linda my wife your always so nice so let's go out for a pice of life Happy Valentine's day loveLove tim

Nanny Luvva I love you Mom

I am so proud of you. Strong, sassy, hard working woman. And I secretly love you living downstairs. Love momPS thanks for putting up with us Dakota. XO I like being your neighbor/ mom in law too.

My sweet Kathy, you are my world. Ironman

CarolWe went to "Old Man Potter" for the money to buy our House. Love, Respect and Kindness for each other and those in our lives and around us, will make "Casa de Amor" a reality and our future.XOXOXOXO Michael

Pedros Restaurant: Happy Valentine's Day to the one and only, stellar and sweet, handsome and hung, manly and muscular Brett. What a guy, candy for the eye, tight posterior and handsome exterior.

Smaski and Al; and Spike, too; Happy Valentine's Day to my life long friends in Onalaska. May God always shower you with His blessings, grace and love. and chocolate, too!

Glenda Splenda, she's our girl, cooking up treats and giving her skirt a twirl. Farm and town, smile rather than frown, chores indoors, labor outdoors, a friend for life and then some. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Glenda Splenda.

Arianna, you have grown into a beautiful and intelligent young lady! We are so proud of you and we love you! You will always be our one and only valentine xoxo dad and T

To my one and only DK F BABY you have my heart you are my everything and you make beautiful babies. Whatever the rest of our lives have in store we can overcome anything together xoxo your mama

Baba: Already 4.5, you're growing into a little lady before my eyes. If I could freeze you at this age, I would. You love so big and I'm the luckiest Mommy to be at the center of your world. This is the last of our time together before you start school but I will still be there for you, always. We're a team. I love you 109, baby.

chb: HVD part 11! First one in cow town and we love it here. Our home is the perfect nest for the 3 of us- thank you so much for being my partner in making this happen. But I can't wait to hit the road with you next month for a week of debauchery that's long overdue! Bring on the beach and booze. Parenting is obvs our best adventure but we're lucky to get a break once in a while. I promise to put my phone down and focus on you more this year. Loves, foreves. sjkhobjsot- GW

Happy Valentines Day Steve Oxoxo love Doll

Happy Valentine's Day to my sweetheart, Keelyn! I love you to the moon and back, xoxo! Always, Mommy

Happy Valentine's Day, My Love! Thank you for all your love!Always, Catie xoxo

Chrissy Boy I loved you since '89Still I think you are mighty fineSo this is the year of unique and novelAnd we will often escape our hovelRemembering what made us oneWill keep us having fun

Travioli, I love you more.Ivy

Hey my best friend, Just took a bit of radiating to make it happen and now we're looking forward to peace, love & beachiness #7. Bold as love and far better than the waldorf. One love, You know who

Hi Baby! Just can't say it enough..You make me so very Happy..All ways and always! Happy Valentines Day from my heart to yours.I love You!..Your Baby Cakes

A, Play like a lion. Roar like a trombone. Dance like a trotting fox. You are my favorite, and I love you. J

Loverly. Our courtship seems long ago and far away at times. But even as another illness tours the house and our patience is tested nightly by these children of ours, I adore you. And love you. Pass the whipped cream.

Happy Valentine's Day Torrie, Josie, Millie and the whole kitty camp!

Happy Valentine's Day Emily! You're beautiful, funny, a hard worker, a good student, and not afraid to try new things. I'm so proud of you. I love you Em.

Farmer Joe, You are the salt of the earth, the family rock, and now as old as dirt! Do you see a lot of sediment in my words - I mean sentiment. All kidding aside, Happy 30th Birthday Joe! Love, Deb

Dean Z, I'm so proud to call you my Dad! Your love for Ziggy's Piggy Farm and our family can't be beat! Thank you for always taking pride in whatever you do! Most especially thank you for being you! Love,Debbie

Kristin and Austin, Together you make the perfect physical education and dance department! Congratulations on forming your own winning team on 7/26/14 to become "Life Coaches" as husband and wife! You both deserve "Coach of the Year" awards in my game book! Love, Mom/Deb

Sarah and Kristin, I'm so proud of the strong, successful, loving, beautiful, caring, adventurous, Disneyaholic women you've become and how you continually strive to be your best at each role you play in life! I love and admire you both! Mom

Princesses Payton, Braelyn and Reagan, Disneyworld is GREAT, but being with you 3 characters is the happiest place on earth! You "wishing stars" make all of my dreams come true! I love you your Fairy Grandmother Deb

RAC - Our "spark" began 5/1/2007 and the "flame" to our love is "burning bright". Thank you Eagle Scout for "rekindling" our relationship making our marriage HOT! You are my perfect "match"! Happy 6th Year Anniversary on 2/7/2015! Love, DZC

Congratulations Sarah and Andrea on Cherry Blossom Events upcoming 5th year anniversary! CBE began on 4-7-2010 and has a history of "happily ever after" weddings. A toast to you both for making yours and your client's dreams come true! DZC

Man alive Mom is 75! Happy Birthday Mom 2/13/2015! You get the highest grades -all A's for being both an "awesome" and "amazing" Mom, Grandmother and GG! I appreciate all that you do and love you more than you'll ever know! Debbie

Happy 55th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad 5/21/2015! Dad tells everyone "we've got a great family". Our family comes from your great marriage! Dad you sure picked the right partner to dance the rest of your life with as husband and wife! Love, Debbie

Cindy... I pity the fool who doesn't have you in their life! For all that you give me endlessly, making the sun shine everyday, I pronounce I love you forever. For thee I swear! Happy Valentine's Day. Mr. T.

Honey Bee: Though you sleep in a comaAnd shun my aromaLabel me angry (or maybe Chinese),Still we carve out sweet timesin these silent North climesWith the rapier roar of your sneeze.Beijing

To my Lovely Ladies-China and Lilah.Wishing you two a wonderful Valentine's Day!!Love Always, Mom and Mama!!

To my Lovely Ladies-China and Lilah.Wishing you two a wonderful Valentine's Day!!Love Always, Mom and Mama!!

My BUCKAROOS-Wishing you all a Very Happy Valentines' Day!!! Your ever loving Robin aka Sheriff Buckaroo!!!

BRIONY JEAN: This is for you, It's heart number two, So happy to do, Love From Your Boo.

B,When I said that I love you, I meant that I'll love you forever. It is with labored effort that one tries this very simple short example of a veritable encryption to remember I love you.M

BFF. Living together this past month has been amazing. Your hugs have been wonderful. From our first date at the Overture Center, to spending the day in Milwaukee, and salsa dancing at the Cardinal. Bring your toothbrush! Love.BFF

*****BRETT! I love you and am looking forward to the upcoming trips and dinners we have planned. Thanks so much for supporting me through thick and thin. Bernie*****

Happy Valentine's day, Tooter. I love you. deal with it.

Heart felt love, my lovePartners for life, loving wifeBe mine, Valentine.Nanner's my girlMakes life a tilt-a-whirlLet's ride forever.(

Dear Nik,1. I love you.2. I want you.3. I need you.4. I am honored to be your wife.5. All my love,-Lezlie

Happy VDay to my sweets and beets!

Dona, were in our 50's and married for 20 years. Thank you for waiting for what you wanted. I also waited. Feb 17th we talked at "KICK's" bar and I knew you were my soul mate. Your earth angel: Craig

I love you Chamoy! (&lerl) Here we go! - Rob

To my Mrs. M. - I can't believe its been 30 yrs of being married already. There's no one else in the world for me but you. Love ya, Mr. M.

Hey Stevie Boy, ever since I met you, life isn't the same. Let's never forget: road trips, morning coffee and packed lunches, back rubs, falling asleep next to you, naughty talk on the phone, and only minutes away from your house. How awesome, how convenient, how treasured is this? Happy Valentine's Day from your star man.

First Congo Sant Sant: Happy Valentine's Day to John and Carol. You're the best!

First Congo: Bobby, Kent, David and John; the original Boys in the Pew, Happy Valentine's Day one and all. Love and kisses from the heifer

First Congo Fannie: Happy Valentine's Day to a blessed friend and fellow congregant.

Dear Roo and Ollie,I am so glad we are 3 because three is the best number (besides 100). I love you so, so much. Goose

Dearest moo shoo. Thank yoo for being yoo.

To My Crystal Corner Peeps Sending a Shout Out of LOVE!! Thanks for being there, listening, chatting, dancing and being my friends.Love Robin aka Foxy Brown.

Happy Valentine's Day Tom and Ann Smith Senior!! I enjoy your Zing for Life,your life stories and the history of your times from the 40's til now.You two are historians.I love that about you two.Tom loves to grocery shop and cook his tail off.Ann,she's the coach-football-I enjoy watching with her.She has her stats by her side.I love you two very much.Sincerly Robin!

five years, how did that happen? <3 you, sweets. :*

Even though it was ridiculously stressful, somehow we pulled off the best wedding of 2014! Now, lets buy a new house, go to Bora Bora, find me a new job, and make a baby! I love you so much and cant imagine going through this crazy life with anyone else. I love you.

M + C + B = Bubby love!!

Big hugs for Tante Christine! Love, Bubby Brock-oli.

Dear Torin,I love watching StarTrek and Doctor Who, and discussing time and space with you. Your math and reasoning skills are so impressive. I am so very proud of you.Love always, -Mom

Puppy - Ruff, Ruff! Your devilish smile, warm heart, and wagging tail are all I need in life. Love, Daddy

A pretty young biker I married. She loves to travel the world. My brain turned to fluff When she said off the cuff, "Would you like to rock my world?"

Roylene, when we are apart, I hunger for you so. Your Love feeds my very heart and soul. Happy Valentine's Day to the sweet sustenance of my life... From the one who is blessed to have you as his wife! All my love, Greg

Happy Valentines Day, Pumpkin. I'm sweet on you! I'm proud of you and how you take care of me, e, v and yourself. Love, your mountain goat.

Al Endl,From the moment you passed me a note asking me to dinner, I knew you were special. 7 years later I just want to thank you for being the amazing man you are and loving me the way you do. Love you more every day if that's possible. Denise

gnashing tearing ripping wearingfortress walls disappearingrationed weakened outnumbered defeatedlove blood's roar beating beatingabandoned unguarded injured unpardonedrebels rush the broken gates nourished nursed clothed liftedmy hand in yours battle ended~to Bhim from the Duchess

Dear TwinSending love and dreams of the farmDJ Postitty

SBK, Dean Supreme: Happy Birthday! March Forth! Nap Boy.

Mattia - You are an amazing wife and wonderful mother. We love you. Charlotte, Elliott, and Scott

Herseys, I'm even prettier than I was a few pages ago. Daisy Mae Hunter

Roses are red, but we are your white fluffy fur babies who love you very much. Fate brought us together and we thank you for adopting us, caring for us, and being our Mom. Love, Emmy Lou and Beau

Pete, Think of us together on a night like this, The scent of sweet magnolia in the air.Shall we ever see another sight like this? With Louisiana magic ev'ry where.

otis~ike~beatrice!!!! sweet darlings of my life!!! i love you so much i can't even!!! exclamation points!!!!!! <3<3<3

A lunch time tweet to my sweetie Roylene... may your valentine's day be filled with as much love & joy as you bring to the world! ! I Luv's ya "Olive" Cap'n Greg

To my Valentine's Day dog, Duckie. You were a scrappy little fighter who outlived everyone's predictions. I hope you are taking a nap in a sunny garden somewhere. Thanks for almost 6 years of love and spunk - you are missed.

Tami The middle of February is good for eating lots of garlic and cuddling up to stay warm. Let's do more of the later. I love you. Tom

Dear next girlfriend, I've been having one-way conversations with you. Isn't it time that you reply? Patiently waiting. Happy Valentine's Day, Unknown Lover, signed, Blogger.

L, Ma cher, mon amie, ma femme, ma coeur. Toujours, J

Happy Valentine's day Sue. Love, your carrot peeler.

Lil General, The Boy, and Booger: Who loves ya babies!? Pop, that's who.

S - I never dreamed I would find someone who would love me like you do. You've saved me from a future of loneliness and despair. I'll always want you. I'll always love you. Thanks for taking a chance on us. - J

Binky- We never imagined what life would bring us when publishing that first BoL entry in 2000! Look at us now, married, mommies to Joey & Maggie, and still as blissfully in love as that day. My heart smiles at the thought of you looking for this entry today. <3-ing u endlessly, Pookie

Babe you are so awesome! You rule! I can't believe it's been a decade! When I see you every morning or at the end of everyday, it's just as electric as the first time I saw my sweetie! Love you, my goddess, forever and always!

School of Social Work: Thanks for the good times and great education...see ya 'round campus! Kisses and Hugs, Greg

SW LIbrary: Best place for research/studying on the entire UW campus...Happy Valentine's Day to the staff. Love, Greg

BPH Unbelievable internship and LTE position. Happy Valentine's and a huge thank you to everyone, including the residents, for contributing to my education. XOXO Greg S.

Tom, Let's go on more adventures this year. I loved walking on the beach with you, and seeing our first ever fog bow. Love and kisses, Tami

Ann, I always feel like a winner with you. I love you!

R-Happy valentine's day! Next year, there will be three of us, can you believe it? I love you so much and am so excited for our family. Adventures await! -A

Lil' Rabbit, I know it has not been your favorite year, but together we can make 2015 more Valentiney than ever. Remember that I will always love you and try to meet your expectations...I'll do my best!! Always, Captain Underpants

Doc and Calpurnia are my two favorite funny valentines! Poppa

Jeanne, I am so grateful for our long friendship. You are just ducky gal! Love and hugs, Tami

#3 Katy, The world is a better place with you in it. Happy Valentine's to you and the kids...also give David a smack on the lips from the great white north. xoxox #6

#2 Phil,Happy V-Day. Give Linda a squeeze and take care of yourself. Love #6

Rob-I've been barking out the window all day, waiting for you to come home (and not just because you're gonna feed me). Thank you for your cuddles and putting up with my hungerlove, especially in the morning. Love, Starla

#4 Eugene, Hope your V-Day goes well. Say hey to J.M. and continue on your path to better health. #6

#5 Dan, Have a fun-filled VD...Carp fishing on the free fishing weekend?? Love #6

#7 Mary, Happy Valentine's Day...may your 2015 be filled with love. XO #6

A Happy Valentine's Greeting to everyone I am, or have been connected with. Friends, family, foes, fools,co-workers, classmates, teachers, students..may your 2015 be filled with Happiness. Don't forget about the Beatles Thing on March 14th at the Rigby. Love Grego

Mom, Happy Valentine's are incredibly supportive and special. You also are getting funnier day by day. We will give you a call on Valentine's Eve. Love Always, #6

Pop, Happy Valentine's you funny, funny man. Thanks for everything! The world is a darker place without you in it. I will try to carry your message of love and happiness to the masses. I miss you everyday. Forever, Your Son--Guggenheimer

#1 Pedro, Happy Valentine's brother! We all still miss your personality and wisdom. Hard to believe it's been over 12 years. When I do something of note, I want to call you and talk about it...oh well. Love #6

#8 Jay4ne, I'll keep it short and sad. Like #1, I always want to call you when something noteworthy happens. Too bad I can't. (That reminds me of Dorothy's farewell speech to the Scarecrow...I know I miss you most of all.) Happy VD, Love #6

Nick and Kitty, sittin' pretty, livin' out the dream. Thoughtful advice, hosting always, they make a perfect team. Happy Valentine's Day to you both and thanks for being. Doc Schumacher

Dr. Adair, Happy Valentine's Day. Keep speaking the truth and moving forward. Thanks for taking such good care of G. Sincerely, Prof. Schu

Aunt Laurie, Happy Valentine's Day from Ginnie's Beau. Thanks for loving her so much and being so generous with the cabin. See you soon, GAS

Cousin Tracey, Have a wonderful Valentine's Day...hope to see you this Spring. Love Greg

Whale, have a monstrous Valentine's day...give Rae my love and say hey to Stan. Love and Happiness, Grego Now quit complaining that you didn't get a Valentine!

Roses are red*Snow flakes are white*All my fans*Are dynamite*++*You make me smile*When you walk by*And I am glad*That I'm alive*++*With love and kisses* From your State Street Troubadour

University Avenue Discovery Center staff and families- - Happy Valentine's Day to the most joyful, inspiring and supportive community!! Share the love today and always xoxo

A few years ago you told me you believe in kindred spirits. I don't think I really knew the meaning of that term until I met you. I am grateful every day for your beautiful eyes, amazing laugh, undaunted positive attitude, great smile, and your kind, loving and caring personality. But most of all Ms T, I'm grateful that you found me. Happy Valentine's Day Therese! I love you madly. J

Happy Valentine's Day PT, Hope you are healing and preparing for work. See you on 03/14?? XOX GS...You were not an afterthought, just spaced far enough apart from others, as you are so special!!

Chet,Happy Valentine's Day to a very special guy. We love and appreciate you. Thank you for all you do for us.Luv, Mommy Diva and the Diva

Sissypoo, I love you! Where would we be without each other? So thankful we share many of the same genes and jeans! Happy love day Sarah Drew

Hey, if this is really a "recipe", then we should make sure it's worth it. Love you.

You're a pushover and I love you. Move in and make my momma happiest. I'll show you all the good places to walk. Love, FF

Many words need not be spoken; we're on our way. Happy Anniversary & Happy Valentine's Day RLS.~Morenita Chinita

you are an amazing lover and friend I've ever had.i promise you this year will be the one I will tear down the wall I made and start enjoying what we have a beautiful one of a kind love

Happy Valentine's Day Fannie and Ariel!

Shankar, you beautiful creature, you. Some benevolent fate brought us together. I am defenseless against your punny metal science and your witchcraft cooking! My djentleman, my hero, my partner, my love.

BagalaBagalaBagala, I love you!

Hello, Del and Will here. We can't talk yet - we're only nine-months old - but if we could, we'd say: Thank you Mama. You're kind, generous, silly and oh so patient, even when we're not. Now where's that milk!

Pookie Mayor: You are my favorite person in the entire world. Every year with you is the best one of my life. Your book will be brilliant, and then we will celebrate like paisas.

Heifer, Heifer how we appreciate and love you! We enjoy fellowship and grazing in da dells and a many o' happy hour in dee coulee region while searching thru greens to find some dressing. Happy Valentine's Day.

Dave B. I love you with all of my heart; Happy Valentine's Day to my soul mate.-Nicole B.

J,So glad I found you again after 30 years! xoxo mwah!R

You will forever be the "Lub" to my "Dub". Happy Valentine's Day sweetie-XO

Shane, I have never been good with finding the right words but one thing I know for certain is that I LOVE YOU. The future is ours to create. Thanks for everything. Love always, Bubbles.

Wayne, Your devotion and love bring joy to my soul. I wish I could just bottle you and take you everywhere with me. Heidi

To my BFF Dorothy, True friendship is a journey without an end. Thanks for watching my back and being by my side on our various life adventures. Friends, forever, today, tomorrow and always! Loving friends, Deb

Darling Eric,You are the love of my life,I'm happy to be your wife.A great father you are,your love travels far. Addy and Henry say you're the best,you are not like the rest.A good poem writer I am not, at least you still think I'm hot.Love you with everything, Sarah

Happy Birthday Lillian on 2-8-15! You are beautiful, intelligent, driven, compassionate, and a wonderful person! I love your energy level which is high! I wish you a lifetime of health and happiness! Friends Forever, Deb

Dearest best BFsending love, SS

Dear Toboggan Man, This year's been even-keeled and therapy-free, Thanksgiving was a mess, work stressful, we've watched endless Survivor and Dexter, and my breasts are finally just mine and yours. Our life's perfectly wonderfully normal! Love, Your Jewel

Our Lovely Grace, The diapers, hot milk, and naps are finished, a second school begun, you've become a ballerina, artist, ice skater, zumba dancer, and a great friend to many. You're our star and inspire us everyday! Love, M&D

Dear Daddy, I love swimming with you, walking with you, and my Burley with you. Thanks for pushing my bike uphill, letting me steal your hat, making us a garden, and still carrying me even though I'm heavy! Love, Gracie

Muchacha! Got one in just in time after all. Sorry my time has been so limited lately. Here's to the return of free time and chances to snuggle, coming soon I hope!

Dear Grandma (and Bella), It's been a great year together! Thanks for spending time with us, for sleepovers and date nights, and for not hating your Christmas present of a new mystery family. Good luck with your trim neck! Love, G,J,&S

Mommy, I love you I will never stop loving you this will be the last time we'll be at our house this will be the time that we won't be at the show and we are at home and this is I love you and this is the only time we won't be at the show and I love you, Julia

Bun squared:You are a wonderful wife, a lovely lover, and, pretty soon now, will make a marvelous mother. Though easily pleased, the task can daunt 'bout nachos for dinner whenever you want?I love you

Michael,You are my best friend, my rock, my world, my everything. I am so happy we found each other! Soon we will be living under one roof. I look forward to a beautiful future with you! Love you babe!-Autumn

Chet W.Much love to you my special Valentine! Looking forward to having dinner with you at the lake house. Remember no pork!Happy Valentine's Day!Much love,Mister

Donald VanderVelden,Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for all you do for us. Harley had a special place in his heart for you.Harley's mom and sister.

Cheryl S.,Happy Valentine's Day.Ariel and mom

Bennie and Virgil J. Wishing the two of you a Happy Valentine's Day and much good health. Ariel

Mom, Happy Valentine's Day with much love! Ariel

JD, there are no words to describe how happy and lucky I am to have met you. You have touched my heart, my mind and my soul. I will send hugs to you, my friend, on v-day! Can't wait for the summer adventures to begin! -doctor

Bennie and Virgil J. Wishing the two of you a Happy Valentine's Day and much good health. Ariel

Sunrise, you say in your sleepy voice, our arms and legs intertwined, glimmering in the shadows. We drift up into dawn, holding each other, warm, close and closer, breathing in the stillness, and I look deep into your dreaming eyes.

Mint/carob chip goat milk ice milk & Bones, anyone?

My Bobby I will love You always..I miss you! Love, The Reubenesque one.

Poopsie, another with you as my valentine! I never imagined that I could be so happy. We have built a wonderful life together with a love that only gets sweeter with time. With you and our bright baby boy to love my heart is so full it may burst.

Shea: you're the best valentine a girl could ask for. Thanks for moving back to the arctic north with me. I promise it will eventually get warm again. Love, V.

Amy It's been 30 years and I LOVE YOU even more now and look forward to our next 30 years.I LOVE YOUWayne

I love you so much honey! Looking forward to our time on the warm beach at the Pearl. Can't wait! Happy Valentines Day.

Now this is a story all about how my wife who turns frowns upside down, she took my heart in a minute while I took hers, and now we are the princess and prince of the burbs. In East Waunakee the family's raised, wishing my love the happiest Valentine's Day. sjkhobjsot, chb

Amanda, you are my love, my darling, my babe, my bunches, my panda, but most importantly you are my wife, forever with love your husband Jeremy

Sara,I just can't stop loving you. Sorry about that! Looking forward to cutting the rug with you on Tuesday nights. Love Big Red (think FL).

Oh my darling Tammy ... More then ever i feel so lucky to be your husband. I love you dear. cpq

My BUCKAROO Teachers,Ellen,Amanda,Brina and Hannah.Glad we're a Team,great working with you.We do great things for our little Buckaroos.Happy Valentine's Day,Sincerely Robin

Happy Valentine's Day Jules, my little junior valentine! I look forward to accompanying you to your first dance this weekend. I will always be available to you as a date, except maybe in like high school because that's weird, but I'll forever strive to be a great dad to you. 109 xoxo loves, Daddy

To Roylene,and all of her friendz, that wonder if Cap'n Greg will once again fire up his Valentine's Day Pen... Roses R Red, the Isthmus Book of Love is read too... and I am here once again to proclaim my sweet Love 4 yoU! Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart! All my Love, Greg oxoxoxo

Dear TDS, golden hair and starry blue eyes, a face of beauty and the stunning body of a goddess, you are the love of my life. I dream of you each night and think of you every day. Love JPR

How wonderful to appear here together for the third year running :) You are so sweet crazy beautiful weird and overall swell to be together with (I believe the kitten formerly known as Helen concurs)--I Love You!!!

I love you Milani! Your are the best friend any mother could ask for. Happy Valentine's day baby. The world is ours.

Cedric: I love you with all my heart. The world is ours. Thank you for standing by my side through thick and thin. I love you baby. Forever and always. Courtney

What have almost seventeen years together taught us? That seventeen's a sweet number, with a sweet woman, who shakes the ground wherever she treads, and sets things straight. I love you, Snack Shack.

Up and down and left and right and round and round you go, as I laugh and try to keep up! You're a wonder to behold, my good guy, in all the things you do! If I ever get into a fight, I hope the H-man is on my side!

DJ Botski with the tiger face knows exactly what he's doing, and he's more clever than that sweet face let's on -- Don't let him fool you, that smart kid! You make me laugh and love more every day!

My Olivia... your Daring Dragoon will always be there for you. Much love, Peter.

Desmond, Desi, Desmo, MoMo, Button: Five years ago this month we learned you would be our baby. We never dreamed you'd have the sunniest personality on the planet. You bring joy to everyone you meet! We love you so! Mama and Dada

Happy Valentines Day, Keelyn Ann Chrystina! Mommy loves you to the moon and back, xoxo!

Happy Valentine's Day, My Love! I love you so very much, xoxo! Love always, Catie

I'm so glad you kissed me in that hallway at that party on St. John's Ct. 2 sweet kids later, it's the best decision of your life. Love ya!

Going to the Q, going to the Q. Linda and Rhonda, this Valentine is especially for you. Thelma and Louise, sassy and fun, sweet and tart, always going for a run. Happy Valentine's Day, you wild women and wonderful friends for life.

Channel 15, WMTV, Madison's first and best; Happy Valentine's Day to the morning, noon and evening crew. Thanks for your reliable, accurate coverage of news, sports and weather.

First Congo Jill - Happy Valentine's Day to a wonderful friend and very competent office administrator. Thanks for making my volunteer time so much fun!

SQ SQ SQ SQ This sassy Valentine is just for you. Happy Valentine's Day to my one and only SQ.

Happy Valentines Day Rick and Rochelle may your love continue to grow to the moon and back a million x's

Dearest Pookie and lille venn,Thank you for being my silly clown dog and making me laugh every day. I'm glad you didn't run off to join the circus!Love, mama

Happy Valentine's Day to Dr Lynne and Dr Dawn at Harmony Vet. Thank you for your wonderful care. - - Opie and Sosa

Sugarbee, for 20 years you've been my smart, strong, sweet, silly, sultry, saucy, sparkling, selectively submissive, superb valentine. Sincerely, G

I know things haven't been the greatest lately. I truly believe you are soulmate for life. Please never give up on US. I'm going to do my part to make us the way we fell in love with each other.

Hi Won*DAR*ful - you brighten up my life! I love you very much. Re*MARK*able

I love you even with the nose kisses. Sooooooooooo

No matter the weather, we're in this together. All my love, CJeanne!

Happy Valentine's day dad and Milani. Thank you guys for all the love and support. I have the best dad and daughter anybody could ask for. Happy Valentine's day!!! I love you guys. Courtney

Cyrus Reed you're almost thirteen and I know you don't like public displays of affection. But I'm putting in the paper how much I love you because I am your mom and overrule your objection <3

Tim-My breath quickens with your presence in a pathetic attempt to sync with your heart. Loveage, Fave

Happy 10th birthday on February 16th, Carita!With lots of love, from your family.

RJS- Will you be my forever Valentine? - DMS

Carrie Sachse let's keep the Smoochies going for 20 more years. We will re-evaulate then. Love, Chocolate Thunder.

To my Sweetest Treasure, You are my best friend! You bring joy, love, tenderness and humor to my life. Thanks for being you and for being with me!! I am blessed!

MBPT: I love you. Loving you has been wonderful; loving you is a joyful adventure. March forth! SBK

Dear Aram! Thank you for adding spice to my life. I love spending quality thyme together. Your sage advice is invaluable. It's hard to mustard up sufficient words! I'm not just trying to curry favor; I've never cinnamon who could accomplish so much so lovingly (ouch, sorry, that one was a stretch). Also, thanks for tolerating my puns. Love, Sabrina

MSMF! SISG! She is the best for hugs and snugs, runs and fun, and all the busy-ness and relaxing in life. I love you, Kristi Marie. WTW

Thank You for your hard work as Board Members at UADC!!!Sincerely Robin

Chuck B - This is tradition and last year you were all gimped up and forgot. Don't get gimped up again. Love Lucy VanP

To my Flamenco Girl, my Little Pony Girl, and Mr. Black Lotus - - all my love and thanks for making my life complete. Dif tor heh smusma!

Amor de mi Vida,Te quiero como el gatito quiere humus. Vamos a hacer el aniversario de nuestro corazon tambien nuestro aniversario legal. Te casarias conmigo?Tu Refugio

Reena-It has been twenty-seven years, five months, and two days since we said, "I do." Ten thousand and seventeen days, and I love you every bit as much. Thank you my love. Nataraj

Grandma Katie, Wednesdays are the best day of our week. We are truly lucky to have a Grandma like you. Love, Lennon & Dylyn

Dear Grandpa and Grandma, Happy Valentine's Day We love you so much!! Thank you for taking such wonderful care of us. Love Opie and Sosa.

For Deb of Sauk CountyI bask warm in the bountyOf your love, My love for you and life with you sustains me, dear wife,each day anew.

Stars -I am not sure what clouds got in the way but I have not stopped dreaming of you. I hope you used your cup during the game. Miss you! G

To Scott from Take Paws,Thank you for taking such good care of me and being my bud! Can't wait to see you again!Love, Trevor

Yo B or D, You are loved by O,C & me. Your cache awaits at Gateway. Your trinket is love with lots of hugs.xo JONC

To Daddy: I love you because you take me to Donuts with Dad and you give me nice food. You are very funny and you're handsome. You're my favorite and only Daddy. Love, Julia

Happy Valentine's Day to my Shmoopie Doopie love bunny.Forever your cuddle bunny.

To the most lovely boys in my world - M, H, A and the bunbun N - your joy, great enthusiasm for the world, and for your love of me, is more than I could have ever wished for in my world, and reminds me daily that the purpose of life and 'success' is all in how you define it. I pick you. Love, mom (your E)

To My Maya, Like Love I hope that Life takes you Higher and Higher. It may not be all you want it to be but you are young, Take your time, Enjoy the seconds, minutes hours. Send yourself some Flowers.

Malcolm and Corey, Thanking God for you two daily. Wishing everlasting True Love and Total Joy for both of you. UMOM

My Dear Mr. Peaches, I love you to the moon and back, through thick and thin. Be by my side, always. Love, your Mangosteen.

Brenna and Charles, Two of my most treasured friends, through thick and thin. May your Love stay constant. Keep True Joy and Happiness Real For Today and into Forever. YourFriendForLife.

To the Foxy Ladies of the Vaudeville Vixens! We're looking forward to a fun fox hunt at the Feb 21st bout with you and the rest of the Mad Rollin' Dolls. Bang! Bang! xoxo The Reservoir Dolls

If your name isn't Ann Tagonistic, it might as well be, somedays! Still will you be my Valentine and see Gregory Porter with me to celebrate our love? You'd make me the happiest guy if you'd say yes! ST

Shelley and La'Cee, May Love continue to be the answer to all your Life's questions. And let Joy follow you Everywhere! Nspired

Kenya R, My new found Joy. A seed was planted and God's gift was granted. You are a True Blessing to us all and we Love you into Forever. UNana

Aleen, you are the beautiful, strong, deeply caring, genuine woman I married 7 years ago. This year we turn over a new leaf. I cherish this opportunity to grow - as a family, and as a couple. I love you. J.

Alma, My silly girl, so strong and beautiful and compassionate. You brighten each day with your smile and laughs. I am lucky you are my daughter. Love, Dad.

Liliana- You are creative, confident and eager to learn. Sophia- You are caring, inclusive and generous.You both bring us joy and smiles everyday.Love, Mom and Dad

Little Eyeball, in a month you'll arrive, all tiny and amazed, eyes wide to the gift of life. I'm filled with joy thinking of the love we'll share and the big life our family will have together. Love, Dad.

Jonathan B. "Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are" Remember that Always. Nspired

To my Brothers, Tony, Billy, Sterling, Carlton, "The Key to Life...LOVE. Enjoy!USISTrue

To The Colorado Cruiser- el Bob O, even though we are separated by a thousand miles you are always in my heart. I love you & miss you Son!

I'm so proud of the woman my little girl has grown up to be. I love you, Molly Margaret! And thanks for making me a Grandpa for the first time too! I miss you but I know I'll see you soon. Love, Dad

To my Mother, May Wisdom and Grace continue to follow you, and Let JOY be your best Friend.Pam

Jo, I can't remember a time in my life when you weren't there. Our love grows exponentially every year. You are my sun and moon. You light up my life and make it so much better. I am forever yours! Love, Sue

You know we have been thru every single incident anyone could face in a relationship an I still love u no matter what.all my hurt an pain,all your hurt an pain an I still stuck with u,I never liked all your secrets but I'm still in love with u an never gonna leave u,it's been four yrs bunny bae,an it's gonna b a forever for both of us never leave me

Happy Valentines Day to Matthew, Danielle, and Adam!! We love you with all our heart! XXOO Mom and Dad

Happy Valentine's Day Emily! I've enjoyed all the times we have shared and am looking forward to many more. So happy I am a part of your life! Love, Therese

To my Mom (who guides us from above), my Pa, my siblings: Kathryn, Michael, Paul, Jim, Marie and Margaret, my kids and all my nieces, nephews, their partners and my inlaws: Happy Valentine's Day. You have all taught me what love truly is. I am grateful to be a part of such a loving family! XOXOXOXO, Love, Therese

Catwoman, I do so adore thee. You are in my heart always, and I trust that love will bring us together again soon. Yours truly, Batman

Happy Valentine's Day to my Mom (who watches us from above), my Pa, my kids: Aaron, Andrew and Lily, my siblings: Kathryn, Michael, Paul, Jim, Marie and Margaret, all my nieces, nephews, their partners and my inlaws. Love, Therese

Jennifer, you said "The truth is I love you but you drive me crazy". Hmm ... Well, we've almost made it to a year despite the fact that it all started with just a "Yo". That's gotta be worth something. Happy Valentine's Day, honey, and many loving SMACKS to you. Love you, C

Hello sweetie, so glad I asked you to dance in the center of the earth. All my love, P.

Happy Valentine's Day to the three wonderful girls in my life, Nicole, Hanalei and Marcella! I love you each. You as well, Chaanpal Tuucha!

I love you chicken.

To my sweet, quirky Love~ BERTO! I can't believe how the years are flying by and I still thank God every day for you! Thank you for our family and for still bringing the funk. Love you forever! Yours in confusion and renovation, XOXOXO

AK, Every year since I have known you has only gotten better. And this year will be one of the best. I love you and can’t wait for our little one to arrive! Love, Hubbins

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