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CITIZEN DAVE: Thoughts and ideas about city building from Madison's former mayor
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Citizen Dave: Hurricane Sandy, global climate change, and politics
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Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy
Credit:NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Hurricane Sandy was not the perfect storm -- it's a perfect example of what global climate change means for our future.

Because of the increased energy provided by global warming, we can expect more powerful storms like Sandy to become a routine occurrence. And climate experts have predicted flooding of low-lying places like New York City for years should a hurricane strike. Seen what's happened around Lower Manhattan the last few days?

And, yet, where has climate change been as an issue in the presidential race?

Well, pretty much nowhere. President Obama has said a few things here and there on the campaign trail, but there was not a single question about it in the debates, and probably more important, not a single mention in the TV ads.

The United States is the a leading producer of greenhouse gases. We have more responsibility here -- and more to lose -- than any other nation.

So, the irony is as strong as the storm. Here we are within a week of the presidential election, we are witnessing the clearest possible example of the destruction that climate change can produce, and we have two candidates who want to ignore it.

Having said that, the worst I can say about the president is that he's afraid of the issue. The worst I can say about the Republicans is that they deny the issue exists.

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