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CITIZEN DAVE: Thoughts and ideas about city building from Madison's former mayor
Citizen Dave: More suggestions of Democratic candidates for Wisconsin governor in 2014

In this week's Isthmus, I suggested that the Democrats would be smart to make sure that there is a vigorous primary for the party's nomination of its 2014 gubernatorial candidate. Since the op-ed was published, a number of people have asked me who's out there besides Mary Burke, who is being pushed by some party insiders to be the uncontested nominee. >More
Citizen Dave: Solidarity Sing Along should be free to be annoying

Capitol Police started arresting members of a group that has conducted noontime political sing-a-longs since Governor Scott Walker pushed through legislation weakening public employee unions. Solidarity Sing Along participants have been warned that their events require a permit. Frankly, that's just reasonable. >More
Citizen Dave: Ten alternative mottos for the city of Madison

The Common Council recently rejected a proposal to adopt "77 square miles surrounded by reality" as Madison's official motto. Since that didn't take, here are some more ideas. >More
Citizen Dave: The Brewers should trade Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun is a liar and a cheat. I am a fool and a sucker. Like a fool, I believed Braun when he vociferously denied using performance enhancing drugs after testing positive for them at the end of the 2011 season. Like a sucker, I rejoiced when Braun got off on a technicality because the test taker hadn't followed the letter of procedure in handling Braun's urine sample. >More
Citizen Dave: Le Tour de France is not what biking is about

The Tour de France ended yesterday, and that's a good thing. The problem with the Tour is that, for too many Americans, very fit guys wearing Lycra and fancy helmets who get blood transfusions and take drug tests is their image of what bicycling is all about. >More
Citizen Dave: Building from the grassroots with participatory budgeting

What if the Allied Drive neighbors had their own budget to work with? They could decide if investments should be made in street repair or traffic calming, better lighting or better bus shelters. They could prioritize and invest in all of those things and more over a few years. >More
Citizen Dave: Free beer for the rest of your life!

Free beer is how the Northbound Smokehouse Brew Pub in Minneapolis got off the ground. It was hop sourcing. >More
Citizen Dave: Madison and Dane County should come together as a region and sidestep Wisconsin

What if Madison and its surrounding communities got together and said we were going to do business together and forget about the state of Wisconsin? >More
Citizen Dave: The gun is guilty when it comes to the George Zimmerman verdict

I'm not gong to condemn or praise the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. After all, the jury wasn't charged with resolving hundreds of years of complicated race relations in America, though a person watching the media coverage could be excused for thinking that was their task. >More
Citizen Dave: I was where they ain't

Dianne and I went to see the Brewers play the Reds last night. My brother had great seats right next to the Brewers' dugout. It was a pitchers' battle with only seven hits between the two clubs. But I made sure I was elsewhere for everything that did happen. >More
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