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Friday, October 31, 2014  |   Madison, WI: 36.0° F  
CITIZEN DAVE: Thoughts and ideas about city building from Madison's former mayor
Citizen Dave: Victims of Ron Johnson

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has a launched a new ill-conceived video project called Victims of Government. It's first video is about an Illinois landowner. Sen. Johnson had to go out of the state to find a problem, but if government is running amok, you'd think he could have found an example in his own backyard. >More
Citizen Dave: Timing of rain couldn't be worse for Madison's lakes

You may have noticed that it has been raining. You may be thinking this is good, what with the long-term dry weather we've had. Actually, the timing couldn't be worse. >More
Citizen Dave: Why not Tony Evers for governor?

Those who have been close observers of Wisconsin politics may have already picked up on the idea that the Republicans have settled early on their candidate for governor in the next election. Fellow's name is Scott Walker. And my party? Anyone? >More
Citizen Dave: Dane County judges and the Scott Walker factor

Governor Scott Walker has a good idea. Really. He does. Read on. After two of his appointments to fill judicial vacancies in Dane County went down in flames with voters, Walker has suggested that what he might do in the future is appoint a panel of retired judges to make the appointment on his behalf. >More
Citizen Dave: Forty-five years later, remembering MLK and RFK

Martin Luther King, Jr. was tired. So he stayed at the Lorraine Motel and sent Jesse Jackson and Ralph Abernathy to the rally at the Mason Temple. But it soon became clear that it was King the crowd wanted to hear. So he came, and on April 3, 1968 he delivered one of the most eerily prescient speeches in American history. >More
Citizen Dave: Observations on the spring 2013 election in Madison

It's way past my bedtime, but before before I turn in, here's some early analysis on Tuesday's spring election, particularly the results from Madison and Dane County. >More
Citizen Dave: Open Park Street on the UW campus to bikes and pedestrians

I arrived back from spring break yesterday to find Park Street closed on the UW campus, from University Avenue to the Memorial Union. I learned later that that two-block section will be closed for about two weeks while a pipe is repaired. But I hope the city and the university will consider closing it to cars and opening it to pedestrians and bikes permanently. >More
Citizen Dave: School board members matter more than the president

Tomorrow is Election Day. Really. It is. If we stay true to form, something like 10-15% of eligible voters will actually show up at the polls on Tuesday. Compare that to well over 50% who vote in fall elections during even-numbered years -- those elections that pick member of Congress, state legislators, and every four years, the president. >More
Citizen Dave: Sherman Avenue bike route will be good for business

John Roussos is a Madison original and he makes a mean gumbo. So, when John banned Ald. Marsha Rummel from his establishment on Fordem Avenue, I had two reactions. First, that seems like something John would do. And second, he was banning the wrong alder. It was Satya Rhodes-Conway who deserved the blame. >More
Citizen Dave: We got a bang out of Rhythm & Booms

After two decades, the annual Rhythm & Booms fireworks display is passing from its founder, businessman and philanthropist Terry Kelly, to another organization, Madison Festivals, Inc. >More
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