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Thursday, January 29, 2015  |   Madison, WI: 32.0° F  
CITIZEN DAVE: Thoughts and ideas about city building from Madison's former mayor
Citizen Dave: Republican radicals attack Wisconsin's outdoor tradition

Do you have too many places to go to get away from it all? The tea party Republicans who run the Wisconsin legislature think so. Last week, the GOP-controlled Legislature's Joint Finance Committee slashed funding for the state's Warren Knowles-Gaylord Nelson Stewardship Program for the second time in two budgets. >More
Citizen Dave: Bikes are good even if you don't ride one

When I go around giving speeches about bikes and cities, I make two simple points. The first is that bikes are about freedom of transportation choice. And the second point is that bikes are good for you as a citizen even if you don't ride them yourself. I covered the first point yesterday, so to finish up Bike to Work Week, I'd like to close with this final thought about bikes and cities. >More
Citizen Dave: Bicycles equal freedom

There was this car commercial a few years back where George Washington is depicted as routing the British while driving a Dodge Challenger. After watching the Americans chase the Red Coats into retreat a voice says simply, "Here are a couple things America got right. Cars. And freedom." When I first saw it I thought it was supposed to be an over-the-top joke. >More
Citizen Dave: The young, the old and the bikes

Here's another reason, during this Bike to Work Week, for the growth in practical biking: demographics. I say "practical biking" to distinguish it from recreational biking. Bikes are great for a workout or for a trip on country roads, but mostly what we're talking about here this week is biking as a means of daily transportation to commute to work and school and do errands. >More
Citizen Dave: Bikes need to obey the rules of the road and of physics

I am an excellent driver. When I come to a stop sign in my car I stop completely. I'm also a pretty good cyclist. I stop at stoplights. I don't weave in and out of traffic. I stick to my lane. I signal left and right turns. But when I come to a stop sign on a residential street, I slow way down, I look both ways, and if there's no traffic, I keep pedaling. >More
Citizen Dave: Seven reminders why bicycles are pure goodness this Bike to Work Week

There are no downsides to bicycles. Here are seven ways that bikes are good. >More
Citizen Dave: This is not a blog

For the past two years I have been living a lie. Come hear why tomorrow night. I'll be on a panel on social media Thursday, May 9 (that's tomorrow) at 7 p.m. in Room 249 at the downtown campus of Madison College (MATC for those of you who didn't get the memo). It's part of the college's "The Writer's Life" lecture series. >More
Citizen Dave: Who needs to get the credit for cleaner lakes?

There's an old saying in politics: "You can get anything done as long as you're willing to give someone else the credit." They don't tell you about the codicil. That goes something like this: "You can get anything done as long as you make sure the right people get the credit." >More
Citizen Dave: How did bikes become the problem?

The other day I appeared on a panel about state transportation funding. It was in the Dells and hosted by WisPolitics. We responded to some questions from our host Jeff Mayers, the editor of WisPolitics, and then Jeff opened it up for questions from the audience. We took five questions and two were about biking. >More
Citizen Dave: Extend Madison's alternate side parking to May

Here's a popular idea. Close observers of Wisconsin weather will note that it is raining and cold today, and that this has been a somewhat common occurrence during all of this "spring." >More
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