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CITIZEN DAVE: Thoughts and ideas about city building from Madison's former mayor
Citizen Dave: Paul Heenan shooting deserves a closer look, and so does the use of guns in general

The officer was struggling with a drunk man on a dark street who seemed to be trying to disarm him. If the officer had the luxury that we have of knowing all the details after the fact, he might not have reacted with deadly force. But none of us can put ourselves back in that situation and get a do over. Still, the case has raised appropriate questions about how and by who officer involved shootings are investigated. >More
Citizen Dave: Buck up and get a flu shot, buddy

Like a lot of my people -- men -- I shy away from anything medical. I don't like to be prodded and poked. I don't like the smell of doctor's offices. I've never figured out how to work those gowns they give you that tie in the back. >More
Citizen Dave: Effective gun control can work

Yesterday, I outlined four steps that I believe are necessary if we're really going to do something meaningful about the epidemic of gun violence in our country. Today, I will try to deal with the objections to that program. >More
Citizen Dave: Gun control must be strong and simple to work

I get concerned when I hear someone say that gun massacres are a "complex" issue, or that it's all about mental health. Of course there are complexities and mental health does plays a role. But these arguments are too easily employed as smoke screens to divert us from the real problem: there are just too many guns out there. >More
Citizen Dave: MOOCs and the long-term danger of free knowledge

A few weeks ago, I wrote an Isthmus cover story about "MOOCs," or massive open online courses. I reported on some nervousness about what this might mean for the bricks-and-mortar campus. Nothing I've read or seen since is making me feel any more sanguine about this. >More
Citizen Dave: Develop your dog's problem solving skills with Hide-A-Squirrel!

Our dog Calvin got a Christmas gift from some friends. It's called Hide-A-Squirrel, and it's basically a plush toy house with three small toy squirrels stuffed inside of it. The squirrels squeak and the idea is that your dog will want to rip the little squirrels out of their nest and that this will keep him occupied. But that's not all. >More
Citizen Dave: Glenn Grothman is an idiot

More than once I've chastised my fellow liberals for calling the other guys stupid. Ronald Reagan, Tommy Thompson, Scott Walker -- at one time or another, we've called them dumb while they ran circles around us. But I need to make an exception to that rule. State Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend)? The man's an absolute idiot. >More
Citizen Dave: Democrats are the party that can govern

We can and will debate the details of the compromise legislation that brought us back from the fiscal cliff, but one thing is clear: the Democratic Party did itself proud. >More
Citizen Dave: The morning of hope

I thought that maybe at the end of a year that concluded with such sadness from Newtown, Connecticut, and from those still suffering from Hurricane Sandy and from the atrocity in India and so many other places of pain in the world, it might be nice to think about something hopeful. >More
Citizen Dave: Ten reasons the Wisconsin Badgers will win the 2013 Rose Bowl

6. Our team "travels well," which is to say that people are so desperate to get out of here in the dead of winter and so eager to order cocktails and steaks that we tend to stimulate local economies in noticeable ways. If you're in Palo Alto, outside of the actual football game, what is your motivation to travel from perfect weather to perfect weather? >More
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