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Wednesday, March 4, 2015  |   Madison, WI: 13.0° F  
CITIZEN DAVE: Thoughts and ideas about city building from Madison's former mayor
Citizen Dave: Now it's time to keep health care reform alive to 2014

I write this from Vancouver where everyone has health care. Canada also has the most conservative government it has had in decades. Yet when I ask Canadians around here if the Harper government is threatening to repeal Canada's popular single payer system, they express surprise. Not a chance, they say. It would be political suicide. >More
Citizen Dave: Larry, don't speak too soon, for the wheel is still in spin

My Isthmus colleague Larry Kaufmann wrote a piece the other week that was as thoughtful as it was wrong. It was titled "Liberals must see light on smaller government" and it implied that the future belonged to conservatives the likes of Paul Ryan. He even tossed down the ultimate gauntlet, using a Dylan line against the left, writing: "Bob Dylan's lyrics from nearly 50 years ago are even more appropriate today: Your old road is rapidly aging, please get out of the new one if you can't lend your hand." >More
Citizen Dave: Obamacare... He who names it wins the debate

Its official name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. That speaks volumes... both literally and figuratively. You probably know the same law by the pejorative name given to it by its (mostly Republican) critics: "Obamacare." >More
Citizen Dave: A cheap weekend trip to Chicago

I love cities, and there's a world class one just a few hours away, where you can visit for next to nothing. Dianne and I went to Chicago over the weekend, endeavoring to spend as little as possible. We did okay. For starters, here's a tip. Drive to Harvard, Illinois. >More
Citizen Dave: Cool ideas for hot days at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center

Looking for something to do with the kids on a hot day? I've got just the thing and it's directly related to understanding why there have been more hot days like this one. Yesterday I toured the brand new Climate Education space at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center. It rivals the Madison Children's Museum for engaging entertainment combined with serious education. >More
Citizen Dave: The satisfaction in a wood pile

Most of us in this town make our livings by reading, writing, and going to meetings. I have a theory that career happiness is inversely related to the number and length of the meetings we attend. In any event, I love to read and write and I put up with the meetings, but it's good to get some balance in your life by doing stuff that's physical and tangible. >More
Citizen Dave: What I mean to say about the Walker recall was...

I don't ever listen to talk radio, but I sometimes hear about it second hand. The other day, while enjoying a beer on the Memorial Union Terrace, a friend ruined my evening when he reported to me that right-winger Vicki McKenna was agreeing with one of my posts last week. >More
Citizen Dave: Let's try truly open primaries in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has an "open primary" system, but it could be opened up a lot more with benefits to our political culture. Wisconsin's system is "open" only to the extent that you don't have to declare yourself as a Republican or Democrat to vote in that party's primary. But you still have to choose which party's primary to vote in. >More
Citizen Dave: Eat Walker's brats already

In Wisconsin, when a man offers you a brat, you take it from his hand, thank him, apply spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut (but never ketchup) and eat it while drinking his beer. Today, Governor Scott Walker is serving up the sausage of reconciliation. Those who are turning down his invitation are being sore losers, and nobody likes a sore loser. >More
Citizen Dave: We lost because they like the other guy better

What I wrote last week about the recall results wasn't dumb, but I am a little alarmed to see so many Democrats at last weekend's state convention picking up the theme that the only reason they lost was because Wisconsinites don't like recalls. I'm not saying that they're echoing what I wrote. They're coming to this conclusion all on their own and that's the problem. >More
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