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CITIZEN DAVE: Thoughts and ideas about city building from Madison's former mayor
Citizen Dave: You're invited to a talk about urbanism and Greenbush-Vilas revitalization

What I really enjoy, my passion in life, is cities. I feel like the 19th century reformer Frederick Howe, who wrote: " I studied cities as one might study art. I was interested in curbs, in sewers, in skylines. I wrote about cities... I dreamed about them. The city was the enthusiasm of my life. And I saw cities as social agencies that would make life easier for people, full of pleasure, beauty and opportunity." >More
Citizen Dave: The Week in Review, with another use for concealed weapons, Ira for Lt. Guv, Dale Schultz, and a lighter for Pat Robertson

The big news this week was that a North Carolina man fired nine bullets from a pistol into his daughter's laptop computer to teach her a valuable lesson about manners. She had posted outrageous things on Facebook -- something never before heard from a teenager -- words to the effect that she was being asked to do too many chores around the house. >More
Citizen Dave: Idea of the Week... buy the 100 block of State Street

It would be a mistake to trade a historic building for unneeded urban open space. Instead, the city should pursue a four-step process. >More
Citizen Dave: The tragedy of Mitt Romney

It looks like Mitt Romney has come out the ambivalent winner of Super Tuesday. He's grinding toward the GOP nomination, inevitably crushing his opponents with overwhelming resources and organization, but not delivering a knockout punch. The tragedy of Mitt Romney is that in order to secure the nomination, he has to run away from all the good things he is and once accomplished. >More
Citizen Dave: Let's take another look Tim Metcalfe's proposal for East Wash

One thing that's true about cities is that when you build something it lasts for awhile. Sometimes you make a mistake, and you're stuck with what gets built for decades. Sometimes you get it right, but it falls to the wrecking ball prematurely. But given the useful life of most buildings, you can expect a big structure to stand for at least half a century. So, when it comes to the city-owned 800 block of East Washington Avenue, we should entertain all reasonable options. >More
Citizen Dave: The words and waters of March

March in Wisconsin is about icy mud and piles of gray-granite snow, compressed and unyielding to the strengthening sun. Two kinds of people stay through late winter here: those who can't afford to go south and those who actually like it. >More
Citizen Dave: The Week in Review... Mitt wins, Rick gets sick, and Dino does no wrong

Mitt Romney reclaimed the front-runner's mantle this week in the exciting race for the GOP nomination. Romney scorched Rick Santorum in Arizona but narrowly won in the state where they know him best, Michigan. Out of his head with delirious excitement Romney screamed "We won by enough!" >More
Citizen Dave: Idea of the Week... don't die in your sleep

I'm lucky that Kathy Burke walks her dog and has an excellent sense of smell. If it weren't for that, my wife Dianne and I might have made the obituary section this week. >More
Citizen Dave: Does being childless disqualify you from serving on the Madison school board?

John Matthews, the very long-time president of the Madison teachers union said something about the Madison school board races that shouldn't go unnoticed in this Cap Times story. >More
Citizen Dave: Grocery stores and the making of the Grandview Commons neighborhood

It's a tale of two groceries. In the Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood, almost in the shadow of the Capitol, a developer proposes a 60,000 square foot grocery store and gets cheers from the neighbors. Ten miles to the east, in a new subdivision built along new urbanist principles, a proposal to build a slightly smaller grocery store creates years of controversy that may culminate in a decision Tuesday night at the Madison Common Council. >More
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