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CITIZEN DAVE: Thoughts and ideas about city building from Madison's former mayor
Citizen Dave: A deficit of political will

If a tree falls in the woods and there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? If the former mayor of a mid-size college town calls for more stimulus spending in a forest full of balanced-budget zealots, will anybody pay attention? >More
Citizen Dave: Lessons from the Carmegeddon that wasn't

They shut down a major freeway in Los Angeles the other day. And the world did not end as predicted. In fact, the world got better. >More
Citizen Dave: City living would help Boomers get in shape

Last week I wrote about the need for cities to adjust to the rapidly growing numbers of aging Baby Boomers and for the Boomers to take care of themselves. Now there's a new study that says my people may be the Greatest Generation -- if by greatest you mean heaviest. >More
Citizen Dave: A small price to pay for clean lakes

It's getting to be pea soup season again in Madison's lakes. Limnology experts like the UW's Steve Carpenter are predicting an especially bad year. Here are a few ideas on what we might do about it. >More
Citizen Dave: More economic stimulus needed in Madison and across the nation

As the debt limit debate drags on in Washington, it looks like a big mistake will be made no matter what happens, as it revolves around just how much domestic spending will be cut. This is a huge mistake. >More
Citizen Dave: An idea for saving the Garver Feed Mill

The Garver Feed Mill is too valuable a cultural and historic resource to allow it to crumble into dust. Here's one idea to help save it. >More
Citizen Dave: Sex and cycling

What's the connection between sex and biking? Well, you could think of a lot of different things I suppose, but for the purposes of this discussion we're going to focus on the gender gap among bike commuters. (Yeah, I know, you were hoping for something better, but stay with me on this.) >More
Citizen Dave: Madison's 2012 city budget might not be that bad

We're hearing dire warnings of budget calamity from city hall this week. I balanced eight budgets and, if you know what you're doing, this one doesn't have to be all that bad. >More
Citizen Dave: Cities should prepare for a wave of aging Baby Boomers

For years, the mantra for cities has been that we need to compete for young talent. We're just starting to understand the need to compete for experience and to accommodate the aging. >More
Citizen Dave: Dean Brasser, a Triple-A guy

He kept a sign in his office that read, "Candor is always the best policy." He was as professional and straight-laced as they come. I don't know if he owned a pair of wingtips, but he could have. He also traveled Europe in the late '60s in a VW Microbus called the "Love Mobile." >More
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