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Wednesday, March 4, 2015  |   Madison, WI: 9.0° F  
CITIZEN DAVE: Thoughts and ideas about city building from Madison's former mayor
Citizen Dave: Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

As a lapsed Catholic and the son of Deloris Cieslewicz I know a thing or two about guilt and the restorative power of making a good confession. As an alter boy I learned the "Confiteor," with a line that required us to beat our chests as we repeated, "through my fault, my fault, my most grievous fault!" >More
Citizen Dave: Ideas Friday with the RoundTail bicycle

If you're a bicyclist how does your seat feel at the end of a long ride? Well, my experience is that no matter how good my legs feel or how in shape I am, my back end is always unhappy at the end of 50 or more miles. An inventor I met in Ontario a couple of weeks ago may have a good part of the answer. >More
Citizen Dave: Jimmy Carter, my post-mayoral role model

Madisonians have been clamoring for news about what I've been up to since leaving the mayor's office in April. Well, OK, the truth is that one guy I ran into on the street the other day asked what I've been up to, and when I started to explain, his eyes glazed over and he said he was late for a meeting. >More
Citizen Dave: Save the Garver Feed Mill

Tonight, the Madison Parks Commission will consider what to do with the historic Garver Feed Mill on the city's near east side. I hope they decide to save it. >More
Citizen Dave: When it comes to cars and buses, who's subsidizing who?

One of the mantras of those opposed to funding for mass transit is that bus and train riders don't pay the full costs of their rides. It's true; they don't. But now a new study sponsored by 1000 Friends of Wisconsin (a really fine organization, if I do say so myself) demonstrates that those who take the bus are paying a much bigger share of the cost of their rides than drivers do. >More
Citizen Dave: Free George Hesselberg! (correction)

Some people manage to be kind even to those who were unkind to them. But it's a good rule of thumb to at least be nice to those who have been nice to you. So I approach this posting with some trepidation since I'm about to be somewhat critical of Madison's morning newspaper. >More
Citizen Dave: Steve Jobs and the sleekness of an elegant mind

For years, I noticed that people who used Apples were cooler then I was. I was a PC guy. PCs were solid, reliable. I knew how they worked, sort of. I found Apples intimidating. I didn't know if I was cool enough for the machine. I thought people would see me with one, and it would be like they were seeing me wearing a beret. >More
Citizen Dave: Paper tale, or why I still love newspapers

I'll match my environmentalist cred with anybody in the country, but I believe that a tree sacrificed for a good newspaper has died a noble death. I have gone three weeks now without getting the Wisconsin State Journal delivered to my doorstep. That's the first time I've gone that long without the local morning paper (I still get the New York Times) in my entire adult life. I didn't like it. I reordered the paper today. >More
Citizen Dave: Evangelizing Madison as a great bicycling city

I've been doing some traveling this summer and fall sharing the good news about bicycling in Madison and spreading the word that the bicyclists are coming. I've been invited to give these talks, because from Omaha to Ontario, Madison has a great reputation as a bicycling community. >More
Citizen Dave: Ideas Friday with The Hub and Saris Cycling

In what will be a regular feature here, every Friday we'll take a look at a new idea, usually (but not always) related to life in American cities. That will give you the weekend to chew on it and, of course, comment below. You can tell me how great these ideas are or how great they're not. >More
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