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Yahara House members fight to keep Madison Metro bus stop

The members of Yahara House, a clubhouse that helps adults cope with mental illness, have a saying: "Nothing about us, without us." So when they learned this week that the bus stop in front of their clubhouse, located at 802 E. Gorham St., is going to be removed Sunday, Aug. 24, many of them were upset. >More
 Beer Here: Staghorn Octoberfest Beer from New Glarus Brewing

To be a legitimate Wisconsin brewery, you need to make an Oktoberfest, says Dan Carey of New Glarus Brewing. "If it's not a state law, it should be," he adds with a laugh. Even though autumn is still around the corner, it's now commonplace for these beers to be released in August. If you like the style, that's actually a good thing, because it makes for more selections to taste. >More
Mama Madison: Does back-to-school really mean a whole new wardrobe?

This past week, on the way to the grocery store, my daughter asked what I believed she thought would be a innocuous question, "Mom, when are we going back-to-school shopping?" Mistakenly believing she was referring to school supply shopping, one of my favorite consumer events of the year, I excitedly told her we could stop by the office supply store right after we picked up some much-needed milk and cereal. >More
 Madison Snaps: August 21, 2014

Today's image titled "Lovely night at the Union" was photographed by Craig Wilson. >More
 MPD K9s, turkeys, Gabe Burdulis, Monsoon Siam in the August 21 issue of Isthmus

What can you find in this week's Isthmus? Highlights from the latest issue follow. >More
 Isthmus on WORT: Wisconsin poker players want to make the game legal

Isthmus contributor Seth Jovaag reported the clandestine poker scene in Madison and what its proponents are doing to seek legitimacy in the August 14 issue, and discussed his story with WORT producer Dylan Brogan on that day's edition of In Our Backyard. >More
 The 2014 Token Creek Chamber Music Festival celebrates two Bachs and two anniversaries

Summer is a season of communion in the classical music world. In Madison there are lively outdoor concerts like Concerts on the Square and Opera in the Park. Professional performers also gather in peaceful rural settings to reflect and relax while sharing ideas, practicing and giving concerts. Such environments inspired John and Rose Mary Harbison to found the Token Creek Chamber Music Festival. >More
American Players Theatre explores medical ethics with a scalpel-sharp The Doctor's Dilemma

In the first years of the 20th century, playwright George Bernard Shaw was very concerned about the medical profession: how many unqualified quacks offered their services with impunity, how tempting it would be for doctors to act in the interest of financial gain instead of patient health, how few remedies were available to the working and lower classes; and how physicians' egos could get the better of them. >More
 Madison Snaps: August 20, 2014

Today's image titled "Pope Farm Sunset" was photographed by Kenny Younger. >More
 Wisconsin's 2014 attorney general race could be a sizzler

Mordecai Lee, the former state Democratic legislator turned political wag, was brimming with delight. "This is an astonishing result," Lee, a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor of political science, exclaimed on Wisconsin Public Radio, the day after the Aug. 12 primary. >More
 Urban Land Interests expected to relocate Civil War-era Lannon-Hill house, which faces demolition

Urban Land Interests hopes to move and renovate the historic Lannon-Hill house and store, one of Madison's few remaining Civil War-era buildings, which had been in danger of being razed. The building is currently located at 502 W. Main St. in the Bassett neighborhood. >More
 Outfitting Madison police with body cameras is coming, say public officials

When police are accused of using excessive force in the line of duty, the attempt to ferret out the truth often comes down to the word of officers against eyewitnesses. That was true in the case of the musician shot by a Madison police officer in November 2012, and it will likely be the scenario in Ferguson, Mo., where the police shooting of an unarmed African American teenager has sparked protests and rioting. >More
Win tickets to Screeching Weasel, The Mowgli's, Bob Log III, more!

Isthmus is giving away another round of free tickets to amazing concerts, shows and more fun events! >More
 Deer Tick find beauty in messes and missteps

Deer Tick make messes like it's nobody's business. Browse a recent set list and you'll find autobiographical songs with titles like "Trash" and "The Dream's in the Ditch." Peruse photos of the crowd and you'll find lots of sweat. >More
 Madison Snaps: August 19, 2014

Today's image titled "untitled" was photographed by Sarah Mittermaier. >More
 Broom Street Theater's Nottingham! dares audience members act out parts of a new Robin Hood tale

What's a folk-hero vigilante to do when he finds himself on the right side of the law? The same thing an audience does when they find themselves in the middle of a play: Go with it. >More
 New SEED grant program brings farmers' market produce to Madison public health clinic clients

On Wednesdays, Juan Gonzalez sets up a lone farm stand in front of the public health clinic on Park Street and passes out subsidized vegetables to women and their young children. His produce fuels a grant-supported collaboration between the Spring Rose Growers Cooperative, where he's a founding member, and Public Health Madison and Dane County. >More
 American Players Theatre's Travesties is a brilliant blend of history, fantasy and anarchic humor

Oscar Wilde dubbed The Importance of Being Earnest "a trivial comedy for serious people." I'm not sure that descriptor would fit Tom Stoppard's 1974 play Travesties, even though it riffs on Wilde in many ways, from reprising some of Wilde's characters to sharing his glee with wordplay and clever aphorisms. Both are playing this summer at Spring Green's American Players Theatre. >More
 Madison Snaps: August 18, 2014

Today's image titled "Sunset behind the willows" was photographed by Monique J. Isham. >More
 Choice of heroin or cocaine more important than race in fueling disparities in Wisconsin drug courts

In 2002, 27 people died of heroin overdoses in Wisconsin. A decade later, the toll skyrocketed to 187 deaths. >More
 Racial disparities persist in Wisconsin drug courts

Even before Dane County Circuit Judge Sarah O'Brien crunched the numbers, she knew something was amiss. Her strongest evidence: "The courtroom didn't look right when I walked in." O'Brien, who retired in 2012, was referring to the stark racial disparities in Dane County's drug court. >More
 Urban Design Commission tours and evaluates recent projects it approved around Madison

Dick Wagner walks through the Bassett Neighborhood with his colleagues on the Urban Design Commission, when he spots something disappointing in front of a brand new apartment building at 636 W. Doty Street. >More
 Madland: The militarization of police is a problem -- even in Madison

You can tell things have gotten bad when I support Rand Paul's position on an issue. The police in this country have gotten too militarized, and that includes Madison too. Hell, this problem includes the police in Neenah! >More
 Madison Snaps: August 15, 2014

Today's image titled "control" was photographed by Chris Collins. >More
 Beer Here: Kink Belgian Abbey from Ale Asylum

A few years ago, when Ale Asylum was winding down at its original location, one of the last beers I ordered over the bar was a Belgian-style Abbey called Happy Ending. I considered it my personal homage to the brewery as it packed up and moved to its new location on Pankratz Street. >More
 Congestion concerns remain as city reviews proposal for new Marriott hotel off Capitol Square

Less than a week before the official proposal will reach Madison's Urban Design Commission, concerns linger over the impact of building an upscale 10-story hotel on the outer loop of the Capitol Square. The proposed AC Hotel by Marriott would be located at 202 E. Washington Ave., the former location of Pahl Tire Co. >More
 Mama Madison: Next generation of bloggers

Volunteering with the Young Writers Summer Camp this past week really helped me to remember how utterly creative kids can be when encouraged to come up with their own ideas and use their own words. >More
 Madison Snaps: August 14, 2014

Today's image titled "untitled" was photographed by Sarah Mittermaier. >More
 Poker, web celebs, Hong Kong Station, Forward Fest in the August 14 issue of Isthmus

What can you find in this week's Isthmus? Highlights from the latest issue follow. >More
 Isthmus Picks: Madison calendar for August 14-20, 2014

Here are this week's Isthmus Picks. The Guide provides an extended listing of events in and around Madison. >More
 Beer geeks win as the Great Taste of the Midwest 2014 highlights friendly regional rivalries

A friendly rivalry between Wisconsin and its neighboring states makes everything from sports to food more fun, and it's hard to imagine a more exciting "battlefield" than the Midwest craft beer scene. >More
 Despite loss in Wisconsin AG primary, Ismael Ozanne promises 'you definitely haven't seen the last of me'

Although he came in last in the three-way Democratic primary for attorney general, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne says he would not have done anything differently. And that includes his choice of companion while logging 30,000 miles around Wisconsin. >More
 Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen top themselves with adventurous new record Cold Spell

"T'ain't no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones." So say the lyrics of a song by Tom Waits and William Burroughs. The opening licks of several bluegrass tunes by Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen bring these words to life. Solivan's honey-sweet tenor, Chris Luquette's guitar and Danny Booth's bass offer a soundtrack to the devil's summertime skinny-dipping adventures. >More
 Lisa Subeck's win means female domination of Madison's seats in the Assembly

Lisa Subeck said her grassroots campaign and experience helped her win the race. "People do want a fighter," she said at her victory party at Schwoegler's bowling alley. >More
 Madison Snaps: August 13, 2014

Today's image titled "Three" was photographed by Ryan Young. >More
 Scott Walker, Mary Burke campaign cash buying more than just ads

It's only just begun.The ads. The yard signs. The emails. The fundraising letters. The campaign events. The ads. Wisconsin's race for governor promises to be another high-profile, high-spending affair. >More
 Isthmus on WORT: The inevitability of marriage equality in Wisconsin

Isthmus contributors Alan Talaga and Jon Lyons created a graphic cartoon about the legalization of same-sex marrage in Wisconsin for the August 7 issue, and Talaga discussed their message with WORT producer Dylan Brogan on that day's edition of In Our Backyard. >More
 Edgewater Hotel races to finish for official September opening

Since construction began on the Edgewater Hotel in the fall of 2012, its owners have projected an opening date of August 2014. But anyone who has seen the hotel would likely be skeptical that goal will be realized. Insulation on sections of upper floors remain exposed, as workers have yet to cover them with brick. >More
 Citizen Dave: Cities change, including Madison

I went to get a haircut the other day. I went to the College Barber Shop on State Street, the same place I have gone to get my hair cut about once a month for the last 35 years. The big news is that after something like 70 years in business under only three owners, the shop will be closing its doors at end of August, or as final owner Larry Cobb recently told me, maybe September. >More
 Win tickets to Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Grrrls Kick Ass Fest 2, more!

Isthmus is giving away another round of free tickets to amazing concerts, shows and more fun events! >More


Citizen Dave: Cities change, including Madison

I went to get a haircut the other day. I went to the College Barber Shop on State Street, the same place I have gone to get my hair cut about once a month for the last 35 years. The big news is that after something like 70 years in business under only three owners, the shop will be closing its doors at end of August, or as final owner Larry Cobb recently told me, maybe September. >More
Citizen Dave: Liberal support for Susan Happ in Wisconsin AG primary is hard to understand

A movement seems to be brewing among Wisconsin liberals to get behind Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ in the Democratic primary for attorney general on August 12. She is facing Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne and state Representative Jon Richards. >More
Citizen Dave: The quiet Democratic primary for Wisconsin's 78th Assembly District has loud implications

On Madison's west side, a more or less routine Democratic primary election for state representative could say something profound about the current mind set of the party's stalwarts. Madison alders Mark Clear and Lisa Subeck are competing for the party's ballot spot in the 78th Assembly District, a seat currently occupied by Brett Hulsey and once held by legendary progressive Spencer Black. >More
Citizen Dave: Beware the ads of August in Wisconsin's 2014 gubernatorial race

The latest Marquette Law School poll confirms what seemed like a mirage back in May when it first showed incumbent Republican Governor Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke in a dead heat. While the basic numbers are virtually the same -- the two candidates are tied at 46% among registered voters -- the news for Burke is better. >More
Citizen Dave: The loss of College Barber Shop on State Street is cutting out my heart

Outside of my family, I have had only one relationship that has been continuous for the last 35 years. That person is Larry Cobb, my barber. In fact, I have known him for five years longer than I've known my wife, Dianne. I walked into the College Barber Shop on State Street in the fall of 1979, my first year at UW-Madison, simply because it was the first barbershop I saw. >More
Citizen Dave: Time to cool the bike rage already

Call it bike rage. The simmering conflict between some cyclists and some drivers seems to have boiled over a bit this summer. No less a revered source than USA Today published a long story (actually, it's a book by McPaper standards) about the issue. >More
Citizen Dave: So long, Vince O'Hern! Long live Isthmus!

When I was a twenty-something kid in Madison, Thursdays were a big day. My coworkers and I would take turns running down to the state Capitol's coffee shop, not to get another cup of the heartburn-inducing brew, but to see if that week's new Isthmus was in yet. >More
Citizen Dave: Hobby Lobby decision is among the last gasps of conservatives

This is not the most wonderful time of the year. As late June rolls around each year, when the U.S. Supreme Court wraps up its latest decisions, I brace for whatever damage Antonin Scalia and his conservative majority will do to our country. They didn't disappoint this year. >More
Citizen Dave: Soccer and the culture wars

I watched the United States and Portugal played to a tie in the World Cup. Well, to be precise, I saw the last fifteen minutes or so of the match, which is the most soccer I have ever watched in one sitting. >More
Citizen Dave: Scott Resnick is right -- it's time to move on

In a new Isthmus article by Joe Tarr, he quotes Ald. Scott Resnick on the city's politics: "We could have a conversation about Madison that doesn't involve Dave and Paul. We don't have to have the 'Paul position' or the 'Dave position.'" He's referring there to current Mayor Paul Soglin and former mayor me. >More
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