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A little bit of Locksley at Freakfest
The NYC garage band talks Halloween in Madison
Locksley: 'State Street Halloween is something you can't really experience anywhere else.'
Locksley: 'State Street Halloween is something you can't really experience anywhere else.'

Madison expats Kai Kennedy, Jesse Laz, Sam Bair and Aaron Collins, who together form the power pop ensemble Locksley, will return to their old stomping grounds to perform at this year's Freakfest on the Milio's/The Onion Stage (Gorham St./Buckeye Lot next to Pizzeria Uno). They'll bring their dancehall jive and hyperkinetic energy to State Street for more than just another gig -- this one will be some hometown fun, from hometown superheroes. Or at least dudes that dress like superheroes.

The band shared its thoughts with The Daily Page about Halloween, old holiday memories, and their love for Gwar.

The Daily Page: Last year you played a CMJ/Spin party for Halloween at Fontana's in New York. How does the excitement to play State Street compare?
Locksley: To be honest, it doesn't. We had a good time last year, but State Street Halloween is something you can't really experience anywhere else.

For the New York event, you were all decked out as superheroes. Do you have a new theme brewing, or are you going to dust off the old threads?
We'll definitely have something new this year; our costume team is sending us blueprints tomorrow.

What made you want to return to Madison?
We love coming back home. We love the fans, food, and family we have waiting for us there. It's a riot, if you catch our drift.

Did you venture out on State Street when you were Madison residents? If so, what's your fondest memory of the shindig? The worst?
Kai recalls climbing a tree with a slice of Casa Bianca's pizza. Best slice ever. Jesse saved the rubber bullet that he caught in his teeth in '01. Aaron has flashbacks occasionally whenever he smells tear gas, which is surprisingly often.

What do you think about the Freakfest "pay to play" rules that started last year? (You've most likely heard, but if one must front $5 to enter the street, whereas it used to be free.)
$5? We think it's a riot. Honestly, though, whatever it takes to keep the Halloween tradition alive, but to create a safer atmosphere, is all right in our book.

At your show in the Annex back in June, some spectators got stage time. Would any particular costume win you over when looking for audience assistance?
Dressing as:

  • A member of Locksley: 20 points.
  • A member of Gwar: 15 points
  • Bucky Badger (the actual costume): 10 points.
  • Chancellor Wiley: 50 points.

If you could have any character play in your band, who would it be?
Hannah Montana, for her quirky delivery, or Akhnor the Merciless, because he keeps a good beat. Look him up on Myspace.

If you could dress up as another band for one day, gain their personalities and play their music, what band would you pick?
Gwar. That would be quite a day.

What's scarier: real zombies or drunk people dressed as sexy zombies?
Drunk people dressed as real zombies.

More info about upcoming tour dates and tunes by Locksley can be found at their MySpace page. "We should have some interesting stuff to look at and listen to in the near future," reports the band, adding "Also, we've entered into the running... Locksley in '08 for president."

A band of hooligan boys running the country? That's a new one.

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