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A guide to Madison-area martial arts styles
Everybody was kung fu fighting

Karate: Japanese art that uses striking moves to subdue an opponent. Some variants are shorin ryu and shotokan karate.

Tae kwon do: Korean variant of karate that emphasizes kicking.

American sport karate: Perhaps the most common martial art style taught to children, this is a hybrid of the punching styles of karate and kicking styles of tae kwon do, often combined with moves from other self-defense systems.

Mixed martial arts: A hybrid of martial arts styles commonly including muay Thai (Thai-style boxing, emphasizing powerful kicks), Brazilian jiu-jitsu (a grappling art), jeet kune do (a form of kung fu developed by Bruce Lee), and kickboxing.

Kung fu: Chinese martial art resembling karate; one common variant is Shaolin kung fu.

Aikido: Modern Japanese art that uses the energy of the opponent to subdue or avert attack.

Tai chi: Traditional Chinese exercise with roots in martial arts but now chiefly performed as a form of exercise and meditation; uses very slow movements and controlled breathing.

Tae soo do/Hwa rang do: Related Korean arts similar to karate, tae kwon do, and kung fu.

Oom yung doe: Combines styles of eight Asian martial arts into one.

Fencing: Traditional European martial art involving the use of light swords (foil, epee or sabre).

Capoeira: Brazilian martial art developed by African slaves on early plantations, performed in a circle, with heavy emphasis on dance, music, and acrobatics.

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