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Saturday, September 20, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 65.0° F  Light Rain
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The Week on Forum: Million-dollar skylines, Blago and Benjamin Button
Madiapolis? The offending graphic from the Government Accountability Board's campaign finance website.
Madiapolis? The offending graphic from the Government Accountability Board's campaign finance website.

Forons did not abandon their work stations for the holidays. Quite the contrary, actually. They not only took on all of the standard topics -- local restaurants, politics, music -- they ventured into film crit.

Funny Ones:

Just like making a collage in grade school

by Ned Flanders on Tue Dec 30, 2008 9:52 am

I realize that both cities are victims of brain-dead, lock-step leftism, mis-placed budget priorities, emasculated mayors, bad weather and Obama-fever. But is there something deeper going on here?

Norwegis envy?

The ability of Ned to link geographic locales through the time-space continuum?

An evil plot by Megabus?

Oops! Wisconsin website lays claim to Minneapolis view

MADISON, WIS.-- A new website for campaign finance information in Wisconsin includes the State Capitol in Madison in front of a striking skyline -- of Minneapolis.

Madison: Keeping men healthy, one deep-fried Snickers at a time

Re: Suck it, beenthere. Madison's #1 again.
by Marvell on Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:57 pm

Here, for the first time, is the real super-secret formula that Men's Health used to determine the unutterable swankness of Madison for all us manly types:

1.) Highest Percentage chance of seeing the Weinermobile during the morning commute.

2.) Most copies of Dorf On Golf per capita.

3.) Number of places one can order Deep-Fried Mashed Potatos.

4.) Presence of the 'Kung Fu Jesus' on Verona Road

5.) Ability to effectively banish Tom Wopat from the city limits.

These are the things that make men healthy - not frickin' pomegranate juice and Tae Bo.

Honestly, people - it's like Ed Anger never existed.

But they can see Russia from their house

Re: Tripp Palin
by fisticuffs on Tue Dec 30, 2008 9:40 am

Let's recap lil' Tripps Family Tree.

Mother is un-wed 18 year old Bristol.
Father is High School drop out and former hockey player (and racist).
Grandpa Palin is a secessionist.
Grandma Johnston is a drug addict.
and finally Grandma Palin was candidate for VP of the US of A.

Poor kid is doomed to lead the RNC for decades the way I see it. That is of course if he can get that Bachelors in Journalism from some reputable college like Idaho State.

Miss Susie had a steamboat, Elliot Spitzer had a whore

by beenthere on Sat Dec 27, 2008 7:13 am

You mean not everyone loves GameStop?

Re: Fighting
by Shipley on Tue Dec 30, 2008 7:43 pm

Watching a blue claymation gorilla fart has to be a low point in the history of civilized society.

Smart Ones

If your new years resolution is to support a cause, whoop it up.

Whooping Crane Migration
by Genie on Tue Dec 30, 2008 1:27 pm

For the last 8 years, a dedicated group of people have been trying to save the Whooping cranes by leading young ones down to Florida from Wisconsin behind ultra-lights planes.

There are already 2 populations of Whooping cranes in the wild, one that stays in Florida year-round and another that migrates from Canada to Texas. But the whole population could be wiped out if these 2 groups were caught in a hurricane or other disaster. So Operation Migration is trying to establish another population that winters in Florida and migrates north to raise their young. Here is some background about the project.

On Friday Oct. 17th, the newest group of young Whooping Cranes left Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, led by ultralights, on their migration to Florida. This year there are 14 birds.

Here's the migration map. They changed the route this year so they don't go through the mountains. It was difficult for the ultralights to get over the ridge. So they're going by way of Alabama instead of Georgia.

Here's the Field Journal, which has more detailed entries for each day of the migration, on days when they fly and when they don't.

The latest entry is for today,Tuesday Dec. 30th. They flew from Walker County in Alabama and will be in Chilton County next.

Here is the Photo Journal. There are photos from yesterday (Dec. 29th) and more, going back to the beginning of the migration in Necedah and even back to when the chicks were small.

MileMaker is one way that they can be sponsored by people who are interested. This project is very expensive and they need financial help. They added up all the expenses and divided that by the number of miles.

And Jesse Jackson just waits in the wings…

Re: Go on with your bad self, Blago!
by snoqueen on Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:31 pm

I gotta hand it to that lawyer Blagojevich hired. He's done an awesome job of turning this from a routine Illinois housecleaning to a real fight. And out of sheer spite, Blagojevich himself has managed to put the US senate in the messy position of having to reject a credible (thus far) black candidate for senator on the basis of who nominated him, thus making them look petty, at best. Fun, fun, fun.

Messy, morally (or at least ethically) curious, and dramatic, as politics Chicago-style tends to be.

When you sup with the devil, use a long spoon.

Just another shameless plug for Hong Kong Café

Re: What is your best dining experience in Madison? Worst?
by Kovalic on Sat Dec 27, 2008 11:36 pm

Gotta agree with David on Arbat. The Holupki (spelled golubtki there, or something similar - the Russian and the Czech differ) are even better than my grandmother made...buttery and lucious. My wife loves the pelmeni and the piroghi. We try to get back often. It may not be the best meal we've had in Madison, but often, it's one of the most fun. And the Baltika porter is an outstanding beer!

I don't think I could ever pick just one best meal in the 20+ years I've been in Madison.

A Few Best meals (for differing reasons) - L'Etoile, which I believe has become even more consistent under Chef Tory; Sardine; China Palace (for some eye-opening authentic dishes); Cafe Porta Alba; Lombardino's; Osteria Papavero; LuLus; Hong Kong Cafe (amazing Pepper Shrimp, but ordering off-menu is often the best); Wah Kee Noodles; Wasabi; Muramoto.

A Few Disappointing meals - Magnus (even disregarding the soup accidentally spilled down my back by a waiter); Cocoliquot (solid bar, very good chocolates, though); Harvest (it was a good meal, but not great - just not up to the standards I was expecting. Though I've heard superb things recently, and haven't been back in a few years); the Blue marlin (on a night on which virtually very fish was, apparently, off the menu, but we weren't told until we were ordering); And I'm still not a great fan of many of the Food Fight restaurants (though Hubbard Avenue is fun and satisfying, for the most art I find them overrated, considering others' opinions). YMMV on all these, of course.

Nicest recent surprise - the (to this non-Philadelphian) authentic Cheesesteaks at Big Red's Steaks.

Dave - drop me an e-mail next time you're going to Arbat. It's in my neighborhood. Haven't seen you since I was covering Sun Prairie for you at the Cap ago. I'll buy you some vodka. ;-)

That square jaw and non-receding hairline can only go so far, Brad

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
by rrnate on Tue Dec 30, 2008 12:23 pm

Directed by David Fincher!
Starring Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett!
Based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald!

These things made this seem like it might be kind of cool...but then it turns out that the screenplay is by the guy who wrote the screenplay for Forest Gump. Without giving anything away, let me say that this movie has it's moments but has too many similarities to Forest Gump to be all that great.

Also - Cate Blanchett is per usual, really good in this while Brad Pitt is very...uh...Gumpesque.

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