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The Week on Forum: District 2, restaurants worth saving, and the Brewers

In between all the bitching and moaning about local politics and shoddy operating systems, optimistic forons waxed poetic about great food, better political policy and Milwaukee's best: the Brewers.

Funny and absurd

Yeah, let's give that 911 call center a break.

Re: Curfew!
Post by SweeDa Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:30 pm

I just got a splendid idea. If Nancy Mistake gets elected she can hire the Blaska brothers to patrol Dane County's many "troubled" neighborhoods and kick some curfew violatin' teen ass. I get the feeling that a couple of x-choir boys might love having some one-on-one man-to-boy counseling sessions too.

Screw Punxsutawney Phil -- This guy's a sage.

Re: Brewers Opening Day!
Post by nevermore Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:15 pm

I predict the following in order:

1) A better than average start of the season for the Crew
2) The inevitable "Make Plans for October!" threads will start popping up in mid-May.
3) Over-the-top crowing over four or five Brewer picks for the All-Star Game.
4) The Cardinal-cast-off pitching staff will implode starting late July.
5) Trevor Hoffman's arm falls off right before the trading deadline, paving the way for the triumphant return to Miller Park of...wait for it...Eric Gagne.
6) Gagne spends the month of September in the bullpen as the month passes without any save opportunities while the Brewers blow a ten-game NL Central lead.
7) October 2, 2009: After Tony LaRussass successfully goads Jeff Suppan into getting ejected for throwing at a Cardinal batter in the middle of a perfect game in the eighth inning. Macha goes to Gagne - who proceeds to give up three runs to get the game tied. Macha then goes to a recently-activated Hoffman (the first pitcher to throw after having his arm re-attached - they'll call it "Trevor Hoffman surgery") who gives up a winning home run to Albert Pujols - thus clinching the NL Central for the Houston Astros (what, you were expecting something different from me?).
8) Proving that the Baseball Gods care about little ol' nevermore, the NL Wild Card Chicago Cubs catch fire FINALLY in October and go on to win the World Series in six games over the Kansas City Royals. Don Denkinger comes out of retirement to blow a crucial call against the Royals - thus making one part of the Universe more in balance.
9) Yovani Gallardo wins the NL Cy Young Award with a few more votes than Carlos Zambrano. Gallardo has 30 wins to Zambrano's 28.

Hey, at least it beats having Ben Sheet's fragility destroy your season.

Some of us have found a way around this pesky recession.

Re: Madison and the 2016 Olympics
Post by Michael Patrick Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:08 pm

Maybe I could charge people $20 to park in my driveway...

Smart and sharp

A priest aint a requisite for love.

Re: Iowa just got 100% more fabulous.
Post by fennel Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:03 pm

Whatever legal distinction there may still be between civil union and marriage needs to be eliminated. The sooner, the better. I'd favor de-institutionalizing legal marriage altogether in favor of civil union. If you want to be recognized as married, bonded in lust, tethered by family whatever let it remain between you and whatever social organization you choose to recognize it. But for legal recognition, there should only be civil union.

Bring back Pelmeni!

Save This Restaurant!
Post by Kovalic Sun Apr 05, 2009 2:18 am

Time Out Chicago has a great occasional series, "Save This Restaurant," on operations that are worthy of more business than they currently receive.

Every time I visit Arbat, I feel much the same way. Adore the food, love the beer selection (ex-pecially the Baltica Porter), gleeful that some dishes come with a shot of vodka, and in heaven that much of the menu is actually better than my Grandma made. Yet it's never been packed when we've been there, and often, fearfully, we've been the ONLY people there.

Are there restaurants in Madison YOU fear for? What bistros do we need to make an extra effort to make sure they succeed?

Not everyone wants to help Steve Jobs finance his next yacht.

Re: Is Vista that bad?
Post by Nick Berigan Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:34 am

First, I don't think Vista is that bad. If you need to hand it to a novice who IS familiar with XP, just turn a bunch of stuff off and switch to classic view wherever you can.

Then, if your novice IS familiar with XP and you are thinking about buying one of the machines at swap that has no OS (we've put quite a few over there in recent months), know that you can actually still buy XP in an "oem" package. You'll just need to download a handful of drivers from a manufacturer's site after the install.

(Note that if you go this route, there are some "download xp for $50" scams out there so go to a known site.)

That goes double for you, Obama bashers.

Re: Konkel Loss-Big Winner, Big Loser?
Post by narcoleptish Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:04 am

I'm not in district 2 and I have no opinion about either candidate but why must an alderperson have "experience"? It's the mailroom of politics, it's where you start. You get elected, you stay in touch with your district, and you voice their opinions. Isn't that how it's supposed to work? Don't we have enough professional politicians? Christ, give us an entire council of newcomers who aren't jaded and don't owe any favors to anybody and maybe the simplest things wouldn't take so goddamn long to get done in this city.

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