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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 |  Madison, WI: 25.0° F  Fog/Mist
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Brunch Links: Tea Day!
Credit: <a href=>Eating in Madison A to Z.</a>

Happy Tax Day Sconz Nation! Fortunately, there is more to the news besides your tax returns. The nation and state continue, happily funded by your taxes. High of 77, low of 50, looks like we may get some ominous thunderstorms later on. Let's hope to God they don't break up the Tea Party fun. What's for brunch, you know it! Courtesy of the Ma-cha Teahouse and Gallery, who I assume must be incredibly psyched today.

If you're just not in the mood for some right-wing chants today, remember that the Wisconsin film festival is in town. My roomie Dan Sullivan, who will be covering Day 4 (Saturday) of the event for Isthmus, gives you the lowdown here. Dan also has a film blog, Cinemadison. If you are a film buff you will like it.

So the Tea Party is indeed coming to Madison. The AV club points out some potential local targets of their rage. Tommy Thompson will be speaking, which means that some real American tea partiers will be boycotting the event.

Wow, this is absolutely incredible. I never foresaw a third of the student body coming out on the Nat Up referendum. AND VOTING IT DOWN. Shows what I know about my campus. It looks like the No New Seg Fees campaign knew what they were doing.

The prediction is still that Thompson won't run. But while the cameras are still on him, what the hell he'll talk at the Tea Party.

Before the Clean Energy Jobs the State Senate will deal with the CORE Jobs Act. Do the jobs bills right as the country is getting out of a recession. That way, you can claim credit for the new jobs..

Ron Kind is the medicare reform dude. Too bad the Fox Valley press is paying more attention to him than Steve Kagen, who really needs good press going into November.

If you're wondering what "Group to hold campus diversity accountable" means, you should probably read this article.

Feingold calls for flexible withdrawal from Afghanistan..

Boo! Let the kids drink! How can Wisconsin distinguish itself from the rest of the country if our kids are as sober as they are in other states?

Fox Valley transit authority is all up to Republicans, Assembly Majority Leader Tom Nelson says. The Fox Cities are looking for ways to raise money because apparently the 2010 census didn't treat them well.

Are you serious? Another Republican Senate candidate? Well, if Tommy doesn't run that only leaves a guy from a Dem administration and Terrence Wall, who's a bit of a loser. And Westlake...So I guess it makes sense..

In case you didn't expect it, the WMC is not crazy about the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

After reading the WMC press release, I instinctively went to the one-man anti-WMC army, Paul Soglin, only to find that the former mayor has substituted commentary for Chicago hot dogs and the Hot Tub Time Machine for his usual rants against WMC.

Just take a look at all those campaign contributions from payday lobbyists.

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