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Blaska's Blog: The Capital Times has got your back, Radio Sly-mer
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A man of courage has stepped to the fore: Deke Rivers says "Caffeinated Politics stands with Blaska" on getting the the Radio Sly-mer off the air. (See the blog discussing my FCC complaint.)

Make that "Mister Deke Rivers," as he shall be known at the Stately Manor.

The Capital Times? Dane County's progressive voice? Even Jack Craver calls their whitewash job "absolutely pathetic." Make that "Mister Jack Craver."

The Capital Times spins the story (are you ready for this?) to make the Sly-mer a hero. Birds of a feather?

[He] understands that a radio host can be controversial without being offensive.

Since when?

[He] is mature enough to admit ...

Mature? Since when? This is the guy who said, on the air on January 17 of Rebecca Kleefisch, a wife, mother, cancer survivor, and lieutenant governor of the State of Wisconsin -- a human being:

She "performed fellatio on all the talk show hosts in Milwaukee" and "pulled a train."

Watch John Nichols, author of the editorial, make his usual cynical attempt at equivalency:

... he made an off-color remark about the state's new lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, who is herself a frequently controversial figure.

Get it? They're both controversial!

The Sly-mer is a serial offender

Folks this is not a one-off. The Sly-mer regularly disparages women in the most vile terms. Rebecca Kleefisch is only the latest. He called Sue Bauman a "bitch" and Condoleeza Rice an "Aunt Jemima" for being the first black woman to be secretary of state. Her sin? It was for George W.

Madison's black leaders on Friday condemned [the] local radio talk show host as controversy continued to broil over his on-air reference to Condoleezza Rice as an "Aunt Jemima" and his defiant follow-up apology.

Defiant? Yeah, he apologized to Aunt Jemima! Congratulations! A two-fer: racist and sexist!

Then there was the Sly-mer's rape fantasy. As the Wisconsin State Journal reported at the time:

" ... in an apology [The Sly-mer] e-mailed to [Ald. Robbie] Webber, who represents District 5, he said he joked that Webber was uptight and "needed to get laid by someone like Kobe Bryant over a chair." Bryant is the NBA player who was accused [and later cleared] of sexual assault in 2003."

The article quotes Ald. Webber: "It's that tired old idea that if you don't like something a woman does or says or the way she treated you, then she's not getting any, or she needs to get some."

His rape fantasy

"WTDY is beginning to show a clear pattern of anti-women rhetoric," Berceau said in the press release, to which Webber, and Alds. Brenda Konkel, Jean MacCubbin and Judy Olsen attached their names.

Yet the prog-lib Capital Times is willing to circle the wagons at this late date for this serial offender:

... For that, and for the example he has set, we give [him] high marks.

Liberal grade inflation, anyone? The Blog understands why our Comrade comes to the defense of this foul-mouthed buffoon. It is one of the few local talk programs he feels comfortable. He will not, for instance, debate me on Joy Cardin's Week in Review.

Perhaps being a liberal with poor ratings means always having to say you're sorry.

I once was under contract at The Sly-mer's station. I could never get into the nastiness they expected at the station. The one conservative talker at the time -- they guy I backed up -- said Rep. Berceau should be "bitch-slapped."

When Chris Krok left, I inquired whether I still had a role there. The Sly-mer did not have the common courtesy to return my phone calls. For which I am grateful.

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