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Blaska's Blog predicts the spring 2011 elections! (Prepare to be amazed!)

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The Univac's vacuum tubes are blinking and twinkling, the retro gizmo is spinning and whirring and smokin' all night long. The Blaska Policy Research Center and Experimental Work Farm is at fever pitch. All leave has been canceled so that we could bring you these predictions based on my patented formula and secret recipe of spices and herbs.

Even Ruben Mamoulian (pictured) reported in from his sleep-in at Brett Hulsey's office. As I predicted on Friday, Blaska's Blog predicts the winners.

Supreme Court: Odana Road from Midvale Boulevard to Monroe Street is a blizzard of Kloppenburg signs -- many of them homemade. Has there ever been a state supreme court race this passionate? I do love the challenger's motto, "Elections have consequences." Tell that to Marty Beil. No pretense here, folks. This is a "do-over" of the November 2 election that Scott Walker won by a 52-47 margin. WMC sat out the last Supreme Court race, in which Randy Koschnik of Jefferson County challenged Chief Justice Shirley (rhymes with "rich") Abrahamson. Their reasoning: they already had a majority. Should have taken the British monarchy's motto: always have an heir and a spare.

Yes, wish is father to the thought. But I'm knocking on wood that pro-Walker voters are just as energized as the unionistas responsible for the Siege of the Capitol 2011.

A squeaker but the good guy wins thanks to out-state disgust over bully-boy tactics: David Prosser 50.5% over JoAnne Kloppenburg. But boy, this will be close.

Dane County Exec: Union sugar daddy Joe Parisi 60% over the little engine that could but was afraid to go to the mattresses, Eileen Bruskewitz. Same margin as in 2009 when Nancy Mistele took on The Kathleen. Not a bad showing considering how hepped up the Left was. Please vote and prove me wrong!

Madison alders: (open seats unless otherwise noted)

District 1 -- Keep running for something until you win; that propels Lisa Subeck over Brian Driscoll. Lisa has wised up some but will never have the common sense of one of the few private sector people on the council, retiring incumbent Jed Sanborn. Elections DO have consequences.

District 2 -- Bridget Maniaci will win re-election over Sam Stevenson -- another lefty in the Szarzysnki/Konkel/Austin King mold endorsed by, of course, The Capital Times and its political wing, Progressive Dane. But it will be close. Joe Tarr thinks it interesting that the three alders who border Maniaci are supporting her challenger. Of course Alds. Rummel, Verveer, and Rhodes-Conway are endorsing Stevenson; they're all Prog Dane!

District 8 -- Scott Resnick over PD fellow traveler Kyle Szarcynski, a real bomb thrower in the mold of Ben Manski, Austin King, and Madame Brenda.

District 13 -- Sue Ellingsen over teachers union lackey T.J. Mertz, another PD.

District 16 -- Jill Johnson over a non-campaigner.

District 18 -- Former Capital Times leftie Anita Weier over Peng Her.

District 20 -- The husband of the mayor's personal secretary Matt "Apron Strings" Phair over Dave Glomp (wish it could be otherwise). Good news for Verona, Middleton, Sun Prairie, Fitchburg, Waunakee, ... Please vote and prove me wrong!

All other incumbents win their races.

Referenda: All Dane County residents will see one referendum and Madison voters will get a second, both on the same issue: should the Constitution's Bill of Rights be amended to take away First Amendment free speech rights for citizens who band together to form corporations? Chris Rickert does his usual conflicted balancing act. Cowed by the liberal majority, he lays out the arguments for why it's a stupid idea but then says he'll vote Yes.

Money ain't speech, Chris? Strange position to take for someone who earns a paycheck off the First Amendment. Want to tell Capital Newspapers Inc. that you'll write your column for free? Better hope that your corporation is exempted. For the real skinny, read my take in "The Fight to Curb Free Speech " in the current Wisconsin Interest magazine.

BTW: Eileen Bruskewitz says she does NOT support the referenda, contrary to a statement from Kaja Rebane in Saturday's State Journal. May be too late to get her correction printed as a letter to the editor. May have to take out a paid ad. Do a mailing. Spend some money to get her message out. That o.k. with you, Kaja?

Eileen says, "I ... urge everyone to vote NO on the referendums. We need MORE free speech, not less. Please urge all of your friends, relative and neighbors to support freedom of speech and vote NO on the referendum." Exactly.

The prediction: Yes (to eviscerate the Constitution) gets 70%. Please vote and prove me wrong!

Madison Mayor: The one you have been waiting for. I've swapped leads in this one more often than the Kentucky-UConn final four basketball game. I, alone, correctly predicted that Soglin would come out first in the February primary. Since then, one could take the incumbent's fundraising edge as a sign. But I see more Soglin signs in front yards and more passion on their side. from both the Left and the Right. I make it Paul Soglin 52% over Dave Cieslewicz 47%. Write-in Thuy Pham-Remmele gets 1%.

Fans of Steve

Prestegaard's blog will be saddened to learn that Marketplace is kaputt. But Steve has a new blog here . Bookmark it.

I will follow you

Wherever you may go. No ocean's too deep ... Twitter informs me that my latest follower is a Stoughton business I had not heard of -- The Nude Maids.

"Our Maids do not come with any cleaning supplies or equipment, these items must be provided upon arrival."

No supplies or equipment? I don't get it. How are they going to shampoo my carpets? I see a feather duster. What is it for? Come to think of it, the Stately Manor could use a thorough spring dusting. But glad my free enterprise blogge appeals to the business community.

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