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Blaska's Blog needs more Steve Jobs, fewer Wall Street (and Capitol) occupiers
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Don't you just love the neo-Stalinist artwork? Bring your tent and your rage! And maybe some marshmallows and wienies.

The Professional Left is all a-twitter because it thinks it has found its tea party, which our progressive you-know-whats will tell you in the same breath isn't real or if it is real it is racist, except for Herman Cain, who only proves how racist is the Tea Party, or something. Yes, our acquaintances from the port side are claiming Occupy Wall Street as the unlikely vessel of their salvation.

This is like the Tea Party - only it's real," Feingold said. "By the time this is over, it will make the Tea Party look like ... a tea party.
This was requoted in The Capital Times, which, of course, approves of the whole thing.

If it's real.

It is a measure of how desperate our Leftward leaners are for good news these days, given the rout of the Democrat(ic) party here in Wisconsin and across the nation, most recently in a special congressional election in New York City itself, that the Hope and Changers, having soured on Obama, are now embracing the feckless youngsters who are occupying Wall Street.

The difference, of course, is that tea partiers are actual working people -- mostly in the embattled private sector -- not college student layabouts named Jeremy who compare themselves to Martin Luther King Jr. and couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel. (Sorry if you've heard me say that before.)

The tea party had an actual message: live within your means, don't saddle our grandchildren with unsustainable debt, understand how wealth is created, don't penalize those who create it, let me be free to profit from my success and learn from my failures.

It's spelled 'inchoate'

The Occupy Wall Street crowd has finally merited mainstream notice. But if you're looking for their message, so are the occupiers.

This is Greg Sargent at the Washington Post:

[Russ] Feingold rejected the argument -- made even by some of Occupy Wall Street's sympathizers -- that it has failed to articulate a clear message or agenda, arguing that the coalescing of outrage itself is the story and the message here, even if it seems incohate (sic) at times.

Yes, the Occupiers are coming to Madison this Friday, says that professional wild child, Kyle Szarzynski:

While many have complained about this lack of structure and identifiable goals, [that] is actually its strength.

Lack of structure and goals? Sounds like Eddie Haskell.

It does seem "in-co-hate" at times. At best, Occupy Wall Street has a "proposed" list of demands, a grab bag of this and that, free college, no borders, down with coal, a mandatory "living wage," everything but wifi. Demand #11, is representative. It seeks:

Immediate across-the-board debt forgiveness for all. Debt forgiveness of sovereign debt, commercial loans, home mortgages, home equity loans, credit card debt, student loans and personal loans now! All debt must be stricken from the 'Books.' World Bank Loans to all Nations, Bank to Bank Debt and all Bonds and Margin Call Debt in the stock market including all Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps, all 65 trillion dollars of them must also be stricken from the 'Books.'

Hey, sign me up for that. Just as soon as I sign the mortgage for that beachfront condo in Jamaica!

It's exciting, sort of

The best quote comes from one Paul Crist, member of a group, Americans for Democratic Action, thought to be extinct with the passing of Hubert Humphrey. This comes courtesy of Comrade John Nichols:

I sort of think that that street demonstration activity is sort of forcing dialogue on the issues that you're talking about.

Reminds me of a diffident Richard Benjamin in the movie, Love at First Bite, who is losing his sometimes girlfriend, Paula Prentiss, to Dracula (George Hamilton) because Dracula is passionate and he is wishy washy:

Come back! I think I love you. No, wait a minute, I'm almost certain!

"I sort of think!"

Van Jones = intellectual anti-matter

Some people just make you more stupid the longer you're around them. The leader of this movement is Van Jones, the 9/11 truther and Obama's former "Green Energy Czar." James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal tells us that ...

Jones introduced the idea way back in February, in a Puffington Host essay urging "all who love this country" to "do everything possible to spread the 'spirit of Madison' to all 50 states."

When he refers to the "spirit of Madison," it isn't James he has in mind, but rather the capital of Wisconsin, where members of government employee unions were holding unruly demonstrations in an effort to preserve the legal privileges they enjoyed at taxpayer expense.

Even leftist Michael Tomasky at The Daily Beast warns that the "execrable lesson of 1968 is to treat politics as a realm of self-expression. But it isn't. Politics is where you go to get things done."

The protesters of 1968 said to America, "We are not like you; in fact, we hate you." ... By 1968, protest became a carnival of self-expression. ... this is where today's protesters need to steal a page from the Tea Party activists.

... The genius of the Tea Party movement lies entirely in the fact that its public faces were, by and large, regular Americans. ... I beg, plead, implore, importune: Get some spokespeople out there for the cause who are just regular Americans. Don't send Van Jones out there!

How about Kyle Szarzynski? Or one of the Jeremies? Because, really, do you think "regular Americans" bring their tents?

Occupy Wall Street is all about failure. It plays the blame game. It is a celebration of dependency, a convention of victims, an encampment of losers. Occupy Wall Street is a rally for socialism, it flies the white flag of unconditional surrender of freedom to the onslaught of bigger government. Its message is despair, not hope. It practices envy and preaches jealousy. Occupy Wall Street is a symptom of America's decline, fresh evidence that we are weaker than our foreign enemies thought possible.

Thank you, Steve Jobs

Have any of these Occupy people actually created anything? Steve Jobs died Wednesday, too early at the age of 56. He made something -- in fact, many things. He fundamentally changed the world and reaped the rewards. He dared. He took risks. Sometimes he failed (the Lisa computer, anyone?). Sometimes (most times, actually) he succeeded.

So did the stockholders who put their money, their faith, in his product. That's right, Apple is a corporation, and one of the wealthiest in the world. No government subsidies, no bailouts. The high-tech world is littered with flame-outs and forgotten fossils. It is creative destruction exemplified.

Herman Cain says "Blame yourself!"

First heard this on Mitch Henck's Outside the Box radio show on 1310 AM this morning. I'm liking Herman Cain a lot. Yes he can be elected!

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