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Tips on moving to a more modest living space

A year ago, my husband and I sold our three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom house with lots of yard and a basement so huge it might have offered former Vice President Cheney a dandy spare undisclosed location. We traded it for a co-op apartment: two bedrooms, one bath, lots of light and a storage space in the bowels of the building. >More
 Stay hot with spicy Korean short ribs and salad with a devilish streak (recipe)

It's often said that spicy foods increase blood flow and perspiration, which can actually have a cooling effect on the body. That's why we see hot chilies and peppers used throughout global cuisines in the balmiest of regions. But here in the north, hot spicy foods are often perceived as good ways to warm up as the weather turns chilly. >More
 Building a better broadfork

Larry Cooper wanted a tool he could use to loosen and aerate the soil on his property, to render it more receptive to mixing and planting. A rototiller was out of the question: Beyond their gas consumption, he contends, they do too much indiscriminate damage to the soil's flora, fauna and profile. >More
 The kindest cut

Pushing a manual reel mower can feel like a shoving match. Noisy, stinky, gas-powered lawnmowers are notorious for belching impressive volumes of small particulates, volatile organic compounds and other pollutants. Electrics? Either the battery life is too short and recharge time too long, or you have to avoid mowing over the cord. >More
 I love paint

I love pretty much everything about paint, from the little tool I use to pry open the can to the wet latexy smell. I love the way it pours out in a v-shaped stream of thick, viscous color. >More
 Emphasis: Spring 2010

It's not like quality cheese is difficult to obtain around here, America's Dairyland and all that. But some people just like to do for themselves, and that's a fact. Making your own cheese is a fun rainy-day project with the kids (and beats the Suzy Homemaker oven for sure). >More
 A conversation with Madison designer Heather Lins

Heather Lins heads toward her neighborhood coffee shop, Atwood Avenue's Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery, pushing a double stroller and trailing a wheeled suitcase. The stroller holds her eight-week-old twins; the suitcase, samples of the home goods she produces through her company, Heather Lins Home. >More
 Two rows of lettuce, two rows of carrots, six tomato plants...

If Frontera Grill chef Rick Bayless can grow vegetables for his restaurant in his urban Chicago backyard, you should be able to plot out something to at least tide you over from trips to the grocery store or farmers' market. Here are suggestions for favorite plants and some more adventuresome choices to shake things up a bit. This plan is for a 20' x 20' backyard plot, with planting dates and other hints. >More
 Cool tin roofs: Metal roofing will last for centuries

As eco-friendly materials go, aluminum is generally not what first springs to mind. But if your home's roof needs repair, and you want to do it in an earth-healthy way, metal may well be the way to go. >More
 A commonsense remodel keeps longtime Madison residents in their 1950s ranch

Gary and Yvonne Bushland could have moved into a condo. The couple considered it. But they had some reservations about the environmental statement they'd make moving into a condo that was "probably built in a place that was a cornfield a year ago," says Gary. Wouldn't making some improvements to their modest, mid-century modern ranch be a more sustainable choice? >More
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