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Beer Here: Fest from Capital Brewery

The Fourth of July is that point in the summer when celebrations, family gatherings, parties, and the impromptu backyard barbeque create a wonderful festive atmosphere. So what better beer to mark the occasion that with a beer from Capital Brewery simply and appropriately named Fest! >More
 Beer Here: Lime Brown Ale from the Whistle Stop Restaurant and Brewery

The Whistle Stop Restaurant and Brewery might seem a little out of the way just to get a beer. But for those who consider visiting breweries to be a type of scavenger hunt, this is one to put on the list. It can be found in Woodman, a community located in the Wisconsin River Valley just west of Boscobel on Highway 133, about a 90-minute drive from Madison. >More
 Beer Here: Hatha-Weizen from Ale Asylum

When Ale Asylum co-owner Otto Dilba brought home the idea of starting a brewery with his friend Dean Coffey, Otto's wife, Hathaway, must have rolled her eyes. After all, any significant other would have every right to wonder about the risks of starting such a business venture. But Otto jokes he made the deal more tempting by promising to name a beer after her. >More
 Beer Here: Hopdinger from O'so Brewing

One of the great things about small craft breweries is that a beer can actually evolve. An artist often knows when his painting just isn't right, and isn't afraid to even paint over something in a desire for perfection. Perhaps that applies to O'so Brewing owner and brewmaster Marc Buttera, who says his Hopdinger continues to be a work in progress. >More
 Beer Here: Hibiscus Saison from Vintage Brewing

Vintage Brewing has recently released several new beers for this summer season. One of these has quickly become an early favorite, a crisp, refreshing and effervescent brew named Hibiscus Saison. It's a beer with a bright fruity aroma and an eye-catching cherry blossom-pink foamy head. >More
 Beer Here: Happy Heron Pale Ale from Central Waters Brewing

There is nothing like the hoppiness of a good pale ale. When brewed right, the citrus and piney bitterness of the hops dance above the glass. Those floral aromas just bring a smile when you're in the mood for a bitter beer. Happy Heron Pale Ale is the version made by Central Waters Brewing. If herons had lips, this beer would make them grin. >More
 Beer Here: Godzilla from Milwaukee Brewing

Milwaukee Brewing Company has a series of limited beers it calls ABV, or Attitude By Volume. Owner Jim McCabe says these special small-batch beers represent a certain street cred among the beer aficionados who look for the "woo and wow" factor of something unique. The latest ABV to turn up in Madison is "Godzilla," an Asian-spiced Belgian witbier, a cloudy, pale brew infused with green tea and chamomile. This is a monster of a beer at nearly 10% alcohol by volume, hence the name. >More
 Beer Here: Mosquito Beach from Lake Louie Brewing

It's only early May, but for more than a week now I've been thinking about mosquitoes. That's because the newest beer from Lake Louie is called Mosquito Beach. Owner and brewmaster Tom Porter named the beer after a mosquito-infested swimming hole that once belonged to his Uncle Louie -- yes, that's the "lake" in the name of the brewery. So just in time for summer and the arrival of those pesky little insects, Porter has created a beer with a little buzz. >More
 Beer Here: Potosi Czech Style Pilsner from Potosi Brewing

The Czech pilsner is credited for inspiring the lager brewing revolution of the 19th century. Ever since, the pilsner has perhaps been the most ubiquitous beer style. The distinctive Czech version is very flavorful, with lots of mouthfeel and body, the standard from which other pilsners are often compared. After perfecting the recipe in its southwest Wisconsin brewpub, Potosi Brewing started offering its Czech Style Pilsner in bottles to the Madison area some weeks ago. It's a beer that's been capturing a lot of attention from pilsner fans. >More
 Beer Here: Imperial Weizen from New Glarus Brewing

We're having that kind of spring in which the weather swings wildly between lingering chill and welcome heat, placing the beer drinker who favors seasonal beers in a quandary. The issue, at least for me, is the perplexing choice of fuller-bodied brews that address the damp late winter coldness, versus the refreshing crispness of summery wheat beers. Fortunately, the latest release in the New Glarus Thumb Print series has arrived for this transition. Imperial Weizen has a sharp and crisp yeastiness that is saturated in a spicy alcohol warmth. >More
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