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Beer Here: Organic Revolution from New Glarus Brewing

New Glarus Brewmaster Dan Carey confesses the popularity of an organic beer surprised him. Organic Revolution is a relatively new beer for the renowned Wisconsin brewery. Introduced late last summer, it is now offered as a year-round brew. Carey says he developed the recipe to show how "flavorful beer can be made in a responsible way with raw materials." In coming up with Organic Revolution, Carey also admits he wanted to make a true "session" beer, the type of brew that you can enjoy several in one drinking session without feeling full. >More
 Beer Here: Old Glory American Pale Ale from the Great Dane

Looking for a great beer to celebrate the birth of our country? How better than with a beer named "Old Glory"? This beer is a great choice for the holiday picnic table or backyard barbecue, and its assertive hoppiness offers a little fireworks in every pint. >More
 Beer Here: Contorter Porter from Ale Asylum

Ale Asylum has been making a porter since it opened two years ago. Its original label, "Disporterly Conduct," was the result of a naming competition by patrons. However, this proved to be a marketing challenge when the brewery decided to move the beer into its bottled lineup. Contorter is a reference to how deep dark black beer looks big and heavy, but in reality is smooth, soft and well balanced on the palette. >More
 Beer Here: Winter Wheat from Gray's Tied House

Sometimes you need to look closely at the beer menu to find those special seasonal treats. And when I looked closely at the menu of Gray's Tied House and saw a beer named Winter Wheat being served in June, I did a double take. Even so, the thought of crisp, lightly yeasty tones on a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon brought out a bit of beer whimsy and I had to try a pint. I was a little disappointed, but not so much that I'm not willing to try this beer again on Gray's patio in Verona with a beautiful sunset to watch. >More
 Beer Here: Prairie Gold from Capital

Gotta love finding new beers, especially seasonal beers being produced for the first time by local breweries. Capital Brewery of Middleton is again expanding its portfolio beyond its well-known German lagers. Over the past two months, brewmaster Kirby Nelson has introduced two new bottled beers. At the end of April he released a Baltic Porter in four packs. His latest beer, Prairie Gold, is a strategic venture into the world of Belgian brews, and for local beer enthusiasts it's the treat of early summer in Madison. >More
 Beer Here: Edel Pils from New Glarus Brewing

When you think of picking up a six-pack from the New Glarus Brewing Company, you may think of Spotted Cow or Fat Squirrel, the brewery's two biggest sellers. But if you ask New Glarus locals about their favorite, another beer comes up on their list. Deb Carey, the founder and brewery president, says this time of year the locals keep asking when Edel Pils, their true favorite, will appear. Well, this beer is here for its annual summertime run. >More
 Beer Here: Fargo Brothers Hefeweizen from Tyranena Brewing

Finally! I've been looking forward to this year's crop of hefeweizens and they are just beginning to appear, as if on cue, with the seasonal opening of our local beer gardens. Few beers usher in summer like hefeweizens. They are the perfect reward for enjoying the spring flowers and warmer days ahead. While their cloudy appearance can turn away beer drinkers who might think these beers look heavy and thick, don't be mistaken. They are refreshing and crisp. >More
 A new Madison brewpub? Homebrewer has plans for RePublic Beer

Some entrepreneurs are secretive about their business plans. Not Joe Walts. At his blog, the east sider blogs about the brewpub he'd like to open, hopefully in the Atwood area, hopefully by this time next year. >More
 Wisconsin's summer beers are coming to town

With Memorial Day nearly upon us, the arrival of summer beers can't be too far off. So get ready for the hefeweizens, seasonal pilsners and fruit-laden lighter beers. This is the time of year when wheat beers really shine. The change of season signals a dramatic shift in the Madison beer scene from the heavier, sweeter beers of winter to the lighter, effervescent summertime brews. As you "pour" over the summer selections, here are a few hints and expectations for the months ahead. >More
 Beer Here: Kirby's Supper Club from the Great Dane and Capital Brewery

The south-central Wisconsin brewing scene is truly unique -- where else would one brewery offer to host another local brewery's brewmaster? Capital Brewery's Kirby Nelson, famous or perhaps infamous for his distinctive personality and gray pony tail, teamed up with Rob LoBreglio of the Great Dane Pub and Brewery to make a special beer. Earlier this week the result of their collaboration debuted on the taps at the Great Dane in downtown Madison. >More
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