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Citizen Dave: Idea of the Week... regional tax base sharing

There's been quite of bit of commentary about Spectrum Brands' decision to move its corporate headquarters out of Madison for the first time in the company's hundred-year history. While that's an interesting debate, there are underlying factors that need to be addressed if we're going to be successful as a city and as a region. The first important thing to recognize is that Spectrum ultimately stayed in the region. >More
 Citizen Dave: The greenest choice might be to keep driving the clunker (unless it's not)

I'm planning on buying a new car. In the year 2027. My 1997 Honda Accord wagon has 145,000 miles on it, and I'm going for 300,000. At the rate Dianne and I drive -- about 10,000 miles a year -- that would put our next new car purchase at about December 2027. Maybe it'll be a Christmas gift for ourselves. >More
 Citizen Dave: Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, and the truth about what we all inherit

It's now clear to just about everybody that when Mitt Romney goes to get his next pair of shoes, they should measure his mouth instead of his feet. >More
 Citizen Dave: The Week in Review, from Mitt dissing the rich to Walker's secret router to Christo running the river wrappeds

The big news this week is that, feeling his oats after winning big in the Florida primary, Mitt Romney came out swinging against the rich. In a CNN interview on Wednesday morning, Mitt said, "I'm not concerned about the very rich." (To balance his statement he also said, "I'm not concerned about the very poor." But this is not news. We already knew that.) >More
 Citizen Dave: Handicapping the Democratic candidates for the Wisconsin governor recall

In a new op-ed on the recall, I make the case for a crowded, wide-open Democratic primary to decide who will take on Scott Walker. I even suggest four new names to consider. But assuming none of those folks actually runs, how does the rest of the known field shape up? >More
 Citizen Dave: Idea of the Week... temporary fixtures at Union Corners

I got a lot of great ideas out of the winter meeting of the Mayor's Innovation Project a couple of weeks ago. Here's another: enliven Union Corners with temporary fixtures until a permanent development can occur. >More
 Citizen Dave: Thank you, Tom Carto

Mario Mendoza held his head in his hands. "Dave, I knew you were going to do that," he said. Mario, my aide who oversaw the Overture Center at the time, had been through the preliminary interviews for the its new president. The search committee had sent me three candidates, and I wasn't supposed to pick Tom Carto. >More
 Citizen Dave: The 100 block of State Street, fire escapes, and their place in the city

I like fire escapes. To me, they're unintentional urban art forms. Think about West Side Story and the role fire escapes play in that production. Audrey Hepburn sang "Moon River" out on a Manhattan fire escape in Breakfast at Tiffany's. How many spy thrillers have featured chases across rooftops and swings from fire escapes? Fire escapes are romantic. They're urban art, and they wait for adventure. In fact, West Side Story was based in a neighborhood that is no more, destroyed by the grand, open and mostly desolate plaza that Robert Moses created for Lincoln Center. >More
 Citizen Dave: The Week in Review, from Pat and Vanna's margaritas to waste, fraud and abuse in the Walker administration to the excitement that is Mitch Daniels

It was the week for the State Ofs. President Obama gave his annual State of the Union address. I thought he did a good job, but the real excitement was the Republican reply by Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana. >More
 Citizen Dave: It was wrong (and dumb) to try to shout down Walker

Those in the audience for Governor Walker's State of the State address who tried to shout him down were wrong to do it, and they hurt the cause of the recall. >More
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