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Citizen Dave: Packers should go for the glory of perfection

Quick, what's the biggest issue confronting Wisconsinites today? The recall election? Nah. The weakening of mining laws? Pretty scary, but no. The ongoing shouting over the Capitol Rotunda holiday decorations? Please, no more. No, the biggest issue we, the Cheesehead Nation, wrestle with today is the epic question of whether the Green Bay Packers should try for a perfect season. >More
 Citizen Dave: Keep the jury out on Ryan Braun

There's enough oddness about the allegations of Ryan Braun's use of performance enhancing drugs to warrant skepticism about the charges. The jury is still out and we should all wait until Braun's appeal takes place in January before passing judgment on baseball's Most Valuable Player. >More
 Citizen Dave: Student newspapers strive for more local coverage, State Journal should rethink local news page

A recent Wisconsin State Journal editorial described me as a "self-appointed media critic." Well, of course I'm self-appointed. Who else would appoint me? This self-appointed critic wants to credit the State Journal for a strong effort on Sunday. >More
 Citizen Dave: The Week in Review, from Cain and Blago to Packers stock and Madison Prep

Any week that features Newt, the Herminator, Blago and The Donald at the top of the news is going to make The Week in Review write itself. So, let's start with Herman Cain "suspending" his presidential campaign after checking in with his wife about some stuff. >More
 Citizen Dave: Idea of the week... dressing to bike in winter

Last week, I wrote about my new (old) winter bike, and my determination to use it through rain, snow, sleet and darkness of night. So far it's performing flawlessly, and I'm enjoying getting out in the December chill and dark. Really. I am. So, let's talk about winter biking fashion this week. >More
 Citizen Dave: The courage of Kaleem Caire

Kaleem Caire has only been back in Madison for less than two years, but he sure has grabbed our attention. Caire didn't waste any time after coming home from a successful private sector career on the East Coast to be the new president for the Urban League of Greater Madison, starting to shake up the local establishment more or less immediately upon arrival. >More
 Citizen Dave: John Wall Family Pavilion at Tenney Park an investment in the public realm

There's a concept in urban design called "third places." The idea is that you have your home and you have your workplace, but a lot of what makes cities fun and vibrant to live in are the third places: bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and spaces like State Street or other well-designed public areas. >More
 Citizen Dave: Tammy, Tommy and the promise of civility

I admit it. I like Tommy Thompson. I know I'm not supposed to. As a card-carrying Madison liberal, I'm supposed to despise everything GOP, especially these days. But the truth is that Tommy's record shows that he didn't hate government, and he found a way to work with the Democrats who held majorities during most of the time that he served as governor. Frankly, he out-maneuvered us a lot of the time. >More
 Citizen Dave: The Week in Review, from the Bucks and Badgers to the recall and religion

Let's start with the sports pages, where there was bad news for the Milwaukee Bucks. Hopeful Bucks fans were praying that the entire season would be cancelled and the Bucks would go 82 games without a loss. As we all know, the NBA usually plays an 82-game season for the sole purpose of eliminating the Bucks from the playoffs. >More
 Citizen Dave: Idea of the week... winter bike commuting

When I lost my job in April, the city of Madison took away the cool little black Honda Fit that I used for official city business. They also had the audacity to take away my income. Now living in a one-car and one-income household, the answer to my transportation needs was a bike. >More
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