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Gov. Scott Walker's 2013-15 budget is even more radical than his last one, belying his new 'moderate' mask

Ever since the recall election, the media has worked to paint a curious portrait of you as some kind of "moderate," stressing always your someday-hopes of a bid at the presidency -- assuming all that John Doe stuff goes away. Just this week, USA Today even found a UW-La Crosse professor to say that you've "been moving toward the middle and sounding more conciliatory." On the eve of your budget address, I'm writing to say we can see right through these phony new clothes. >More
 A trip to a Middleton gun show

On Feb. 1, my curiosity took me to the gun show at Madison Marriott West. It was easy to get in. No ID needed. Just pay the $7 and in you go. As you enter, there before you are displays of any kind of gun or ammo you might want. >More
 The horrors of getting an abortion under current Wisconsin law

An hour passes, the time slowly ticking by. My name is finally called by the receptionist. Here's a stack of paperwork to fill out. Will you be paying out of pocket? $100 for this visit, up to $1,000 for the next one. Here's a pamphlet on fetal development, which I am required by law to offer you. Please have a seat. >More
 New Wisconsin iron mining bill will be devastating to the environment

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce should be paying Isthmus contributor Larry Kaufmann for his able job of parroting their misleading talking points on the new mining bill introduced last week by GOP mining cheerleaders. The "new" version of AB 426, the Strip Mine Giveaway Bill (AB 1/SB 1), is essentially the same bill from last session. A new network of more than 80 state, regional and national organizations immediately asked legislators to reject this extreme legislation that guts state mining laws for one company's destructive proposal. >More
 Top five head-scratching moves by Wisconsin GOP in 2012

Wisconsinites wrap up 2012 with top five lists of their choosing. This one reviews the impact of state Republicans, including Tommy Thompson, Paul Ryan and Joel Kleefisch. >More
 New UW-Madison personnel policies use Gov. Walker's 'tools' against employees

Say "personnel policy" and for most folks it just doesn't ring any bells. And worse, reading personnel policies is like taking a sleeping pill. The problem for 20,000 University of Wisconsin-Madison campus employees is that despite its tediousness, the new personnel policies should not be ignored because they will change everything. They are the full fruition of Governor Scott Walker's plan to end unions at the university. >More
 Coming out doesn't have to be painful

In terms of coming out, I've always felt that some members of the gay community resent me because they feel I didn't have it "hard enough" -- like I haven't paid my dues for the initiation into the gay club or something. We can be so hard on each other sometimes. >More
 Gov. Scott Walker's education plan is catastrophic for both students and teachers

Dear Scott Walker, this morning, I sent my kids back to school, now in the second (and more damaging) year of having to deal with the cuts that have weeded out some of their finest teachers and laid bare budgets that already had no wiggle room. The cuts have forced many schools to drop essential programming and increased class size. At the beginning of a new school year, I am disturbed by your response to recent announcements. >More
 An open letter to new Wisconsin Capitol Police Chief David Erwin

You may not know this, but it has always been a place for citizens to congregate, a place to raise voices against the worst of legislative assaults on our rights, freedom, and way of life. There is a rich history of protest and citizen involvement in the Capitol, and particularly its rotunda, a place as close to a statewide town hall as can be found anywhere. It seems that you are determined to overturn that history, and make the Capitol and its denizens available only to those who can afford to pay for the privilege. >More
 Wisconsin Democrats must embrace new energy, younger leaders

Since the Wisconsin Capitol protests started in February 2011, politics has consumed the lives of many Democrats and progressives throughout the state. Now that the recall election is over, it is time to gain perspective -- not only on the devastation wrought by Gov. Scott Walker's agenda, but about the direction of those who continue to stand against it. For nearly a month, I've pondered, brainstormed, discussed, and debated where we go from here. >More
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