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An open letter to new Wisconsin Capitol Police Chief David Erwin

You may not know this, but it has always been a place for citizens to congregate, a place to raise voices against the worst of legislative assaults on our rights, freedom, and way of life. There is a rich history of protest and citizen involvement in the Capitol, and particularly its rotunda, a place as close to a statewide town hall as can be found anywhere. It seems that you are determined to overturn that history, and make the Capitol and its denizens available only to those who can afford to pay for the privilege. >More
 Wisconsin Democrats must embrace new energy, younger leaders

Since the Wisconsin Capitol protests started in February 2011, politics has consumed the lives of many Democrats and progressives throughout the state. Now that the recall election is over, it is time to gain perspective -- not only on the devastation wrought by Gov. Scott Walker's agenda, but about the direction of those who continue to stand against it. For nearly a month, I've pondered, brainstormed, discussed, and debated where we go from here. >More
 Wisconsin Assembly Republicans abandon families of fallen police officers

There is a contract you enter into with society when you become a police officer. You sign up for the job with the full understanding that you will never be wealthy. You accept the fact that you will work nights, weekends, and holidays. You will work in the blistering heat of the summer and the Arctic chill of the winter. You understand that there will be family events cancelled at the last minute due to a chaotic work schedule. Little League games and piano recitals will be missed. You will consistently see the worst that human existence has to offer. >More
 Kathleen Falk can stick up for labor and beat Gov. Walker

I showed up early and often to be part of the historic grassroots protests at the Capitol last winter, which started when Gov. Scott Walker ended the rights of people like me to bargain for wages and working conditions. I stood out in the cold and snow to collect my share of the nearly one million recall signatures. I am a proud member of a labor union. And I support Kathleen Falk for governor. >More
 Don't punish judges, reporters, or anyone else for signing Walker recall petitions

The idea is that people who sign petitions somehow render themselves unfit for service as judges or even as employees of private business. This premise is simply not logical, and is not in keeping with our Constitution. Let's remind ourselves of a basic fact: All of us have biases and beliefs. It's part of being human. >More
 Romney win in Wisconsin primary deflates Santorum, Ryan raises profile

In yesterday's Wisconsin presidential primary, Newt Gingrich got just 6% of the vote, or roughly half of Ron Paul's total. Newt is now solidly in fourth place in a four-man race, which means he won't be the VP, won't get a significant speaking slot in Tampa and won't play a kingmaker role in a brokered convention -- which won't happen anyway. >More
 Capital Region Sustainable Communities seeks to advance regional agenda

Dave Cieslewicz asked seven probing questions about the future of the Madison region in his article "What Do We Want to Be?" His first question -- can we govern ourselves regionally? -- in many ways frames the entire article. The remaining six questions pose regional challenges in one way or another. Madison and surrounding communities share transportation, natural resources, culture, housing and labor markets. These regional assets and challenges require regional responses. >More
 Gov. Scott Walker's corruption scandal brings shame to Wisconsin

A government that has lost the trust of its citizens is not long for power. Under Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin has gone in one year from being a state renowned for open and clean government to one that is shabby and nefarious. >More
 Gov. Scott Walker delivers lies and evasions in 2012 State of the State address

Dear Scott Walker, I wasn't expecting much from your State of the State address, and you didn't disappoint. I expected the same old lies, and you delivered. Our schools are broken, never mind that we were at the top of the pack in more categories than we can count before you took office. Our teachers are inept, undeserving moochers who need to be penalized instead of protected -- but hey, you couldn't respect them more! >More
 A response to Gov. Scott Walker: Thanks but no thanks for the 'savings'

Dear Scott Walker, thanks for the E-update and the confirmation that you do acknowledge I exist! While I know your note went out to everyone who "contacted Governor Walker's office directly at some point during 2011," I accept it as the long-awaited recognition that you do, indeed, have my email address. It's a start! >More
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