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Wisconsin and Egypt: A tale of two uprisings

The comparison between Cairo and Madison has been made on more than one occasion, by high-profile figures from state Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) to Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin. It's overwrought and problematic on many levels, but what we can compare between the two is what has happened since each uprising, and what it says about our own political imagination. >More
 Why I am dropping the Wisconsin State Journal

Dear Wisconsin State Journal: As non-union public sector workers (yes, we exist) who are about to be hit with an 8% take-home pay cut as a result of Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill, my wife and I have to decide what luxuries we're going to cut out of our lives. She has been arguing for weeks that we should let our subscription to your newspaper expire. >More
 Letter to the Wisconsin solidarity movement: Where we go from here

This is not what democracy looks like... this is what tyranny looks like. It's time to officially retire the now irritatingly false chant and begin the next phase of our battle here in Wisconsin. Where do we go from here? >More
 Disruption of Joint Finance Committee hurts #wiunion protest movement

When I attended the Joint Finance Committee's public hearing at State Fair Park in April, I was moved by both the speakers from Voces de la Frontera and by the massive showing of opposition from ordinary citizens who stood in the audience, silently raising their fists in their air. That moment was powerful.There is power in doing the right thing the right way.We can continue to make our opposition known by contacting our legislators, staging protests and rallies, canvassing and phone banking for recalls, among numerous other activities. >More
 The myth of outsiders at the Wisconsin Capitol protests

I am getting so tired of this myth, perpetrated by both the left and the right, of "outsiders" driving the demonstrations. With rare exception, it's Wisconsinites on both sides who have shown up at the Capitol over the last few months. >More
 WIBA and Vicki McKenna flout FCC rules to attack public employees

Protests over Governor Scott Walker's anti-union budget proposals continue to resonate in Madison's media environment. Right-wing radio host Vicki McKenna has made a point of attacking public employees on WIBA-AM, Madison's bastion of reactionary talk radio. Earlier this month, McKenna thought she had a sure thing in hand to punk organized labor -- but it turns out she's the one more likely to get stung. >More
 First Mifflin Street Block Party changed Madison

Every year in Madison on a Saturday in early spring, there is a huge outdoor beer bash for UW students in a neighborhood southeast of campus. This year the officially organized and heavily policed bash, known as the Mifflin Street Block Party, is taking place on Saturday, April 30. And most of the thousands of undergraduates who go there to get publicly drunk know nothing about how the party came to be. >More
 Michigan-style financial bill may still be in the works for Wisconsin

After "financial martial law" was enacted in Michigan in the midst of the Wisconsin protests over Gov. Scott Walker's anti-union agenda, questions started bubbling as to whether or not similar legislation was in the works for the Badger State. Speculation ended on Monday, when an individual at Foley & Lardner confirmed that the firm was drafting similar legislation here. >More
 Stint at Madison's Shabazz City High reaffirms belief in public schools

As a retired educator with slightly more than 35 years working in the Madison Metropolitan School District, I can only describe the last few months as dispiriting. I've watched as our new governor has apparently chosen public educators and public employees as his primary targets in a campaign that appears to be more about politics than economics. My pride in my profession and fears about the future of public schools in Wisconsin have been shaken greatly. >More
 Fifty days of Wisconsin labor solidarity have changed my life

Monday, April 4, marked the 50th day since protests started at the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison over a bill that would gut public employees' collective bargaining rights. Fifty days of Wisconsinites standing up and making their voices heard. >More
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