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Fifty days of Wisconsin labor solidarity have changed my life

Monday, April 4, marked the 50th day since protests started at the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison over a bill that would gut public employees' collective bargaining rights. Fifty days of Wisconsinites standing up and making their voices heard. >More
 Professors like Bill Cronon should be held to different public records standards

Most importantly, there is the idea of academic freedom. It is absolute and must not be endangered because of current politics. Academics should be able to say, think and communicate whatever they want and not have the newly elected crooks go on a crusade (or in the case of Cronon, the state party hacks). >More
 'Edgewatered' Madison voters can fight back on April 5

There are those who would have you believe the proposed expansion of the Edgewater Hotel is a wonderful thing. They say it's great that developer Robert Dunn and his supporters were able to overcome opposition to building a $93 million job-creating, economy-boosting, neighborhood-upgrading, subsidy-deserving project. But what actually happened ought to make people cringe. >More
 Something Gov. Walker doesn't understand: Business is community

Walker is gearing to attract business to Wisconsin by using an outdated model straight from 1980. The types of jobs that Walker is intent on creating are just "jobs." They have no connection to the communities that support them, aside from the few dollars that the wage-earner pumps into the economy. In contrast, the jobs we build create community, and we intend to make this story known. >More
 Gov. Scott Walker's takeover plan a bad deal for UW-Madison

After all the smoke clears from the budget battles, we may find that, other than Gov. Scott Walker's astounding move to crush public sector unions, no proposal will have as profound an effect on the future of the state as Walker's takeover of the UW-Madison. What began as a proposal by the UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin to give her greater administrative authority may in the end be a Faustian bargain that does great harm to the institution. >More
 Like him or not, Scott Walker is a true believer, not a shill

The recent publicity about the connection between the Koch brothers and Gov. Scott Walker has led many of his critics to claim he's just a lackey of billionaires, pushing the policies they pay him to push. That's a mistake: Walker really does believe in what he's doing. Moreover, the will to denigrate his motives underscores a broader and deeper problem in our supposedly educated culture. >More
 It's time to be 'peacefully aggressive' towards Scott Walker

So it's now been almost 3 weeks since our lives in Madison have been turned upside down and I needed to take a pause to reflect upon what's happening. It's hard to put into words exactly what's going on here but it sort of feels like we're in a war and at the best party of our lives at the exact same time. >More
 Valentine's Day: Why the wrong foods often feel right

"I'll love you no matter how fat you are," says the box of chocolates on Candinas' billboards. Is it morally responsible for chocolates to speak this way? About half of the people in Wisconsin are overweight or obese, double what it was in 1990. (Small comfort that this is below the national average of 66%, doubled since 1980.) So, love from a box of chocolate? >More
 Hilldale Target not a welcome addition to Madison

It's a safe bet that Heidi and Katie don't actually live near a Target store. I don't want a Target in my neighborhood either. But I'm about to get one anyway, on University Avenue, adjacent to Hilldale, just three miles from downtown Madison. I have three reasons for not liking the new store, set to open in early March. >More
 Thank you, Russ Feingold

I happened to be in the Charlotte, North Carolina, airport on the eve of election day, and an older gentleman was seated next to me. The flow of passengers included a number of soldiers; as each one passed my neighbor thanked them for their service. It was a gracious gesture, one I'd like to make to someone who has dedicated his career to serving his community: Sen. Russ Feingold. >More
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