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Wilmington on DVD: The Grey, Certified Copy, The Devil Inside, My Perestroika, The Spiders

Fitting that this movie is called The Grey, because gray it certainly is -- cold, and bitter, and sunless, a suspense picture full of existential terror, untamed nature, overwhelming anxiety and relentless death, always a step or two behind. And wolves. And Liam Neeson. >More
 Wilmington on DVD: Haywire, The Mel Brooks Collection, Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

Director Steven Soderbergh is a Jack-of-all-trades who, in his new movie Haywire, also does his own cinematography and editing -- and does them all, as we know, very well. Gina Carano is a Jill-of-one-trade, a mixed martial arts champion here branching out into acting and movie superstardom. >More
 Wilmington on DVD: Godzilla, The Innkeepers, Joyful Noise, New Year's Eve

Ah, Godzilla! One of the biggest hits in the history of Japanese cinemas, and certainly one of the most fecund of all Japanese movies and movie franchises, Godzilla was the brainchild of several highly gifted people who all hit their career peaks while bringing this beast to life. >More
 Wilmington on DVD: The Iron Lady, Shame, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Love her or hate her -- and there were lots of strong feelings on both sides of the fence -- Margaret Thatcher remains one of the most fascinating and influential Western world leaders of the 20th century, deserving of the classy portrait and dramatization she gets in this Weinstein Company release. And I say that as part of her opposition. >More
 Wilmington on DVD: A Trip to the Moon, We Bought a Zoo, War Horse

A Trip to the Moon was made by Georges Méliès in 1902 (just seven years after the Lumiere Brothers introduced the movies in Paris in 1895), and it was the first real masterpiece of the young art of the cinema. It's also a movie I love, and I'm not alone. Melies' Trip is a scintillating gem of film fantasy and science fiction, of ingenious special effects and playful wit. >More
 Wilmington on DVD: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Muppets, Louder than a Bomb, The Sitter, Hop

In David Fincher's version of Steig Larsson's Swedish thriller, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the tart-tongued American actress (Rooney Mara) who put down Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network, proves surprisingly adept, and very entertaining, at putting down (and messing up) chauvinist pigs, and uncovering serial killers in Noomi's old role of supreme hacker/heroine Lisbeth Salander. >More
 Wilmington on DVD: The Descendants, Melancholia, The Adventures of Tintin, My Week With Marilyn, Happy Feet Two

The Descendants is a perfect George Clooney role and movie. Everything that makes him attractive on screen -- likeability, smarts, vulnerability, earnestness in the face of chaos, that wry sense of being at the center of things but not letting it carry him away, and the ability to kid himself -- is present in the character he's playing here: Matthew King. >More
 Wilmington on DVD: The Skin I Live In, Jack and Jill, Footloose

Pedro Almodovar, the Spanish past master of kink and perverse soap opera (Matador, Law of Desire, Talk to Her), here plunges into high Gothic melodrama, with Antonio Banderas as a wealthy and reclusive plastic surgeon, who becomes obsessed with implanting the original features of his beautiful, beloved, dead, disfigured wife on the face of a female prisoner (Elena Anaya) whom he keeps hidden away in his posh, isolated home. >More
 Wilmington on DVD: Hugo, Puss in Boots

Martin Scorsese's Hugo -- a movie masterpiece if there ever was one -- is a film for film lovers to dream on. It's an incredibility entertaining show. But how could it not be? Scorsese has made it at the peak of his craft and art, and so have his collaborators. Besides appealing to children, the movie should -- a cliché, I know, but it applies here -- appeal to the child in most of us too. >More
 Wilmington on DVD: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part One, Mozart's Sister, The Conformist

Breaking Dawn - Part One, the latest chunk of the Twilight Saga -- set in a world where handsome vampires and sexy werewolves pursue repressed young teenage girls through the hills and forests of Forks, Washington -- continues the series' obsession with the love that dare not show its face and lovers who seem trapped in an old Production Code. >More
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