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Mama Madison: Planning for the MLK holiday

In our house, sad but true, we've rarely spent the Martin Luther King holiday discussing race, social justice or the power of non-violent civil disobedience. Instead, the third Monday in January has historically been treated as just another day off school, just another long weekend. And it's been a missed opportunity. >More
 February 12, 2010: Saving Grace

In "Bleak House" (Feb. 12), staff writer Joe Tarr spends a night at Grace Episcopal, Madison's homeless shelter for men. "No one expects a homeless shelter to be a cheery or an uplifting place," he reports. "But many homeless people and their allies say the shelter at Grace Episcopal, run by Porchlight Inc., is unacceptably bleak." >More
 Dec. 4, 2009: Hollywood on location in Madison

"Is there a Madison curse for Hollywood movies?" Dean Robbins asks in "Madison in the Movies," his Dec. 4 cover story. Robbins argues that almost every big-budget project filmed on location here is an artistic failure, even if it features foolproof stars like Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts. >More
 June 20, 2008: Epic geek

In "Epic Tale" in the June 20 issue, Marc Eisen reports on the astonishing success of Epic Systems, the electronic medical records giant located in Verona, and its enigmatic founder and boss, Judy Faulkner, "the prime mover behind Epic." >More
 July 13, 2007: Motown to Madtown

In "Cue Up the Funk" in the July 13 issue, Susan Kepecs sits down with the Funky Drummer himself, Clyde Stubblefield. They discuss life in Motown and his introduction to Madison: "It was '68 or '69," she says, "and by then Motown was - well, like it was at the end of Dreamgirls, druggy and degenerate. >More
 March 17, 2006: The Mouse That Roared

Sometimes an assignment can be liberating for a writer. For me, a kid-free thirtysomething, the chance to interview Madison's most celebrated writer for children - make that one of Wisconsin's most celebrated writers, period - gave me an opening into a world I had lost touch with. >More
 November 25, 2005: Eyes on the Ball

Donald Lipski's new sculpture outside Camp Randall, "Nail's Tales," is subversive - but not in the way you might think. No, I'm not talking about its refusal to depict a single, revered figure like Elroy Hirsch or Bucky. Its true subversiveness is measured in the way it's become Madison's very own three-dimensional Rorschach test. Madison's id has been released, and, we come to find out, it's the id of a nervously tittering 15-year-old boy. I can't remember the last time a single work of art got this much attention locally - or inspired so much half-baked, penis-obsessed journalism. Sometimes, folks, a sculpture is just a sculpture. >More
 June 4, 2004: Inside the monkey house

We come upon the baby in an incubator in the corner of a typically stark and sterile room. At first he looks dead. Then he stirs and within seconds opens his eyes, squinting at the bright light and strange faces, perhaps the first he has seen. My tour hosts, primate center spokesperson Jordana Lenon and colony manager Chris Luethy, explain that this rhesus macaque, number r04040, was probably born earlier this same morning. He's here because his mother for some reason refused to care for him, irrevocably. >More
 July 4, 2003: The Patriot

At the Democratic State Convention in Milwaukee last month, U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold took the stage as loudspeakers blared "On Wisconsin." Here, in front of his Democratic base, the senator with a reputation for being a maverick ignited the crowd by lashing out at President Bush and needling Democrats for not putting up a stronger opposition. If the Dems are going to win back the White House and retake Congress, he said, they've got to develop some backbone. >More
 February 1 , 2002: Big star in a small town

Mad City's high arts are starting to soar. And the Madison Symphony Orchestra is leading the troupes as it prepares for its 2004 move to the state-of-the-art Overture Hall. Who can doubt that the MSO is ready for prime time? Since John DeMain took the reins as artistic director in 1994 the orchestra's enjoying all-time popularity and fiscal success. >More
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