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Sleep apnea might be the cause of children's bedtime troubles

Bedtime at the Reain home used to be a battle. "We had to fight tooth and nail to get Quinn to bed," explains Quinn's mom, Kim Reain. "There were many years of sleeplessness for the whole family," adds Dan Reain, Quinn's dad. Waking him up in the morning was another struggle for the family. >More
 Mama Madison: A time to teach, a time to drive

I think it was my driver's ed teacher -- or maybe it was my mother -- who told me, as I placed the key in the ignition of our 1960-something Chevy Impala for the very first time, that unless I became a police officer, fire fighter or joined the armed services, driving was the most dangerous activity I would likely undertake in my life. >More
 Mama Madison: When a mom hates an activity...

This coming weekend the Zor Shrine Circus will be in town. The spectacle, which takes place at the Alliant Energy Center, promises tiger tricks, comical canines and aerialists who perform on "lengths of fabric hung high in the air." There will be synchronized motorcycle riding, performing camels and elephants, as well as Ivanov, "the crazy, cavorting clown." >More
 Mama Madison: Brothers

I don't think much -- game or otherwise -- from last weekend's Super Bowl will stick with me for too long. The commercials, usually this former ad gal's favorite part, felt uninspired. And the first half of play struck this non-football aficionado as fairly boring. To be honest, I pretty much tuned out halfway through the blackout. Beyoncé was kind of fun, I guess, and the chili my son made was outstanding. They were only things that seemed to add much spice to an otherwise routine Sunday night with the kids. >More
 Cabin fever solutions: Indoor activities to jump-start the slushy, muddy end of winter

Poet T.S. Eliot had no children. And I doubt he'd ever experienced a Wisconsin winter, either, when he proclaimed April to be the cruelest month. Because as every mom and dad in the upper Midwest knows, each and every one of February's 28 days can feel like an eternity when, due to cruddy weather, you are stuck in the house with young kids. >More
 Mama Madison: Saying goodbye to Nana

I am thankful I got so many years with my grandmother. And I am thankful my kids got to belong to that exclusive club of people who got to experience a great grand mother's advice first hand. >More
 Mama Madison: Raising wise media consumers

I'm a trusting soul at heart when it comes to the media. I'm the woman that reads the cover of the National Enquirer in the grocery line and wants to believe, each and every week, that Jennifer Aniston is finally pregnant with her long-desired child. Or that Britney Spears may have actually found true love at last. But of course, I know in my heart of hearts, that what I am reading isn't actually "news" but more likely a little hopefully harmless piece of fiction created to entertain folks like me as we place our carrots on the checkout conveyor belt. >More
 Mama Madison: A shot in the arm

Based on everything ever read, seen, or heard about the virus, it absolutely sucks. And if a simple vaccine exists that can help a person avoid it, sucking it up and getting poked is a worthwhile thing to do. >More
 Mama Madison: Growing-up transformations

My youngest is ten, closing in on eleven. I knew this was coming. I am prepared, for the most part, for my "baby" girl to become just my girl. And fortunately, most of these "growing up" changes have happened gradually, feeling much more like ripples than actual waves. >More
 Mama Madison: Resolution for 2013: Good food

Traditional New Year's self-improvement plans have just never worked for me. Sure, I like the idea of being a more "well rounded" (or maybe "less rounded," depending on the resolution) person in theory. But when it comes right down to it, I've learned I need to be held accountable to other folks, not just to myself, if I really intend to stick to anything for 24 hours, much less 365 days. >More
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