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MadTracks: 'Exorcist' by The Antiprism

It's just about showtime on a Wednesday night at the Frequency, and the stage room contains only a few folks with pints ... and a band dressed in hooded black capes, forbidding sunglasses and a bit of dark makeup. >More
 MadTracks: 'It's Our Time' by Fortune and Glory

While the name of local pop-punk five-piece Fortune and Glory conjures up images of war heroes and perhaps pirates, their song "It's Our Time," off of their about-to-be-released debut EP S/T, is more about partying than pillaging. >More
 MadTracks: 'Rattled' by Flatbear

Confidence is a great thing to have, but only if it's balanced by a little self-doubt. Occasional bouts of less-than-optimal self-esteem can give you the humility you need to empathize with others and keep you from becoming a snob -- if you don't let them get the best of you. >More
 MadTracks: 'Get Over It' by Solid Gold

Solid Gold started in Madison back in 2001, but they're not a local band anymore. They're not a Twin Cities band either, despite living in Minneapolis these days. They're a band from the moon, if the moon is a giant disco ball laced with rainbows and radio waves from a not-so-distant past. >More
 MadTracks: 'Tables Turning' by The Kentucky Waterfalls

The term "Kentucky Waterfall" doesn't just refer to the most scenic portions of the Cumberland River in the Bluegrass State's Daniel Boone National Forest. It's also code for "mullet hairdo," lending the sharp crackle of irony to Evan Murdock and Katie Powderly's latest musical project bearing the name. >More
 MadTracks: 'Little Miss Sunshine' by the Sean Michael Dargan Band

With lyrics like "The way that she brakes when she steers / The lengths she will go to are taller than her gears," the first track on the Sean Michael Dargan Band's new EP, Feel Good Hit of the Summer, sounds like a love song for some feisty, scrappy, vertically challenged young woman. In actuality, it's a love song about an old Volkswagen van. >More
 MadTracks: 'Doug's Gone Manic' by Kitty Rhombus

Using jagged rhythms, angular guitar melodies, dissonant-yet-funky basslines and a truckload of nervous energy, Kitty Rhombus explores what a manic episode bordering on psychosis might feel like in "Doug's Gone Manic," a track from the new album When the Walls Fell that the band is releasing next week. >More
 MadTracks: 'Grand Panjandrum' by The Motherhive Syndicate

If Urban Outfitters' newest offerings -- plaid flannel shirts and dresses that might've been pilfered from Bridget Fonda's closet in Singles -- are any indication, grunge is on the way back in. This is good news for The Motherhive Syndicate, a local band rocking out to the tune of Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and other purveyors of the Seattle Sound. >More
 MadTracks: 'Arcade Bully' by Droids Attack

The Who's "Pinball Wizard" is probably the most famous rock song about an arcade game, but a new track from Droids Attack, "Arcade Bully," might be the heaviest. >More
 MadTracks: 'The Hidden Face of Eva' by Chris Bocast

Songs like "The Hidden Face of Eva" -- a track off Chris Bocast's newest album, Stratagem, made in collaboration with the Romanian percussionist MJ Catalin -- shows that as in the case of our planet, there's much to be found beneath its outer crust. >More
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