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Lives well lived

Our cover story this week owes to the relentless march of science and the process of turning science into business. The University of Wisconsin is a research powerhouse, and that, in turn, has led to a bumper crop of biotechnology start-ups, which have become a significant factor in the local economy and put this city on the biotech map. >More
 Hand over the keys

From Phoenix, Ariz., Mon., Nov. 3 - You'll find no pundits who do not characterize Tuesday's election results as historic. They've come to this conclusion because a black man was elected president; and it is true that such a result was one that many people, myself included, thought they would not see in their lifetime. >More
 Freaking out

Do you get the feeling these days that you are living through a train wreck - in slow motion? I do, and it would be no surprise if you did too, given the daily, no hourly, pronouncements that tough times lie ahead, with even tougher ones beyond that. There is an air of retrenchment, and more and more folks appear to walk around with the conviction that a pile of bricks is about to land on their heads. >More
 Wide load

I'm very happy you've picked up this newspaper to read; however, my subject this week is our companion enterprise,, home of Isthmus on the web. (Also reachable through It's going through some updates that began debuting this week. >More
 Labor's love lost

It is said to be a Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times." And why this would be considered a curse is now becoming evident to us. These times of global financial upheaval and disappearing wealth certainly are interesting, and scary to boot. It's been close to 80 years since our society has experienced the economic freefall and attendant feeling of powerlessness that we are enduring today. >More
 Good reads, good deeds

Fall is a season of rituals, the gaudiest and most pervasive of which is football. Thousands pack stadiums and millions prostrate themselves in front of TVs to partake of the chills, thrills and, as Badger and Packer fans are discovering, disappointments of this ubiquitous game. Then, of course, there's Halloween, with its fantasy and fun opportunities. >More
 Working the nightshift

There is a Wall Street in Madison, but it's doing much better than the other Wall Street, the one that's in the middle of the financial market meltdown going on now. That's because the Madison Wall Street, tagged with the family name of the man who built it, developer Terrence Wall, is located in a far-east-side project called High Crossing Environs. That's one of the many successful real estate schemes perpetrated by the brash young real estate magnate. Wall, who has never been afraid to speak his mind, is profiled in our cover story this week, "Up Against T. Wall." >More
 They're back

I don't know about you, but I was ready for a breather from the presidential race after the lengthy and grueling primary season. The conventions were foregone conclusions, not to mention extreme hucksterism, and what has gone on since hasn't been much more edifying. But there are now fewer than six weeks left until Election Day. Time to re-engage. >More
 Not late for dinner

As the (financial) world crumbles around us, we seek a haven, a redoubt of serenity and security. That would be our abode. To honor that sanctuary, Isthmus presents the fall edition of our twice-annual supplement Abode, for those who take their living circumstances seriously. >More
 Isthmus Neighborhoods

A city is only as strong as its neighborhoods, a fact that strikes me as obvious as I peruse a pre-press copy of "An East Side Album: A Community Remembers," a project of the East Side History Club commemorating the inauguration of the Goodman Community Center (formerly Atwood) in its new home on Waubesa Street. >More
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