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Collecting MadVideos -- Destroy All Christmas!

Madison's robotics masterminds are getting ready to launch their latest assault in the War on Christmas in just over a week. That's right, the triumvirate behind Droids Attack are returning for the third year to make Ralphie and everybody else cry. After all, it's the most wonderful time of the year. A heart-warming holiday commercial for their show follows below. >More
 Collecting MadVideos -- Akh, Ty Beryoza

Though the title above is a transliteration as opposed to the appropriate Cyrillic, it is the name of a traditional Russian folk tune about and made for the triangular stringed instrument known as the balalaika. Translating as "Oh, You Birch Tree," the song was one of many performed at a UW concert hall when the Madison-based Balalaika and Domra Association of America held their annual convention in town in 2005. Four brief concert clips follow below. >More
 Collecting MadVideos -- Bubba Hog?

Badger football fans heading to the Capital One Bowl this New Year's Day might want to acquaint themselves with the phenomenon that is Bubba Hog. Decked out in a cap, shades, and inimitable flannel vest, the Hog (fan) is a fixture at Arkansas Razorbacks games, dancing wildly in the stands to the tunes of the HogWild Band. While it's not clear whether or not he will be making the trip to Orlando to cheer on the Razorbacks when they face the Badgers, it won't be a surprise if he gets some face-time on the video scoreboard at the Citrus Bowl. >More
 Collecting MadVideos -- The first rule of pole vaulting is...

Everybody loves a little slapstick, right? While pole-vaulting last Friday at the Camp Randall Memorial Sports Center, one person's mishap serves as the basis for establishing the first rule of the field event. "Never Let Go," declares the lawgiver, who provides a video clip that "demonstrates the hazards of a premature release of the pole." This brief video lesson follows below. >More
 Collecting MadVideos -- Eddie Palmieri plays Madison

Latin jazz monarch and celebrated pianist Eddie Palmieri performed at the Wisconsin Union Theater with his seven-piece salsafied band last Saturday night in the second show in this season's Isthmus Jazz Series. "Who needs a seat when this brilliant jazz pianist is rocking the house?," asks one energized concert attendee who captured a snippet to share with the world. A live concert clip follows below. >More
 Collecting MadVideos -- Documenting a fire in Fitchburg

While most local online video focuses on matters artistic or entertaining -- be they music, storytelling or sports -- there are some videographers who end up shooting events of a far different nature, dangerous things like tornados or fires. This was the case very early in the morning of Friday, Dec. 1, when Fitchburg resident Andy Orlowski captured video of a "house explosion" and fire in the Seminole Hills subdivision of that city. Two clips follow below. >More
 Collecting MadVideos -- Making a video for The Foundry Field Recordings

Before moving to Madison, local filmmaker Shelby Floyd lived in Columbia, Missouri, where he met members of The Foundry Field Recordings, an emerging indie rock group that is starting to make a name for themselves with the album Prompts/Miscues. Over the summer, the group stopped in Madison on its tour and stayed with Floyd, who showed them some of his early stop-motion video work. The band subsequently asked him to direct a video for their song "Holding the Pilots/Holding the Facts." The music video follows below. >More
 Collecting MadVideos -- 'W' at Gomeroke

Every first and third Friday of the month, Rock Star Gomeroke at the High Noon Saloon emerges for happy hour as Happyoke. As with any live karaoke, audience members can sign up to sing live on stage at the Saloon. In the case of Gomeroke, there's a plentiful selection of songs, and even better, it rocks. A live concert video of "W" perfoming an Elvis Costello homage follows below. >More
 Collecting MadVideos -- The Great Sellery Dairy Challenge of '06

Music videos, concert footage, basic first person vlogs, sports highlights, political spots, short films... all practical applications for original online video. Then there's the other stuff; the juvenile, the obnoxious, the fun kind of silliness that is perhaps exemplified in the concept of the dairy challenge at UW-Madison. No, not the kind of dairy challenge lampooned in Napoleon Dynamite a couple years back. The kind featuring seven college students, even more jugs of milk, and The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony." A highlights reel of the challenge follows below. >More
 Collecting MadVideos -- Jibangus uncovers the UnDad

"Hug your Dad because you never know what strange and terrible fate might befall him!!!" So warns the intro to UnDad, a tale of spontaneous zombification created by the minds behind Jibangus, an arts production group based in the Madison area. The brief video tale of undeath follows below. >More
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