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African Cats goes deep into the animal world

African Cats is a nature documentary that makes something that must have been incredibly difficult look easy. The latest picture from Disneynature, this excellent family movie tells a two-pronged story of a lioness and a mother cheetah caring for their young, despite the threat of fang and claw from other predators on the savanna in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve. >More
 Law is irrelevant in the Civil War drama The Conspirator

Midway through the period drama The Conspirator, I wondered: So what? Sure, it's a well-acted, well-designed film, and it tells a story many people probably don't know about Abraham Lincoln's assassination. But director Robert Redford isn't known for being shy about his politics, and I was still waiting for The Message. Then it came. >More
 Super fails to save the day

One template for successful action comedies is Ghostbusters. The film's action sequences and special effects are fine, and mainly they don't get in the way of poised performances and funny writing. Then there is the action comedy Super. >More
 Mysterious Uncle Boonmee keeps you guessing

If you were joined at the table by a ghost and a grotesque half-man-half-ape, you'd shriek in horror, wouldn't you? That's not what happens in the moving, enigmatic film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. At first people are surprised when supernatural beings show up for dinner, but then it's beaming smiles all around. >More
 A new Arthur is less than intoxicating

It's been 30 years since Dudley Moore staggered drunkenly through the original Arthur. So why not give it another spin? The problem is that little performance and casting choices can mean a lot -- and as funny as the new Arthur frequently is, it feels as perpetually off-balance as its main character. >More
 Saturday at the 2011 Wisconsin Film Festival: Wrestlers and Replacements

Saturday offers up the opportunity to see 12 hours worth of movies, if you'd like. And don't think some of your fellow Madisonians aren't going to come close. You might spot them bellied up at the bar at Nick's or sprawled out on a bench near campus, recharging their batteries for another chance to see something hilarious, bizarre, shocking or beautiful. >More
 Governess has eyes for boss in Jane Eyre

There are good reasons Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester shouldn't be together. He is her employer. He's hard to get along with. Most importantly... Well, I'll refrain from disclosing that, in case you've never read either Jane Eyre or The Madwoman in the Attic, the seminal book of feminist literary criticism whose name was inspired by Charlotte Brontë's 1847 novel. >More
 Source Code is like Groundhog Day in hell

Source Code is a gritty, dark and very entertaining slice of near-future science fiction. On the surface, it plays like a claustrophobic, marginally more humanistic version of one of 24's more imaginative episodes. There's a terrorist bomb of some kind, planted on a Chicago commuter train, and it's already gone off. More are expected to follow. How to stop them? >More
 Tiny Furniture finds the truth between fact and fiction

Tiny Furniture takes me back to 1937 and The Awful Truth's delightful romantic dilemma. Which guy will the young New York gal choose, safe Ralph Bellamy or dashing Cary Grant? There are important differences. >More
 An author samples a creativity drug in Limitless

Limitless is a writer's movie by a writer -- director Neil Burger -- and it explores the dark side of the muse. Well, eventually it travels into the black, but before that it's pure wish fulfillment, and giddily so. >More
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