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Walker budget cuts hit small town Wisconsin

After he signed the new Wisconsin budget this past June, Gov. Scott Walker left the stage set up at Fox Valley Metal-Tech Inc., in Green Bay, while John Mellencamp's "Small Town" played over loudspeakers. It's a song that speaks to small-town values of responsibility and thrift, qualities Walker and his Republican colleagues call their own. But was the song choice also a warning? >More
 A Madisonian recalls a week in Manhattan helping 9/11 victims

To the homicidal hijackers of Sept. 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was a hated symbol. To the innocents inside, it was simply a workplace. Stockbrokers, prep cooks, bankers and janitors -- all there to earn a living. >More
 Mounting debt, state budget cuts forced slashed Madison capital budget, Soglin says

In announcing his 2012 capital budget Tuesday, Mayor Paul Soglin pointed to two main culprits behind his spending cuts: mounting city debt and state budget cuts. Soglin's $196 million capital budget proposal, his first since taking office in April, caps borrowing at $38.7 million. >More
 How far right will the Wisconsin GOP go?

In some ways it should be no surprise that the ultraconservative Club for Growth is going after former Gov. Tommy Thompson, who appears to be gearing up for a run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Herb Kohl. The D.C.-based advocacy group, which most recently spent millions in Wisconsin on issue ads opposing Democrats in the recall elections, has made it a habit in recent years to oppose moderate Republicans who don't follow its free-market, anti-government script. >More
 Democracy Convention draws 1,000 to Madison, plans next steps

Clad in a tiara, long dress and sash reading "Do You Miss Democracy?" Mary Zepernick approached a table at the Memorial Union Terrace Saturday night with a question clearly on her mind. "Do you miss democracy?" she asked the group. "I do." It was a bit of street theater, Zepernick, 71, explained the next day in a phone interview. "It's a way to catch the attention of people, to just shake up their minds a little." >More
 UW-Madison TAs return to class more financially stressed

Classes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are going to be different this fall, courtesy of Gov. Scott Walker. Graduate teaching assistants and program assistants are also public employees, and they're feeling the effects of legislation he championed that blunts the power of unions and imposes steep increases for health insurance coverage. Undergraduates will bear part of the burden. >More
 Protesters march to Wisconsin Capitol to mark first reduced paycheck under Walker

Barb Jenkin is afraid she won't be able to pay off her house before she retires. The 57-year-old employee at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation had been paying extra each month, hoping to have her house paid for come retirement. But Gov. Scott Walker's budget lowered her pay by $3,800 a year. >More
 Get your copy of the Madison Police summary of the 2011 Mifflin Street Block Party here!

The State Journal says the police haven't released the report, but somehow Isthmus managed to get a copy and you can download it right here! >More
 Ron Johnson gets off to a slow start in D.C. while dodging the press

In late June, with a crisis looming over the country's debt ceiling, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) took a stand on the Senate floor. On June 28, he threatened to bring the Senate to a screeching halt if the body didn't make progress on a budget plan. Johnson said he would withhold his consent on issues before the Senate. That would drag out proceedings indefinitely and require a two-thirds majority to overcome his objection in order to do anything. >More
 Democracy Convention kicks off, boosted by Wisconsin Capitol protests

The timing could not be better, but organizers say plans for this week's Democracy Convention in Madison were set before Gov. Scott Walker's introduction of his collective bargaining bill and the ensuing protests that led some to compare the uprising in Wisconsin to democratic rebellions in Egypt and Tunisia. >More
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