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Voters in Dane County can weigh in on U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United referenda

Kaja Rebane wants Dane County residents to send a message that corporations aren't people and money isn't speech. The UW-Madison grad student helped organize a successful effort to put referenda on the April 5 ballot in both the city of Madison and Dane County. It ask voters whether they believe corporations and people, and money and speech, should be considered distinct. >More
 Judge tables fine for newspaper hawking in Madison

People often talk about constitutional rights as though the founding fathers chiseled them in stone: fixed, immutable, inviolable. In fact, a constant interplay among competing interests shapes these rights at any given time. >More
 Hizzoner vs. Mayor Dave: Two iconic Madison pols battle to lead a threatened city

When Paul Soglin is asked why he's running for mayor once again after two earlier stints in office, he cites his love for Madison and tells an anecdote involving his wife, Sara, who encouraged him by saying "You're happiest when you're mayor." Soglin, who's 66, will always be known as "Hizzoner da Mare" to several generations of Madisonians, and a good case can be made that he and the mayor's office were a perfect Zen pairing. Like the bow and the arrow, "Soglin" and "mayor" were oneness in action for 14 years. >More
 Hizzoner vs. Mayor Dave: Who led on Overture?

The city's salvage job of the financially collapsing Overture Center for the Arts poses another leadership contrast between Madison's two mayoral candidates. >More
 Hizzoner vs. Mayor Dave: What they regret

Credit the Downtown Madison Rotary for asking the candidates for mayor a revealing question at a recent forum: What was your biggest failure? >More
 Doug La Follette, reluctant petitioner in court challenge of budget bill

A pleading filed yesterday by Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne makes repeated references to the arguments of Wisconsin Secretary of State Douglas La Follette. "The Secretary of State's position must mean that ... there is no circumstance under which a district attorney or the Attorney General could obtain an order voiding" legislation passed in violation of the state's Open Meetings Law, the filing states. >More
 'People's' forum highlights differences in style, substance between Madison mayor, Dane County executive candidates

Both mayor candidates seemed generally at ease with the liberal east-side crowd, garnering applause when they championed progressive ideals and laughter when they cracked jokes. This wasn't the case with the county executive candidates. Both seemed stiffer, more polite, and at times, more boring. >More
 Emails obtained from Gov. Scott Walker show public wrote him in support of budget repair bill

An analysis of emails sent to Gov. Scott Walker in response to his "budget repair bill" suggests that they did largely support his plan to gut public employees' collective bargaining rights. However, a significant number of these emails came from outside Wisconsin. >More
 Veterans rally opens fifth consecutive Saturday of Wisconsin labor solidarity protests

Demonstrators opposed to Gov. Scott Walker's agenda for Wisconsin gathered at the Capitol for a fifth consecutive Saturday, opening with a protest led by Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) that sought to "connect the dots" between wartime spending and the deficit at home. Veterans for Peace, Firefighters for Labor, and several other groups joined in for a march up State Street, pausing in front of the Capitol to raise fingers and fists in signs of peace and solidarity. >More
 Uprising at the Wisconsin Capitol: Week 5

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