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The seven deadly sins of fun: Lust

Lust: perhaps the most famous of the sins, the most reviled and the most revered. If you're looking to indulge in a little lust, try the delicious local burlesque troupe Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Wrath

Now we come to wrath, the sin the Lord's soul detesteth. I detesteth it pretty strongly myself. I avoid sports arenas, death metal shows and any other place where wrath reigns king. I'm a pacifist at heart and, frankly, kind of a coward. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Greed

When I think of greed, I think of King Midas and his fatal touch, Scrooge McDuck swimming in his vat of gold coins. No one wants to be thought of as greedy, but all it takes is a family game of Monopoly to reveal our inner Ebenezer. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Pride

If Wisconsinites have one sin down, it's pride. Whether it's beer or football or drinking beer while watching football, if we do it in Wisconsin, we do it the best. But of all the things we do well in Wisconsin, our most pride-inducing export of all is cheese. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Gluttony

And now for everyone's favorite sin: gluttony. Whether it's a post-Thanksgiving, tryptophan-induced haze or your fourth brat at a backyard barbecue, mass consumption of grease is a key component of any social occasion. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Sloth

As sins go, sloth is among my favorites. I'll take a lazy Sunday in a friend's backyard over a three-mile hike any time. So it follows that my favorite way to watch a movie is at the drive-in. This is the laziest possible way a person can go to the movies. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Envy

I'm a lucky girl, and envy has never been my style. But if there's one swath of humanity I envy the most, one whole mass of people I'd trade spots with in an instant, it's children. >More
 Convivial pursuit at The Brass Ring

The Brass Ring, 701 E. Washington Ave., is a sprawling expanse with high ceilings and exposed brick, a plethora of pool tables, and picture windows overlooking scenic East Washington. There are a lot of bars around town that host Team Trivia, but Larry Walsh, owner of the Brass Ring, says his bar is special. "I guarantee I'm the only bar that buys everyone a drink," Larry laughs. "How do you think I make friends? Free alcohol." >More
 Variety show at Plan B

The bar is half-empty when we arrive. A deserted stage, a line of music stands abandoned under the lights, a piano with no one at the bench. A table of Jell-O shots and overpriced desserts looks appealing but largely untouched. It's April 30, and we've come for New Muse's New Music Everywhere vaudeville show at Plan B, 924 Williamson St. The people are well dressed but milling aimlessly. Undanceable music pounds through speakers, so loud we can't hear each other speak. Just as we're wondering if we should give up and leave, the music abruptly changes. >More
 Piano people at Ivory Room

"This reminds me of New Jersey," a friend observes, surveying the scene at the Ivory Room Piano Bar, 116 W. Mifflin St. And when I say "observes," I mean "screams into my ear," because the music is cranked to ear-splitting decibels. It's nine o'clock on a Saturday, just like the Billy Joel song says, and the room is wall-to-wall with popped collars and Aqua Net. A man old enough to be my father leans into my friend's face and purrs, "Your glasses make you look sexy." And by "purrs," I mean "screams into her ear." >More
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