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Old-school trappings go as Club 5 gets a makeover as Five Nightclub

The south-side venue rechristened last week as Five Nightclub & Showbar, formerly Club 5, has a new dance floor, stage and sound system. That's not all: Totally dismantled is the Barracks, a backroom leather bar that for years played porn on six screens and served as a refuge for gay men behind boarded-up windows. >More
 Halloween revelers in Madison have options besides Freakfest

Like New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and the annual festival of anxiety and self-doubt known as your birthday, Halloween is a night for getting drunk and reflecting upon the unfortunate choices you have made in your life. Can't fit into last year's sexy Scott Walker costume? Maybe it's time to lay off the Bit-O-Honeys. Dateless for your coworker's costume party? Maybe you shouldn't have dumped the only man who ever loved you. >More
 After hours: From games to booze to pole dancing, there's evening fun for every taste

Fall is a special time. We stumble, as if in a daze, toward the red and yellow blaze of the sugar maples; the smoky-sweet scent of a fireplace, aglow in a cozy hearth; the distant but unmistakable call of the Jager bird. "Jager! Jager! Jager!" Laden with pumpkins fresh from the patch and a case of Four Loko, we make our way through the swarm of red sweatshirts and the throng of Uggs, wondering how it got so loud all of a sudden. Fall is a time of endings, a time of beginnings, a time perhaps of slipping in the puddle of a 19-year-old's puke. >More
 Pretty Gay: From glitter to go-go dancers, Madison has a queer nightspot for you

Wisconsin Capitol Pride is this weekend. The fun-filled fest promises dances, parties, drag queens, go-go dancers, celebrities -- even a boat cruise and a patio filled with foam. But gay revelry in Madison doesn't just happen on a couple of days in August. It goes on year-round at Madison's gay establishments. Recently, friends and I set out to assess the scene at five of them. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Madison nightlife satisfies every taste in deviltry

The list has evolved over time with new sins added as others fell away, but for the past 15 centuries, the big seven have remained the same: lust, wrath, greed, gluttony, pride, sloth and envy. Sounds to me like a standard Friday night. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Envy

I'm a lucky girl, and envy has never been my style. But if there's one swath of humanity I envy the most, one whole mass of people I'd trade spots with in an instant, it's children. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Sloth

As sins go, sloth is among my favorites. I'll take a lazy Sunday in a friend's backyard over a three-mile hike any time. So it follows that my favorite way to watch a movie is at the drive-in. This is the laziest possible way a person can go to the movies. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Pride

If Wisconsinites have one sin down, it's pride. Whether it's beer or football or drinking beer while watching football, if we do it in Wisconsin, we do it the best. But of all the things we do well in Wisconsin, our most pride-inducing export of all is cheese. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Gluttony

And now for everyone's favorite sin: gluttony. Whether it's a post-Thanksgiving, tryptophan-induced haze or your fourth brat at a backyard barbecue, mass consumption of grease is a key component of any social occasion. >More
 The seven deadly sins of fun: Greed

When I think of greed, I think of King Midas and his fatal touch, Scrooge McDuck swimming in his vat of gold coins. No one wants to be thought of as greedy, but all it takes is a family game of Monopoly to reveal our inner Ebenezer. >More
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