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Tammy Baldwin wins Wisconsin's Senate race with progressive values

In so many ways, Tammy Baldwin's victory in the U.S. Senate race was the icing on the cake. The energy at the Baldwin victory party at Monona Terrace built all night long, as the Democrats racked up wins across the United States. Her win is historic, she acknowledged in her victory speech: She is both the first woman Senator from Wisconsin and the first openly gay member of that body. >More
 Moderate Wisconsin gets a conservative legislature again

How does a state that votes for President Barack Obama and elects its first woman -- and the nation's first gay woman -- to the U.S. Senate also elect an overwhelmingly conservative Republican state legislature? There are two answers: money and gerrymandering. The Democrats were badly outspent in legislative districts that were drawn behind closed doors to benefit Republicans. >More
 Mitt Romney poses as a moderate to win in Wisconsin

Both presidential candidates canceled their campaign appearances in Wisconsin this week, as Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast. President Obama stopped campaigning and raising money, directing potential donors to his website to give their money to the Red Cross and staying on the job to oversee emergency relief for the people in Sandy's path. >More
 Tommy Thompson turns in his best performance in third debate against Tammy Baldwin

The third debate between Wisconsin's U.S. Senate candidates, former Gov. Tommy Thompson and U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, would best be described as a smackdown. The Friday night debate at Marquette University Law School had all the energy and theatrics of a WWE event but, unlike professional wrestling, the animosity between the protagonists was not staged. >More
 We can build a better Madison budget

Mayor Paul Soglin's proposed 2013 budget is consistent with his attitude toward governing, which can be summed up in the phrase, "Get off my lawn!" Or more to the point, "Get off my beaches and get off my skating rinks!" The Common Council can keep the budget fiscally sound while improving its community focus. The Board of Estimates took some steps in that direction earlier this week, but not enough. Here's a complete plan. >More
 A toned-down Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan held a rally in Waukesha this week, wearing a Green Bay Packers necktie and flashing a camouflage cell phone case, in order to connect with voters in his home state of Wisconsin. So now we know the House Budget Committee chairman roots for the Pack with his tie on, and carries a phone appropriate for keeping in touch with the office while he takes his kid deer hunting. This is what passes for folksy in Washington. >More
 Dane County Board reacted rashly to the Act 10 judgment

Suppose you learn that your blood pressure is 140 over 90, or just on the verge of being too high. Rather than prescribe medicine immediately, your doctor asks you to buy a home blood-pressure monitor and test yourself a few times to see if things are improving. You do it, but discover that your blood pressure is getting worse over time, until one day when the test comes back at 120 over 80. >More
 Wisconsin loves Obama after all

The day I returned from the Republican convention in Tampa, I bumped into a friend at the grocery store. She had been out canvassing for Obama, she told me, and was just about ready to quit. People were so hostile, she said, it was too discouraging -- she'd had enough. Since I'd been hanging around with Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Reince Priebus for a week, I immediately assumed she was talking about Republican hostility to the president. But then I came to my senses. >More
 Act 10: Here come the judges

When Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas ruled parts of Act 10 unconstitutional, Gov. Scott Walker pushed the easy and predictable rhetorical button. Colas, the governor charged, was a "liberal Dane County activist judge." When I was mayor we had several cases before Judge Colas. He was always regarded as thorough, fair and thoughtful even when he ruled against us. (Though I always thought he was more thorough, more fair and even more thoughtful when he ruled for the city.) >More
 Wisconsin's leadership deficit

In May 2006, the Harvard Business Review published a study examining just what the heck corporate second bananas did. Authors Nathan Bennett and Stephen Miles admitted it was kind of weird what they discovered about chief operating officers, the guys who serve under the company chief executive officer. >More
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