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Scott Walker's crazy overreach

Between executive power, the line-item veto, both houses of the Legislature, and a friendly Supreme Court, you'd think Gov. Scott Walker would feel he has enough control over our state. But no. >More
 The case for a Democratic gubernatorial primary for Wisconsin

Wisconsin invented the primary election. Now the Democratic Party, the heir to the state's proud progressive tradition, wants to deny the voters the opportunity to choose their candidate for governor. Let me make an argument for why that is a bad idea both politically and philosophically. >More
 WEDC offers taxpayer support for Walker campaign contributors

The Doyle administration civil servant who went to jail on federal corruption charges was a right-wing scapegoat during the 2006 governor's race, before she had her conviction overturned because the evidence was so thin. The Republicans piled on Thompson, who was actually a Republican hire, during their crusade to unseat Gov. Jim Doyle. >More
 Wisconsin's business climate is improving

They don't have a candidate, but Democrats increasingly have a message for the 2014 gubernatorial race: Wisconsin is falling behind Minnesota, and it's Scott Walker's fault. Just minutes after learning of better economic news in Minnesota than Wisconsin in 2012, progressives took to their keyboards and began blaming "extremist" policies enacted in our state in the last two years, in prose so purple it could have been on a Vikings football jersey. >More
 Mary Burke for Wisconsin governor?

The most interesting news so far about the looming 2014 governor's race was Associated Press reporter Scott Bauer's scoop that Wisconsin Democrats have been poll-testing a run by Madison's Mary Burke. Within a day of the Dems' telephone poll, Bauer reports, someone registered six Internet domain names with different combinations of the words "governor" and "Mary Burke." Sounds like a plan. >More
 Scott Walker's high-speed fail: Train service would have started now

Train cars are referred to as "rolling stock." Now, thanks to Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican legislators who run this state, Wisconsin is thought of as a "laughingstock." Had Tom Barrett won the election for governor in 2010, right now, June 2013, would have seen the opening of Madison's high-speed rail station, connecting us to Milwaukee and Chicago immediately and the Twin Cities eventually. >More
 Scott Walker is not invincible: Democrats need to shake off their fatalism

Snap out of it, people. Two numbers make Scott Walker vulnerable: 50 and 44. The governor's approval ratings hover around 50%, which is weak for an incumbent. And Wisconsin ranks 44th among the states in job creation. Walker ran on jobs, promising to create 250,000 in four years. At the current pace we won't get half the way there in time for his reelection. >More
 The Wisconsin budget's private bail bond system spells the return of debtors' prison

Of all the measures included in the mammoth budget bill that was recently completed, none is more questionable than a provision that returns commercial bail bonds to Wisconsin. Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn called bail bondsmen "basically legal loan sharks" who "prey on the poorest communities." >More
 Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism dust-up just the latest in press infringement

The state's Republican-led budget committee may have done no greater favor for the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism than voting to evict it from two tiny offices in UW-Madison's Vilas Hall. Since the early morning, back-room decision surfaced last week, the center has received the kind of national attention -- from media and political sources of all ideological stripes -- only winning a Pulitzer Prize might have generated. >More
 Republicans' budget a disaster for Wisconsin

State Republicans and lobbyists went into a back room to work out a budget deal this week, and guess who the big losers were? Yup. Ordinary Wisconsinites. The deal involved expanding school vouchers statewide, in exchange for a modest per-pupil spending increase for public school students. >More
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