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Him again... Madison reacts to Scott Walker's recall victory

So it's come to this. Sixteen months after protesters rose up against Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining bill, seven months after activists kicked off the recall, one month after Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett began his campaign as the Democratic challenger, Walker prevailed in the June 5 recall election. While Republicans do a victory dance, Democrats are taking solace in the recall win that flipped the Senate to their side and, of course, doing a lot of soul-searching. >More
 Why the voters rejected the Walker recall

In the bitter aftermath of the failed recall, there will be many blaming a vast right-wing conspiracy, out-of-state billionaires like the Koch brothers, and Gov. Scott Walker's polarizing, take-no-prisoners style. But Democrats and unions might want to take a look in the mirror. For it was their willingness to abuse government benefits -- with sweetheart deals benefiting only a minority of workers -- that led directly to defeat. >More
 Winners and losers in Wisconsin's 2012 recall elections

As the dust settles on Wisconsin's tumultuous recall elections, let's acknowledge some of the winners and losers with appropriate commendations. >More
 How the Wisconsin solidarity movement failed in imagination and nerve

Spare me the spin. This was a whupping. After 16 months of the most historic and exciting citizens' uprising that I've ever been a part of in my 35 years of progressive activism and journalism, we're left with this disaster. Scott Walker is governor for another two and a half years. >More
 A brutal night in Wisconsin as Scott Walker wins the recall election

Tuesday night was a brutal, brutal night for progressives in Wisconsin. I was stuck in a local TV studio watching the dismal returns roll in, and it felt like someone was kicking me in the teeth over and over again. After a historic uprising in February and March of 2011, after months and months of organizing for this recall, when all is said and done, Scott Walker remains governor of Wisconsin. >More
 Shame on Obama for abandoning Wisconsin during the recall

Shame on Barack Obama for forsaking progressive forces in Wisconsin in their hour of need. It was bad enough that Obama or Joe Biden never showed up during the historic protests in February and March of last year. But it is unforgivable that they've failed to show up during the last weeks of this crucial recall campaign. >More
 Defeating Scott Walker would be a blow against corporate greed

What a difference a week makes. The polls showing Gov. Scott Walker six points up on Mayor Tom Barrett and the buzz that the Democratic National Committee had decided not to put money into the Wisconsin recall election cast a pall over Democrats and progressives last week. >More
 Looking for the undecided voter in the Wisconsin recall

Former University of Wisconsin-Madison political science professor Ken Goldstein loves to tell of the time he went out hunting for undecided voters in Wisconsin. It was in the midst of the 2004 presidential election, and a public radio station asked him to talk to voters who couldn't decide between President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry. The only problem was, they couldn't find any undecideds. They searched the state far and wide, and virtually everyone had made up their mind. >More
 The Walker recall effort is fueled by the grassroots, not outside money

Like you, I am completely caught up in the Wisconsin recall. And like you, I can't imagine considering any other political battle more important, including the 2012 presidential election. So I was taken aback when Greg Sargent wrote a column in the Washington Post this week headlined "Wisconsin Democrats furious with the DNC for refusing to invest big money in Walker recall." >More
 Walker's millions will have little effect on Barrett in the recall election

As it turned out, the primary itself was no problem at all. The candidates did not attack each other and, in fact, the exercise gave Tom Barrett a higher profile and a chance to test some arguments. It also kept Walker's attack machine at bay. Though he did figure out that Barrett would be the nominee and did run some attack ads against him, it's nothing compared to what might have happened if there had been a clear Democratic nominee from the start. >More
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