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Tommy Thompson for governor

Emerging from a 13-year hibernation since the last time his name was on a ballot, former Gov. Tommy Thompson announced his candidacy for Herb Kohl's Senate seat last week. This is big news. Tommy almost ran against Russ Feingold, but, confronted by his glaring family members, who didn't want him to do it, he appeared to chicken out. Just when he was about to make his announcement at a Tea Party rally in Madison, he instead lapsed into a halting recitation of "May the Road Rise to Meet You." >More
 Kids need to know about sex

Teaching kids about sex and sexuality makes a lot of adults uncomfortable. Our society has a lot of hang-ups about the subject, even when it comes to the habits of consenting grownups. So when the conversation turns to how best to educate our children on the matter, our own insecurities and biases tend to overshadow the debate. >More
 Beware the credit card industry this holiday season

As you get ready to hit the streets to pursue our true national pastime -- racking up consumer debt -- I offer this little cautionary tale for the holiday shopping season. Last week, I received a bill from Department Stores National Bank, the people who own my Macy's card. My payment was a week overdue, and the net result was a bill 50% higher than what I initially owed. 50%? In one week? Las Vegas loan sharks would be jealous. >More
 African Americans not allowed? Madison bars go too far in keeping out a 'bad element' (updated)

Here's a depressing stat: In Madison, half of African Americans don't graduate from high school. Here's a curious stat: In Wisconsin, half of African Americans don't have driver's licenses. How do these two figures relate? The first partially explains many of the problems facing Madison's black community, including poverty, crime and substance abuse. The second is what many Madison bars appear to be using to try to keep these problems out of their establishments. >More
 The circus leaves town

The good news is our state legislators have packed up their concealed guns and headed home to their castles until January. The bad news is what they managed to get done during their misnamed "jobs" session that ended last week. >More
 Madison's economic future lies along I-94, to Waukesha and Milwaukee

Who knows, but just maybe Madison's future can be found on the first floor of the historic American Exchange Bank on the Capitol Square. Nine info-tech start-ups -- focused on everything from gaming to fashion to medical care -- are housed in a business incubator run by an investment group known as 94Labs. >More
 End Wisconsin lawmakers' ability to purge records

No one deserves more credit for forging Wisconsin's traditions of open government than the state Legislature. From passing the nation's first public records law in 1849, one year after Wisconsin became a state, to the last major update of our Open Records and Open Meetings Laws in the early 1980s, the Legislature has been at the forefront of this important cause. >More
 I can't wait to pack some heat

Nov. 1 is coming up, and you know what that means. It's the day I can finally carry my concealed weapon legally in this state. Of course, I could have been carrying one all along, After all, how would you know? It's concealed. >More
 The four wards that run Wisconsin

On Sept. 7 of 2011, state representatives Mark Pocan and Kelda Helen Roys both announced they would be running for Congress to replace Tammy Baldwin. Two candidates announcing on the same day is a slightly odd occurrence, but given the political demographics of the district, it might be the closest Roys gets to Pocan for the rest of the campaign. >More
 Hightower: How Occupy Wall Street and other grassroots efforts can counter corporate influence

It is real. Yes, it's youth-driven, broad-based, determinedly democratic and deeply grounded in the most basic of American values of economic fairness, social justice and equal opportunity for all. It's not about left-right ideologies, but top-down realities. It's focused directly on the narcissistic greed of today's financial and corporate elites and on their gross corruption of our political system by a flood of money from corporations that now masquerade as persons. >More
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