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Why 4-K is a good idea

Mary was four years old when she entered the pre-kindergarten program in Marshall. Her parents were struggling with her behavior. She had a significant speech delay. She didn't like snuggling with them. She didn't want to read books. And she refused to let her parents touch her hair. "What are we doing wrong?" her parents wondered. >More
 Let's get even bolder

Gov. Scott Walker has promised to create 250,000 new jobs in Wisconsin by the end of his first term, a bold pledge that requires a bold plan. So bold, in fact, that Walker has said a plan drafted by business interests last year called "Be Bold: The Wisconsin Prosperity Strategy" is not bold enough. >More
 The push to end free speech

For 220 years it has stood inviolate. Since George Washington's presidency, the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution has inspired the world as the written guarantee of Americans' personal freedoms. Now some folks think it's time to rewrite that dysfunctional scrap of paper. A nationwide coalition active here in Madison is working to affix a big fat asterisk on the First Amendment so as to deny its guarantee of free speech to those with whom coalition members disagree. >More
 Dreading the Scott Walker era

Over the holidays, I took my kids to the Governor's Mansion to meet Jim Doyle. It's not that I was ever a big Doyle fan. But when I got the annual holiday party invite, which I had ignored for years, I was suddenly motivated to RSVP. I wanted my daughters to get inside the building and see the leader of their state before the door slams shut on the era of even moderately progressive government in Wisconsin. >More
 2010 was a year of two-word messages and single-digit salutes

As we've all seen, music can perfectly capture the zeitgeist of an age. Bob Dylan's early folk songs represented a time of social upheaval; two decades later, heavy metal encapsulated the vulgar opulence of the 1980s. One of this year's most popular songs, as measured by YouTube plays, was an Internet-propelled ditty in which Cee Lo Green used an unambiguous two-word phrase to invite the listener to copulate. It was a crude yet apposite representation of our present state of politics. >More
 Madison needs to embrace the future with a different mindset

In the mid-1990s, the Common Council's finance committee met behind closed doors to consider the city's economic offer to keep the expanding medical software company Epic Systems in Madison. "The emphasis was on following our [subsidy] rules and practices," recalls one attendee, former Ald. Judy Olson. "There was no one there to advocate for the jobs we stood to lose." She says the city's leaders seemed to have no idea of Epic's immense potential. >More
 Practical holiday ideas for Wisconsin pols

Dear Santa, With the Christmas season and other holidays upon us, our thoughts turn to giving -- not the giving we do, but the giving we ask you to handle. You're the one with the fancy workshops, cheap labor and ability to break into people's homes. So do your job, Nick, or we'll find someone else. >More
 Commuter rail in Dane County will likely be a major issue in 2011

Anyone tired of talking about trains yet? I hope not because, to quote Karen Carpenter, we've only just discuss this issue in Dane County. In fact, the passenger train issue will likely be more important in the next election, for Dane County executive, than it was in the race for governor. It's also about to get wrapped up in a bigger debate about transportation policy. >More
 Reflections of a grateful voter

With one whole election under my belt, I felt like a pro. On Nov. 2, I stood in front of a blue plastic voting booth in the library of Glendale Elementary School quickly skimming position, name, party affiliation, then filling in arrows. The entire process took about five minutes. >More
 David Blaska is not telling the truth

Normally I don't get involved in the ongoing controversies over David Blaska's commentaries on The Daily Page. Isthmus has given Blaska license to say pretty much whatever he wants and I usually don't feel the need to quarrel even if I disagree, as is often the case. I'd like to make a rare exception, though, regarding Blaska's post from earlier this week, "Blaska's Blog is 'stupid' for voting for Scott Walker and Ron Johnson." >More
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