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What's our fair share, really?

If you have at least one eyeball and a television, you've no doubt seen the advertisements urging U.S. citizens to fill out and send in their Census forms. In the most recent ad, a fat, mustachioed, bathrobe-wearing Everyman named "Frank" prances around town extolling the virtues of Census compliance. >More
 Crashing the Tea Party

Why did Tommy Thompson bother to attend last week's Tea Party rally at the state Capitol? There he was, making a show of red-faced outrage, calling out Obama and Russ Feingold and telling the Tea Partiers, "I want to be part of your movement," only to wind down with an embarrassed apology that his wife and children won't let him run for the Senate. >More
 Thoreau wouldn't be a-tweeting

I've just finished reading Walden again, for I believe the fourth time. It's been more than a decade since my last visit, and I'm stunned by the widening vastness of the gulf between Thoreau's message of simplicity and our evolving world. >More
 Competence and the Madison Central Library

Last week, former Isthmus editor Marc Eisen took me to task -- along with other city officials and virtually the entire Madison business community -- for just about every building that didn't get built going back a couple of decades. >More
 Mayor Dave is leading the wrong way on the library and the Edgewater

I'll say this for him: Mayor Dave Cieslewicz took the 11th-hour collapse of the Fiore Co.'s library plan in stride. Without missing a beat, he announced that the city will move quickly to Plan B -- renovating the existing library at its Mifflin Street site. But as unflappable as the mayor is, he can't really hide the disarray at City Hall. Too many big and potentially signature deals have collapsed at the city's feet during his stewardship, notably Union Corners and Avenue 800, both on East Washington Avenue. >More
 Keep up the fight on health care

It was difficult for me to watch the final House vote on health care reform Sunday night. As the "yea" tally slowly but surely marched toward the necessary 216 (in the end the measure passed 219-212), I could feel a knot forming in my gut. From my standpoint, much more was at stake than whether President Obama would score a political victory, despite the best efforts of Republicans to block it. >More
 Edgewater rule-bending unwise

What Madison city leaders are doing to pass the Edgewater Hotel project should make citizens cringe. Law after time-tested law is being altered or abandoned to assure the project's approval. The proposed $93 million project is located in one of the most heavily regulated parts of the city. It's in the middle of the city's oldest historic district, home to nearly half of its landmarks. >More
 Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council honors highs and lows with Opee Awards

As part of national Sunshine Week, March 14-20, the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council is bestowing its fourth annual Opee Awards to people and institutions that have had an impact on open government in Wisconsin. >More
 Raise taxes to save schools

Back when Obama was running for president and Wisconsin Democrats were poised to take over the state Legislature, I went to a fundraiser filled with fired-up activists at Ground Zero coffeehouse on Willy Street. The issue was schools, and Democratic lawmakers Sondy Pope-Roberts of Middleton and Mark Pocan of Madison were on hand to explain how things could really begin to change once the Dems took over the Legislature. >More
 Why The Badger Herald ran that Holocaust denier's ad

Running a newspaper in Madison, or in any city, comes with a responsibility to readers. A current controversy involving a hateful advertisement in the UW-Madison student paper, The Badger Herald, where I serve as publisher, has raised questions about what that entails. The answers, I submit, are more gray than black or white. >More
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