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Public info belongs on the Internet

Albert Einstein famously said, at the advent of the nuclear age: "The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything, save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe." Substitute a few words and it reflects how some people feel about the information age: "The unleashed power of the Internet has changed everything, save our eagerness to snoop on each other, and we thus drift toward the end of privacy." >More
 Good health care includes abortion

I want to write a column to say goodbye to my friend. But it's hard because I can't tell you anything about her. This warm, compassionate, brilliant woman, beloved by her patients as a local OB/GYN, is Public Enemy #1 for the anti-abortion nuts who have such disproportionate power in our state. If I say anything too specific, it might be used to target her or her family, since, for the last several years, she has had the temerity to provide abortions to Madison women who need them. >More
 Let's not get fooled again

In the hit television drama The Good Wife, there's a scene where Peter Florrick, a disgraced and incarcerated former prosecutor played by Madison native Chris Noth, is talking to wife Alicia about how his conviction could be overturned, in which case "everything goes back to normal." This after she's learned, via CNN, that he betrayed their marriage vows in torrid liaisons with a prostitute, à la Eliot Spitzer. >More
 Rejection of Wisconsin medical marijuana bill was a profile in cowardice

Jason Glaspie did everything he could. The former Marine, a veteran of the first Iraq war, has endured numerous treatments for brain and spinal cancer that left him disabled and often in terrible pain. One thing that alleviates his suffering is smoking marijuana. >More
 Putting the Sterling Hall bombing in perspective, upon Dwight Armstrong's death

Forty years had elapsed since the bombing and the death in the explosion of a physics researcher, Robert Fassnacht. After the first wave of national coverage, the bombing remained a local story within a familiar narrative: The bombing was the final act of self-indulgence by local representatives of a generation driven mad by drugs and liberal permissiveness. >More
 State Journal takes odd approach to favorites poll

Believe it or not, there is an ethic to how newspaper favorites' polls are put together. It's considered poor form, in some quarters, to include categories that serve little purpose other than appeal to certain advertisers. >More
 Madison's ethical lapses

A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the city of Madison's Ethics Board raising concerns about ethics violations in city hall. These include Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz's special-interest junket to Europe; alders serving on boards of nonprofits that are funded by the city; and lobbyists buying drinks for alders. >More
 What age has to do with it

On Jan. 18, 2005, the new Wisconsin legislative session was barely two weeks old. One of the first bills to receive a hearing in the Senate Education Committee was a proposal to eliminate the 15,000-pupil cap on the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, which provides state tax money so children can attend private schools. >More
 The problem with regulators

Dan Cassuto of WKOW Channel 27 had another eye-opening report last week on the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. He finally got to the bottom of DATCP's claims, made in a brochure, that callers to its consumer hotline report an "average savings" of $968. >More
 School testing gets absurd

A few weeks ago my friend's 8-year-old came home all excited, waving a letter from school about a test called the Scholastic Reading Inventory. Not only did the little boy have test results showing he'd scored well above the third-grade level (no surprise to anyone who knows this avid reader), he also had a list of recommended books. Number one on the list: Arctic Dreams. Number two: A Clockwork Orange. >More
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