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Beilke: It's Blaska vs. Kozol in Meadowood

Teenagers in Maple Bluff and Shorewood Hills have the same droopy drawers, use the same gangster slang and have the same penchant for creative and uncreative cursing as the kids in Meadowood. But we don't assume this is helping them become National Merit Scholars or get admitted to Ivy League colleges -- both of which they do with amazing frequency. >More
 The end of an era

Driving out to East Towne Mall the other day, I took Thompson Drive, where what used to be farmland has sprouted fields of three-bedroom houses in varying shades of beige. All of a sudden it hit me: This is over. >More
 Beilke: Wisconsin plays tuneless trumpet with public defender fees

It turns out that Wisconsin's $40 per hour reimbursement for public defense attorneys is now among the lowest in the nation. The rate had been $35 an hour since 1978 before it was increased to $50 in 1993. It was cut back to $40 two years later, when the momentary success of Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America" was destroying sensible public policy everywhere. >More
 Wisconsin judges bow to pay-cut frenzy

I think it is beyond silly for Wisconsin's Supreme Court justices, circuit court judges and Court of Appeals judges to take pay cuts 'to help balance the budget," but apparently I stand alone. >More
 Leave those buskers be!

Madison has a strange relationship with State Street, its alternately venerated and maligned pedestrian thoroughfare. Clearly, it's a draw for visitors and residents alike, an outdoor shopping mall and a gateway between Capitol and campus. It's a great place to watch people, grab a bite and enjoy the color and funkiness that make it special. >More
 Basford's Spin City: Rick Berg's tin-foil hat is on a little tight

When I read a Rick Berg article, I can count on the make-up being 80% conservative think-tank boilerplate served up in a genial manner, 18% swipes at the local left and 2% flat-out raving wingnuttery. >More
 Wisconsin AG's office plays vital openness role

A few times each month, the office of Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen sends me batches of e-mails containing its responses to citizens and public officials who write it seeking guidance on open government issues. The state's open records and open meeting laws specifically state that "any person" may ask the office for advice on any aspect of these complicated laws. >More
 Meadowood should mellow out

I live in the Meadowood neighborhood on Madison's southwest side, on a street lined with well-kept ranch houses. They're mostly owned by retired empty nesters or young families. In the early evenings, it's not uncommon to come across couples pushing strollers, chatting with silver-haired couples walking their dogs. >More
 Beilke: Madison Peace Park facelift is 'scum park' redux

The very first article I wrote for Isthmus was about the city's plans to get rid of Link Park and turn it into a mini mall and parking garage. That was almost 20 years ago, in the summer of 1990. >More
 Basford's Spin City: Getting the popcorn ready for the Sotomayor confirmation

When the history of the Obama Administration is written, there will undoubtedly be many great policies and decisions that will be recorded and referenced as long as American history is studied. However, he's going to have to really step up his game in order to surpass the sheer brilliance of his decision to nominate Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court earlier this week. >More
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