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Friday, January 30, 2015 |  Madison, WI: 20.0° F  Mostly Cloudy
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What a year it was!

This was a good year to be on the right. I'm happy, and not just because it annoys the liberals. A terrorist fist bump of congratulations goes to "that Tiger Woods guy," as Will Ferrell (in character as George W.) called Barack Obama. His campaign's mobilization of ordinary people in Madison was massive and impressive. Even so, our town moved one silly centimeter to the right in 2008. >More
 A different kind of Christmas

hristmas feels different this year. I'm not exactly sure why, maybe fewer lights, less spending. But it's more than that. There's an unease in the air, but also a sense of hope. I can't wait for Barack Obama to be sworn in as president. I'm ready, as are many others, to see the end of the George W. Bush era. But that's only a part of it. >More
 Have we had enough of Kathleen Falk?

The end of the Falk era in Dane County may be at hand. Twice in recent years, Kathleen Falk, who is preparing to run for an unprecedented fourth four-year term, has tried to ditch her gig as county exec. >More
 Public's trust was abused on 911 call

Sometimes, it makes sense to be cynical. >More
 Reasons to be optimistic

Realism is a virtue and sanguinity a vice. We need to admit that things are bad right now, perhaps as bad as they've been during most of our lifetimes. >More
 Conniff: Good jobs shouldn't become an unaffordable frill

This is the first time I can remember the national economic news hitting so close to home. Neighbors and friends fret about their jobs, worry about their mortgages, talk about scaling back on their spending. It's more than a downturn; there's a major psychological shift you can feel everywhere. >More
 Making the case for Overture

In about two years, the Overture Center for the Arts will experience a severe revenue shortfall. Simply put, both the public and private sectors will have to dig deeper to provide operational support. >More
 Feeling good about Barack

When I heard the announcement that "Sen. Barack Obama is now President-Elect Obama," the flood dams broke, letting loose a torrent of tears. A new era was born. >More
 Enough with the roads already!

How much is the city of Madison committed to its cars? Consider these numbers from Mayor Dave Cieslewicz's proposed 2009 capital budget... >More
 Who caused the meltdown? Democrats!

Last week, U.S. Rep Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) was serving as High Inquisitor du Jour at yet another hearing on "what went wrong" with the American mortgage/financial markets. >More
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