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Housing: The mayor's bad idea

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz's recent proposal to merge the city and county housing authorities smacks of an epiphany arising during a late-night card game. His idea to open the approximately $4 million Affordable Housing Trust to funding projects outside of Madison is equally mind blowing. I am compelled to comment on both. >More
 Housing: Why the bubble popped

It's hard to open a newspaper or watch TV without confronting the foreclosure crisis and its impact on the economy. The problem is that only part of the story is being told. >More
 911 snafu: Secrets and lies

The moment authorities realized that Brittany Zimmermann called 911 before being beaten and stabbed to death on April 2, they should have admitted this publicly and explained what went wrong. >More
 When policy trumps results

Much to its credit, the Madison school board has mostly ignored the March 2007 recommendations of the district's Equity Task Force. This earnest but unhelpful committee delved into the abstractions of what distinguishes "equity" from "equality," how the board might commit to equity and what esoteric guidelines could measure that commitment. >More
 Balancing family life and work

My 4-year-old daughter is a budding doctor. Undeterred by the unpleasant possibility of shots, she looks forward to going to the clinic, enjoys being examined and conducting her own exams whenever her sisters will let her. She has a million questions about the body. When our first-grader's school recently held a "science night," with a special session on how the heart works, we jumped at the chance to bring the kids. >More
 The time for school change is now

Now that Madison School Supt. Art Rainwater is on his way to retirement, it's time to reexamine programs, staffing and curricula throughout the district. >More
 The case for smoke-filled rooms

Many of my fellow Democrats are way too uptight about the presidential nomination possibly being decided in a smoke-filled room in Denver this August. Except for the smoke, which is bad for everybody's health, that would be the best thing that could happen to the party and its candidate. >More
 Gableman -- unfit for any office

My old friend Charlie Sykes has a good line about the difference between liberals and conservatives. "Conservatives," he says, "think liberals are wrong. Liberals," he adds, "think conservatives are evil." It's a point well taken. The left does tend to demonize the right. That this is a vice-versa proposition makes it no less unsavory. >More
 I should have bought a house two years ago!!!

The words sting every time I hear them, and I've heard them often: "If you rent your home, you're just throwing money away." I've rented all my adult years, you see. That's partly because I was student for about half of those years. Also, I may not have starved during my time as a starving artist, after college and graduate school, but I sure wasn't investing in real estate. >More
 Hypocrisy on parade

By any measure, 2008 seems destined to yield a bumper crop of political hypocrisy. Democratic lawmakers in Madison have joined with the anti-smoking Gestapo to push for a statewide smoking ban, warning that failure to get on board will turn Wisconsin into the "ashtray of the Midwest." >More
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