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Welcome to the Nerad era

Toward the end of a 70-minute interview, Supt. Dan Nerad was discussing the 24,000-student Madison school district when he used an interesting term: tipping point. >More
 Respect the rights of news photographers

A picture, they say, is worth 1,000 words. The television and print photographers who take them play a vital role in keeping the public informed. It's a job that requires much skill, and sometimes entails great risk. News photographers in Wisconsin have been attacked, threatened, arrested, and had their cameras and film confiscated. They have been barred from meetings that were open to other members of the public. The hand held up to the camera is unfortunately a familiar image. >More
 Getting drunk shouldn't be normal

We have such a great place to live. We have great schools, good jobs and beautiful lakes and natural resources to enjoy. There's another distinction, though, we shouldn't be so proud of: our cultural acceptance of the overconsumption of alcohol. We drink just to get drunk. >More
 Belatedly, Obama wises up on energy

Barring another 9/11 attack or the collapse of America's financial system, the dominant issue in the presidential race will be the sky-high cost of energy and its ruinous effect on the economy. Barack Obama gets it even if his Democratic colleagues in Congress remain clueless. >More
 The totalitarian Olympics

I would be a lot more excited about the summer Olympics if the host country weren't fielding teams of athletes who are essentially forced laborers. Talk about taking the fun out of sports. >More
 Daniel Nerad, stop shutting out student input

Art Rainwater's decade-long tenure as superintendent of Madison's schools has ended, and on balance he was fairly popular, at least among teachers, union leaders, school board members and the public. But there's one group whose affections he largely failed to win -- the district's 25,000 students. >More
 For the love of newspapers

I don't recall seeing either of my parents ever reading a book. I'm pretty sure they didn't even own any, except for a Bible, which, bless their hearts, they also didn't read. But every morning my father would buy a Milwaukee Sentinel (he always left for work by 5:30 a.m., before the paper would have been delivered) and every afternoon the Milwaukee Journal arrived at our door. They read those papers front to back. I grew up reading them, too. >More
 WMC's predicament

Could there have been a more marvelous day for the pro-business leaders of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce than June 21, 2002? WMC President James Haney and Vice President James Buchen must have grinned like schoolkids when they read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. >More
 Let us have commuter rail

People like Rick Berg who think we can drill our way out of high gas prices, or build our way out of highway congestion, truly want to remain in the failed policies of the past ("Let Them Eat Commuter Rail," 6/27/08). When planning our transportation future, we must think locally while remembering the globe. >More
 Russ Feingold launches FISA push for Independence Day

Wisconsin Democratic Senator Russ Feingold long ago earned a reputation as a leader willing to stake positions apart from those held by the majority of his colleagues, be they popular or not in the polls. This was already well known to Wisconsinites through his first terms in the '90s, and was earned nationally in 2001 with his support of confirming John Ashcroft as U.S. Attorney General and his lone vote against the Patriot Act. Various other similar stands followed, building Feingold enough of a following for a flirtation with a presidential campaign and a sustained bully pulpit, which he is now using in an effort to amend the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 in the Senate. >More
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