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The Madison Police Department's secret beatings

The other day, I called "Jake" to apologize. Jake (a pseudonym) is a north-side Madison resident who contacted me in mid-June. He was wondering why a brutal beating near Warner Park in the early morning hours of June 14 received no media attention. Someone who claimed to be an eyewitness told him that a group of young black men had attacked a group of young Mexicans, beating them with clubs and a split-rail fence. The witness saw police standing over the immobile bodies of two men. >More
 It's not the bars' fault...

I can remember back in 1993, when I was 20 years old. Gas was $1.19 a gallon, there was no Facebook, text messaging, or a perceived problem with our "drinking culture." That's right, we're Cheeseheads. We like to drink, eat brats, and watch the Packers. No big deal, right? Well, some of your city officials seem to think it is. >More
 They dare not speak his name

Even with the passage of time, the images remain vivid: jets crashing into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field; fireballs exploding in the sky over Manhattan; bodies hitting the pavement after leaping or falling from the towers; heroes rushing into buildings others were desperate to flee; the collapse, the horror. And it all started as just another ordinary sky-blue Tuesday in September. >More
 Why newspapers matter: A speech by Isthmus news editor Bill Lueders to Madison Downtown Rotary

This morning, I was putting on a yellow shirt for this event, as an homage to yellow journalism, when my wife suggested: You should wear black, white and red. You know the old joke: What's black and white and read all over? The newspaper! I didn't have a red tie, so my hair will have to do. It used to be redder. So now the joke is: What's black and white and not quite as read any more? Newspapers today! >More
 McCain's feminist connection

I was on my way back from the Democratic Convention when word broke about McCain's choice for V.P. How quickly the news cycle turns. Only hours before I was standing on the floor of the Invesco stadium with a group of Louisiana delegates who, despite having lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, were feeling optimistic about Obama. Listening to the "I Have a Dream" speech with African American delegates who were moved to tears, I got the feeling that something big was happening. >More
 Too green for Madison?

Honestly, I was just kidding. A few weeks back, I used the headline "Mayor's Dave's Fanatical Anti-Car Crusade" (7/25/08) for an update on Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz's idea for building a green neighborhood on Madison's northeast side, including "car-light" design features. >More
 Welcome to the Nerad era

Toward the end of a 70-minute interview, Supt. Dan Nerad was discussing the 24,000-student Madison school district when he used an interesting term: tipping point. >More
 Respect the rights of news photographers

A picture, they say, is worth 1,000 words. The television and print photographers who take them play a vital role in keeping the public informed. It's a job that requires much skill, and sometimes entails great risk. News photographers in Wisconsin have been attacked, threatened, arrested, and had their cameras and film confiscated. They have been barred from meetings that were open to other members of the public. The hand held up to the camera is unfortunately a familiar image. >More
 Getting drunk shouldn't be normal

We have such a great place to live. We have great schools, good jobs and beautiful lakes and natural resources to enjoy. There's another distinction, though, we shouldn't be so proud of: our cultural acceptance of the overconsumption of alcohol. We drink just to get drunk. >More
 Belatedly, Obama wises up on energy

Barring another 9/11 attack or the collapse of America's financial system, the dominant issue in the presidential race will be the sky-high cost of energy and its ruinous effect on the economy. Barack Obama gets it even if his Democratic colleagues in Congress remain clueless. >More
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